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The Headless Horseman

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The Headless Horseman
Vsadnik poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
CUBA.jpg Cuba
Directed by Vladimir Weinstock
Release Date 1973
Language Russian
Studio Lenfim
Main Cast
Character Actor
Maurice Gerald Oleg Vidov
Louise Poindexter Lyudmila Savelyeva
Isidora Covarubio Eslinda Núñez
Henry Poindexter Aleksandr Milokostyj
Zebulon "Zeb" Stump Ivan Petrov
Cassius Calhoun Aarne Üksküla
Miguel Diaz alias El Coyote Enrique Santiesteban
Woodley Poindexter Alejandro Lugo

The Headless Horseman (original Russian title Всадник без головы; Vsadnik bez golovy, Spanish title El Jinete sin Cabeza) is a 1973 Soviet-Cuban western, based on the famous novel by Thomas Mayne Reid.

The following weapons were used in the film The Headless Horseman:


Colt 1851 Navy

Colt 1851 Navy revolvers are the most common weapons in the movie. They are seen in hands of Maurice Gerald (Oleg Vidov), Cassius Calhoun (Aarne Üksküla), Miguel Diaz (Enrique Santiesteban), Henry Poindexter (Aleksandr Milokostyj), and numerous local persons.

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Colt 1851 Navy - .36 caliber.
The guests at the ball in Poindexter's hacienda Casa del Corvo hold Colt revolvers during the alarm due to the alleged appearance of Indians.
An officer with a Colt in the same scene. Next moment his Colt switches to a Lefaucheux revolver (see below).
A closer view of a Colt in the hand of one of the guests (at the left) in the same scene.
A troublemaker in the town is disarmed of his Colt by a perfect stroke of the whip.
Maurice Gerald draws his revolver on Cassius Calhoun during the standoff in the saloon.
Calhoun's Lefaucheux switches to a Colt during the duel.
Maurice saves Louise Poindexter.
Miguel Diaz threatens Isidora Covarubio, who uncovers him to be the gang leader El Coyote.
Cassius Calhoun drops his Colt in the final scene.

Lefaucheux Model 1854

Cassius Calhoun (Aarne Üksküla) is seen with a Lefaucheux Model 1854 revolver that constantly switches to a Colt and back again. Lefaucheux revolvers are also seen in hands of US Army officers and townsmen.

Lefaucheux Model 1854 - 12mm Pinfire.
Cassius Calhoun holds Lefaucheux revolver at the right.
An officer that was earlier seen with a Colt now holds a Lefaucheux revolver.
A close view of the Lefaucheux revolver in hand of the officer.
A barman in Diaz' saloon carries a Lefaucheux revolver in holster.
Calhoun with a Lefaucheux and Maurice Gerald with a Colt in a standoff.
Calhoun enters the saloon during the duel. In the next moment, his Lefaucheux switches to a Colt.
Calhoun carries a Lefaucheux revolver in a holster.
A townsperson at the right holds a Lefaucheux revolver.
US Army Major (Rolando Dias Reyes) draws his Lefaucheux revolver when the murderer is exposed.


Henry Poindexter (Aleksandr Milokostyj) and Isidora Covarubio (Eslinda Núñez) are seen with Beaumont-Adams Percussion Revolvers.

Beaumont-Adams Percussion Revolver - .442 Webley
Vsadnik revolver 2 1.jpg
Henry Poindexter holds his revolver.
Isidora's revolver is seen at the center.
Another view of Isidora's revolver.
Isidora carries her revolver in a holster.

Unidentified revolvers

During the scene of the alarm in Casa del Corvo, one of the guests holds a revolver that looks similar to a percussion Colt revolver but is definitely smaller than a Colt 1851 Navy.

The man in a grey suit at the left holds a revolver.

A snub nose revolver (possibly some kind of Webley Bulldog) is seen in hands of a townsman during the trial.

A short-barreled revolver is seen over Calhoun's shoulder.


Colt Model 1855

El Coyote's henchmen are seen armed with a Colt Model 1855 revolving rifles.

Colt 1855 Revolving Carbine (percussion) - .56 caliber
Close view of the Colt Model 1855 in hands of a henchman.
Same man aims his rifle.
Another henchman holds a Colt revolving rifle.
Another view of the same man with the rifle.

Sharps 1863 Carbine

US Army cavalrymen and local townspeople are mostly armed with Sharps carbines. Most likely it's the Sharps 1863 Carbine.

M1863 Sharps carbine - .52 caliber
A guard in a wagon at the left holds a Sharps carbine.
A townsman with a Sharps carbine leads Henry Poindexter's horse.
A member of the posse holds his Sharps carbine at the right.
A Sharps carbine is seen in the hands of a posse member at the left.
Sharps carbines in the barracks (at the right).
Soldiers guard Maurice Gerald during the trial.
In center.
Barrel and muzzle at the right.
Background right.

Mosin Nagant M1938 Carbine

In the scene of the trial, some townspeople in the background hold rifles that appear to be anachronistic and out of place Mosin Nagant M1938 Carbines, probably used due to insufficient number of authentic Sharps carbines.

Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine - 7.62x54mm R
A pair of possible M38 Carbines are seen in the background.
The barrel of a possible M38 Carbine is seen to the left of Calhoun.
The appearance of the rifle to the right of Calhoun seems to be that of an M38 Carbine.


Percussion Cap Musket/Shotgun

Aged hunter Zebulon "Zeb" Stump (Ivan Petrov) carries a percussion cap musket or shotgun with a very long barrel throughout the movie.

A full view of Zeb Stump's musket.
Barrel can be seen.
Zeb Stump examines the tracks.
Another view of the scene.
Zeb Stump stops the lynching of Maurice Gerald.
A good view of the percussion cap lock.
Zeb Stump fires at the Headless Horseman.

Many townspeople carry percussion cap muskets or shotguns with standard-length barrels.

A musket and a Sharps carbine are seen (at the right) during the alarm in Casa del Corvo.
A townsman holds a musket in the background.
A musket is seen on the wall of Maurice Gerald's cabin. Note that the bandoleer holds metallic rifle cartridges that would not be compatible with this gun and appear to be from a later time period.
Townsmen with various long guns during the trial.
A sitting townsman holds a musket during the trial.
A man at the right holds a percussion cap musket.
A good view of the barrel.

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