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The Sannikov Land (Zemlya Sannikova)

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The Sannikov Land (Zemlya Sannikova)
Zemlya Sannikova DVD.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Albert Mkrtchyan
Leonid Popov
Release Date 1973
Language Russian
Studio Mosfim
Main Cast
Character Actor
Aleksandr Petrovich Ilyin Vladislav Dvorzhetsky
Evgeniy Krestovskiy Oleg Dal
Gubin Yuri Nazarov
Ignatiy Georgi Vitsin
The shaman Makhmud Esambayev
The chief Pyotr Abasheyev
The young chief Tursun Kuraliyev

The Sannikov Land (Zemlya Sannikova) is a Soviet 1973 adventure movie loosely based on the eponymous novel by Vladimir Obruchev. The movie is directed by Albert Mkrtchyan and Leonid Popov and starring Vladislav Dvorzhetsky, Oleg Dal and Georgi Vitsin. The story tells about a fiction expedition dedicated to the searches of "Sannikov Land", a legendary island in the Arctic Ocean.

The following weapons were used in the film The Sannikov Land (Zemlya Sannikova):


Nagant M1895 Revolver

In several scenes Evgeniy Krestovskiy (Oleg Dal), Aleksandr Ilyin (Vladislav Dvorzhetsky), and Gubin (Yuri Nazarov) hold Nagant M1895 revolvers (most likely a single piece reused).

Nagant M1895 - 7.62x38N. Note the angular front sight which was used from 1930s.
Retired officer Krestovskiy holds his revolver when speaking with Ilyin, the leader of the expedition.
Ilyin holds Krestovskiy's Nagant.
Ilyin hands the revolver back to its owner.
Gubin, sneaking on the ship of the expedition, aims his Nagant at Ilyin.
Ilyin with Gubin's Nagant.
Gubin gets back his revolver after he agrees to join the expedition.

Smith & Wesson .44 Double Action

Wealthy merchant Tryphon Stepanovich Perfilyev (Nikolai Gritsenko) gives to his manservant Ignatiy (Georgi Vitsin) a nickel plated Smith & Wesson .44 Double Action revolver with pearl grips (most likely not original S&W but a European, possibly Spanish clone). Larer Ilyin (Vladislav Dvorzhetsky) uses Ignatiy's revolver. This revolver may be the same weapon that appears in several other Mosfilm productions, like Shvedskaya spichka, Semeynoe schastye, and Zhestokiy romans.

Orbea Hermanos nickel plated revolver with pearl grips, a Spanish version of Smith Wesson Double Action - .44 Russian
Perfilyev holds the revolver.
Zemlya Sannikova-SW-Add2.jpg
Perfilyev gives the revolver to Ignatiy and orders him to kill other members of the expedition if they would find gold on the unknown land.
Sannikov Land-SW-1.jpg
Ignatiy holds his revolver.
Ilyin fires at the Onkilon tribesman.
Ilyin holds the revolver in the final scene.


Percussion cap musket M1845

During the expedition Ilyin (Vladislav Dvorzhetsky) and Krestovskiy (Oleg Dal) carry Infantry Muskets M1845.

Russian percussion cap musket M1845 - .70
Ilyin holds his musket.
At the background Krestovskiy cocks the caplock of his musket.
A close view at the barrels of Gubin's and Krestovskiy's weapons.

Percussion Cap Carbine

Gubin (Yuri Nazarov) is armed with a short barreled percussion cap musket, possibly a Russian M1849 cavalry carbine.

For comparison: Russian M1849 percussion cap cavalry carbine
Gubin holds his carbine musket.
A close view at the barrels of Gubin's and Krestovskiy's weapons. Note the shorter barrel and different muzzle end of Gubin's gun.

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