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The Needle (Igla)

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The Needle
Theatrical poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Rashid Nugmanov
Release Date 1988
Language Russian and Kazakh
Studio Kazakhfilm
Main Cast
Character Actor
Moro Victor Tsoy
Dina Marina Smirnova
Artur Yusupovich Piotr Mamonov
Spartak Aleksandr Bashirov
Archimed Archimed Iskakov
Neformal Gennadiy Lyuy
Hitman Yernar Abilev

The Needle (Igla) is a 1988 Soviet cult film directed by Rashid Nugmanov (The Wild East). Film's cult following based on many things one of which is unusual style and surrealistic approach and another is that the movie is the only leading role by Russian rock star Victor Tsoy, who portrays Moro - a mysterious man on his brief return to Alma-Ata from Moscow, who finds his ex-girlfriend, nurse Dina (Marina Smirnova) hooked on drugs by her employer in the hospital - drug-dealing surgeon Artur Yusupovich (known singer and actor Piotr Mamonov in his first film role). Meanwhile he has his own problems with a local con man Spartak (Aleksandr Bashirov), who owes him money.

In 2010 director continued storyline in semi-sequel, semi-remake The Needle Remix (Igla Remix) which mixes restored and altered footage from this film (especially with Victor Tsoy, who passed to car incident in 1990) and completely new material to create even more surreal experience.

The following weapons are seen in the movie The Needle (Igla):

Margolin MCM Target Pistol

Dina (Marina Smirnova) who is an amateur sports shooter, trains with a Margolin MCM with a barrel compensator.

MCM with barrel compensator - .22 LR
Dina loads the .22 rounds into a magazine for a Margolin target pistol. Note a box in which gun itself is held and a box of .22 bullets on a table.
Dina loads the .22 rounds into a magazine for a Margolin target pistol.
Dina loads the magazine into the pistol.
Dina loads the magazine. A nice shot of the grip.
Dina chambers the pistol.
Dina with her Margolin, ready to aim and fire.
Dina aims the Margolin in a production still.

M16 SP1

At one point in the movie, Moro turns on a few television sets at the same time and various pictures haunt him. Among them are a few shots from Escape from New York, one of which shows troopers landing from a helicopter with a variety of M16 SP1 rifles.

M16 SP1 - 5.56x45mm
M16 SP1 rifles seen on the TV screen in a fragment from John Carpenter's cult classic. So you can watch a cult film in a cult film.

Unknown Holstered Handgun

In the same moment from Escape from New York, which shows troopers landing from a helicopter, you can spot that a soldier has an unknown holstered gun on his belt.

A holster on a soldier's belt.

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