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Tokyo Drifter

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
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Tokyo Drifter
Tokyo Drifter PCA.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Country Japan.jpg Japan
Directed by Seijun Suzuki
Release Date 1966
Language Japanese
Studio Nikkatsu
Distributor Nikkatsu
The Criterion Collection
Main Cast
Character Actor
Tetsuya Hondo Tetsuya Watari
Chiharu Chieko Matsubara
Tatsuzo Tamio Kawaji
Kurata Ryuji Kita
Kenji Aizawa Hideaki Nitani
Tanaka Eiji Go
Otsuka Eimei Esumi
Keiichi Takeshi Yoshida
Yoshii Michio Hino
Mutsuko Tomoko Hamakawa

Tokyo Drifter is a 1966 Japanese crime drama directed by Seijun Suzuki. Tetso (Tetsuya Watari) and his former Yakuza boss Kurata (Ryuji Kita) have abandoned their criminal ways. Rival Yakuza boss Otsuka (Eimei Esumi) attempts to cheat Kurata in a business deal. Tetsu intervenes, and is drawn back into the criminal underworld. Otsuka sends alcoholic enforcer Tatsu (Tamio Kawaji) to eliminate Tetsu. Tanaka (Eiji Go), Otsuka's second in command, is also sent after Tetsu. Tatsu and Tanaka relentlessly pursue Tetsu, drawing others into the fray.

The following weapons were used in the film Tokyo Drifter:


FN Model 1910

Throughout the film Tatsu (Tamio Kawaji) uses a pistol resembling a suppressed replica FN Model 1910 with a nonstandard rear sight, no extractor and misplaced ejection port. Kenji (Hideaki Nitani), Tanaka (Eiji Go), Otsuka (Eimei Esumi) and Umetani (Isao Tamagawa) also use replica Model 1910s.

FN Model 1910 with threaded barrel for suppressor - .380 ACP
Tatsu points the suppressed pistol at Kurata.
Tatsu holds his pistol while taking a drink, as Tetsu enters the room.
Tatsu hesitates while standing on the railroad tracks.
A side view of Tatsu's pistol.
Kenji holds his pistol.
A closer view of Kenji's pistol.
Tanaka's pistol.
Another view of Tanaka's pistol shows a faint line where the extractor should be, just to the left of the ejection port. It might be a functional extractor, however since all of the firearms in the film are replicas, it could be paint or other markings applied to the slide to simulate an extractor.
Otsuka holds his pistol to the head of bartender/piano player Binko (unknown actor). Otsuka's pistol does not have an extractor.
In the shootout near the end of the film, Otsuka points his pistol at Tetsu.
Otsuka fires his pistol.
With one shot, Tetsu shoots the pistol out of Otsuka's hand and causes the magazine to eject.
Tetsu's next shot ricochets, causing a large spark.
It is revealed that the sparks in the film are created using small pyrotechnic charges similar to firecrackers.
Umetani waits while holding his pistol at the ready. The logo on the grip is seen.
Umetani is briefly distracted.
Umetani relaxes.

Beretta Model 70

Kurata (Ryuji Kita) uses a Beretta Model 70 replica. Otsuka, Tetsu (Tetsuya Watari) and Kumamoto (Hiroshi Chô) are also seen with it. Although the pistol is Kurata's in each scene, several different replicas may have been used for filming.

Beretta Model 70 - .32 ACP
Kurata fires his pistol, a paper cap-firing replica Beretta Model 70.
A close view of Kurata's pistol.
Otsuka holds Kurata's pistol.
Tetsu holds Kurata's pistol.
Kumamoto holds Kurata's pistol.
Tetsu places Kurata's pistol on Tatsu's car.

Colt Model 1903/1908

Tanaka is seen with a pistol resembling a Colt Model 1903/1908 paper cap-firing replica with no extractor. One of Otsuka's gangsters also uses one.

Colt Model 1903 Hammerless - .32 ACP
Tanaka (right) moves forward while holding his pistol. The others are Otsuka's gangsters with unknown pistols.
A side view of Tanaka's pistol.
Tanaka fires the pistol. The slide remains stationary during firing.
A subsequent shot results in a smaller muzzle flash. Again the slide does not move.
Otsuka's gangster holds his pistol at the ready.
Tetsu shoots the pistol out of the gangster's hand, and the pistol lands on the piano.


In the famous gun-tossing scene late in the film, Tetsu uses an M1911A1 paper cap-firing replica with the hammer removed. Otsuka (Eimei Esumi), Tanaka and Mutsuko (Tomoko Hamakawa) are seen with similar replicas early in the film.

M1911A1 "Colt Government Model" - .45 ACP
Tetsu tosses his pistol.
The pistol flies over his shoulder.
The pistol is in the air.
Tetsu makes a move to catch his pistol.
Tetsu catches his pistol.
Tetsu turns towards Kurata.
Tetsu fires at Kurata.
Otsuka points a .45 at Yoshii.
Otsuka aims the pistol at Yoshii.
Otsuka fires the pistol at Yoshii.
Tanaka holds a pistol while checking on Mutsuko.
Tanaka holds the pistol while Otsuka restrains him.
The pistol is placed next to Mutsuko (red arrow), who is lying next to Yoshii.

Air Pistol

Tetsu and Mutsuko shoot an air pistol while on a date at a gaming arcade.

Tetsu and Mutsuko shoot the air pistol.
A close view of the air pistol.

Unknown Rifles

Gangsters from Tokyo and the Northern Group use rifles while assaulting the hotel where Tetsu is staying.

A gangster (left) moves forward while holding a rifle.
The rifle has a scope.
Two gangsters with rifles move forward. The rifle on the left has a small magazine that is slightly curved.
The rifles fire paper cap charges.
Tanaka leads the Tokyo gangsters.

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