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The Last Day (Byutehik kyun)

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The Last Day
(Byutehik kyun)
Byutehik kyun poster.jpg
Original Poster
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Directed by Stepan Burnashev
Release Date 2013
Language Yakut
Studio NewEra
Main Cast
Character Actor
Kesha Egor Sukhomyasov
Toma Olga Spiridonova
Siider Mikhail Lazarev
Yura Aleksey Pesterev
Erkhanchik Ay'aal Fyodorov
Valentin Maksim Romanov
Okhonoohoy Vladislav Fyodorov
Kesha's Mother Sargylana Shestakova
Kolya Aytal Ivanov
Arsen Mikhail Eremeev

The Last Day (Yakut: Бүтэһик күн; Byutehik kyun; often wrongly transliterated as Butekhik kun or even Bytehik kyn) is a 2013 Russian filmed Yakut language post apocaliptic mockymentary movie, the first feature work of Stepan Burnashev.The young man from Sakha (Yakutia) waked up next day from his birthday and realize, that all peoples of the world mysteriosly dissapeared, leave him alone. He filmed all what he seen. Later, he meet a few other peoples. Soon, they realze, that they didn't dissapeared due they previosly sins.

Note: This movie known in Russia only by Yakut title, which literaly translated to Russian as Последний день (posledniy Den) and the English title is the translate from Russian title, which did by user, who don't speack Yakut language. If anybody user, who have some skills in Yakut language, will find this title uncorrect, he may rename it more correct title.

The following weapons were used in the film The Last Day (Byutehik kyun):

Baikal IZH-43

Unnamed man tries to attack Kesha (Egor Sukhomyasov) and Siider (Mikhail Lazarev) with the Baikal IZH-43, but Siider tooked this gun from him.

Baikal IZH-43 - 12 Gauge
The gunman aims his weapon on the car.
The more close view (
Siider grabs the shotgun...
...and tries to use it against it former owner.

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