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Timecop (1994)

Timecop is a 1994 science fiction action film that is an adaptation of a Dark Horse Comics graphic novel series. Set in the then-future year of 2004, where the power of time travel has been discovered, the film stars Jean-Claude Van Damme as a government agent working for the Time Enforcement Commission, an American law enforcement agency that must utilize this newfound science to catch criminals who have gone into the past to commit crimes. The film was directed by Peter Hyams, who would also direct Van Damme in 1995's Sudden Death. The film would spawn a DTV sequel as well as a short-lived ABC series.

The following weapons were used in the film Timecop:


Custom Weapons

"The Timecop Beretta" (modified Taurus PT99AF)

The "Timecop Beretta" is the featured weapon used by several characters in the film including Max Walker (Jean-Claude Van Damme), Sarah Fielding (Gloria Reuben) and Aaron McComb (Ron Silver). In reality, the Timecop handgun is a Taurus PT99AF housed in a custom futuristic shell. Most of the handguns are fitted with a laser sight and are painted black, but the one used by McComb is a different color. The prop would later be used in the TV series Stargate: Atlantis.

Taurus PT99AF
The "Timecop Beretta". Most likely this is a resin "stunt" prop used for Stargate: Atlantis, due to the rounded trigger guard as opposed to the ones used in the film.
Max Walker (Jean-Claude Van Damme) takes aim with his handgun. Note the laser sight.
Sarah Fielding (Gloria Reuben) draws her handgun.
Fielding holds her Timecop Beretta on the future Aaron McComb (Ron Silver).
Aaron McComb (Ron Silver) with the handgun. Note that this handgun is in a different paint scheme than Walker's.
Max Walker (Jean Claude Van Damme) has the "Timecop" handgun put to his head.

Timecop Personal Defense Weapon with racking foregrip (modified Desert Eagle)

This gun is used by Lyle Atwood (Jason Schombing) as a personal defense weapon when Walker goes back to the 1920's to arrest him. This science fiction Short barreled rifle (SBR) is in reality a modified .44 Magnum Desert Eagle Pistol, but with a larger futuristic shell. At the beginning of the scene, the weapon is represented as some sort of shotgun, with a 'rack' and then it fires large single shots which obliterate furniture, however, by the end of the scene, the weapon is depicted to be a pistol with a racking foregrip. Like the Timecop Beretta, this gun was used on Stargate: Atlantis. The show's armorer, Rob Fournier, specifically said in an interview that it's a .44 Magnum Desert Eagle, and he also mentioned that the gun was originally built for this movie even though it's been re-used on the Stargate shows. -MT2008 The weapons were made by Dlask Arms Corp.

Desert Eagle .44 Magnum
Lyle Atwood (Jason Schombing) looks down and finds his custom SBR empty. This weapon would later be used on Stargate: Atlantis. Jason Schombing would also have a recurring role as Dr. Robert Rothman on the show Stargate: SG1.


At the film's beginning, a Confederate patrol transporting gold during the time of the Civil War is ambushed by the Stranger (a young Callum Keith Rennie) armed with a pair of short-barreled custom machine pistols fitted with custom muzzle brakes and laser sights that are known as the M91S. These custom-built weapons have been featured in several films and TV shows produced in British Columbia; Timecop is notable as the first appearance of these weapons in a feature film.

M91S (short-barreled version) as seen in the film Crying Freeman.
The M91S machine pistols are revealed from the stranger's coat.
The Stranger (a young Callum Keith Rennie) opens up on the Confederate Convoy carrying a gold shipment with the M91S machine pistols. Rennie would later be better known as Leoben Conoy in the reboot of Battlestar Galactica.
Closeup of the two M91S beneath The Stranger's coat.


Custom M16A1

The rifles used by TEC guards when fired appear to be M16A1's with free floating barrels (and cylindrical shrouds) along with a Bell & Carlson Thumbhole stock.

M16A1 with A2 style handguards - 5.56x45mm. Putting the distinctive A2 handguards on the older rifle was a method used by Movie/TV armorers to simulate A2 rifles when M16A1s were the only ones available. The same thing has been done vice-versa, Using M16A2's with A1 handguards for Vietnam War B Movies.
TEC guards are armed with M16A1's as they enter the Timesled hangar.
TEC guards with their M16A1's.
Opening fire with their M16A1's.
The TEC guards are incinerated by the Timesled's backblast. The Bell & Carlson thumbhole stock can be clearly seen in this shot.


When not being fired, all TEC guards are seen with MGC Replica M16 Rifles.

The TEC guard not getting headbutted by Walker holds the MGC replica.


Glock 17

The Glock 17 is carried by TEC Internal Affairs agent Sarah Fielding (Gloria Reuben) as well as the local police officers.

A generation 1 Glock 17 in 9x19mm.
Sarah Fielding (Gloria Reuben) draws her Glock at Walker's apartment.
Fielding holds her Glock as local officers arrive..

Submachine Guns

Calico M950

The Calico M950 modified with a futuristic housing is used by one of the henchmen that follow McComb (Ron Silver) into the past.

Calico M950

McComb's henchman holds the modified Calico.


Remington 870 (Butler Creek Tac foregrip)

A Remington 870 shotgun fitted with a stock, heat shield, pistol grip, flashlight and Butler Creek tactical foregrip is seen used by one of McComb's henchmen that invade Walker's home in 1994. Walker is later seen with the shotgun. The Remington 870 from this movie also appeared - minus the flashlight - in the movies Crying Freeman, Dudley Do-Right, Reindeer Games, and some other movies and TV shows filmed in British Columbia.

Remington 870 fitted with Butler Creek Tactical foregrip - 12 gauge
Walker holds the shotgun taken off the thug.
Walker holds the shotgun. Note the ejection port.

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