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The Evil Spirit of Yambuy (Zloy dukh Yambuya)

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The Evil Spirit of Yambuy
(Zloy dukh Yambuya)
Zloy dukh Yambuya-DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Boris Buneev
Release Date 1977
Language Russian
Studio Gorky Film Studios
Main Cast
Character Actor
Grigory Fedoseev Yuri Zaborovsky
Pavel Filimon Sergeev
Kararbakh Rodna Yeshonov
Lanara Olga Yenzak

The Evil Spirit of Yambuy (Zloy dukh Yambuya) is a Soviet 1977 adventure movie directed by Boris Buneev. Several members of mapping expedition in Eastern Siberia mysteriously disappear in Yambuy mountains. The native Evenki tribesmen speak about an evil spirit that lives on Yambuy. Then it turns out that the "evil spirit" is a monstrous man-eating brown bear. Fedoseev, the head of the expedition, and Kararbakh, the old Evenki hunter, go to find and kill the beast. The movie is based on real events that that occurred in late 1940s, and the main characters of the movie are real people. The Evenki characters, including Kararbakh, are played by non-professional actors.

The following weapons are seen in the movie The Evil Spirit of Yambuy (Zloy dukh Yambuya):

Mosin Nagant M1938 Carbine

Grigory Fedoseev (Yuri Zaborovsky) carries a Mosin Nagant M1938 Carbine. In the final scene old hunter Kararbakh also uses an M38 carbine.

Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine - 7.62x54mm R
Fedoseev carries his carbine in the opening scene.
Fedoseev fires at a bear that attacks a cabin at night.
Fedoseev aims at a bear.
A close view at the carbine.
Fedoseev holds his carbine in the final scene.
Kararbakh fires in the final scene.

Kochetov NK-8,2 Carbine

A rare Kochetov NK-8,2 hunting carbine is carried by radioman Pavel (Filimon Sergeev).

Kochetov NK-8,2 Carbine - 8.2х66mm
Pavel holds his carbine.
The buttstock is seen.
Pavel fires at a bear.
A bolt handle is stuck in half-opened position. Note the Mauser-style notch for bolt handle.

Mosin Nagant/Frolov Bolt Action Shotgun

Most of Evenki guides of the expedition carry bolt action shotguns. These guns are converted Mosin Nagant Rifles, known under the nickname "frolovka" after engineer Pyotr Frolov.

"Frolovka" shotgun (converted Mosin Nagant rifle) - 28 Gauge
An Evenki guide carries a "Frolovka" shotgun. The bolt of this particular gun nearly drops from the stock.
An Evenki guide with a "Frolovka".
One more view at the gun.

Berdan Bolt Action Shotgun

One of the members of the expedition is seen with a bolt action shotgun that is a converted Berdan Rifle. Old Kararbakh's weapon is also a Berdan shotgun, but of another version (it looks like that he carries two different guns in several scenes).

Russian Berdan № 2 (M1870) Dragoon rifle - 10.75x58mm R
Berdanka bolt action shotgun - 28 Gauge
A Berdan shotgun is seen during the opening credits.
According to the length of the shotgun, it is based on Dragoon version of Berdan rifle.
Kararbakh loads his weapon.
Kararbakh aims at a bear. The gun looks different from the one on the previous screenshot.

Double Barreled Shotun

A double barreled shotgun is carried by one of Evenki guides.



In one scene Fedoseev and Pavel find a damaged IZh-5 single barreled shotgun that belongs to one of the victims of the man-eating bear. This shotgun lacks the groove with the spring latch on the handguard so it is an early model of 1920s - early 1930s production.

IZh-5 - 16 gauge
Fedoseev holds the shotgun.
He extracts the spent cartridge...
...and examines the barrel.

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