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The Deerslayer (Zveroboy)

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The Deerslayer (Zveroboy)
Zveroboy Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Andrey Rostotskiy
Release Date 1990
Language Russian
Studio Soyuztelefilm
Main Cast
Character Actor
Natty Bumppo alias "Deerslayer" Andrei Khvorov
Henry March alias "Hurry Harry" Pavel Abdalov
"Floating Tom" Hutter Eduard Murashov
Judith Hutter Elena Kondulaynen
Hetty Hutter Olga Mashnaya
Chingachgook, "The Great Snake" Georgiy Pitskhelauri
Wah-ta-Wah Natalya Tabakova
Yocommon, "The Briarthorn" Sergei Lozdejsky

The Deerslayer (Zveroboy) is a Soviet 1990 two part made for TV adventure movie directed by Andrey Rostotskiy. The movie is a screen adaptation of the novel "The Deerslayer, or The First War-Path" by James Fenimore Cooper.

The following weapons were used in the film The Deerslayer (Zveroboy):


Percussion Dueling Pistol

A Percussion Dueling Pistol, out of time for 18th century, is found in "Floating Tom" Hutter's chest. In several scenes it is seen in hands of Deerslayer (Andrei Khvorov), Tom Hutter (Eduard Murashov) and his daughter Judith (Elena Kondulaynen).

Percussion Cap Ardesa 1871 Dueling Pistol - .45 inch
The pistol in Tom Hutter's chest.
Deerslayer holds the pistol. Next to him Chingachgook holds Deerslayer's musket.
The faceted barrel is seen.
A good view of percussion cap lock.
Tom threatens Chingachgook.
Tom carries the pistol tucked in his belt.
Judith Hutter aims the pistol at Iroquois chief Rivanoak (Vsevolod Khabarov).

Long Guns

Most flintlock muskets, seen in the movie, appear to be visually modified Single Barreled Shotguns with fake flint locks. Spurs on trigger guards is a common sign of IZh shotguns but the screen guns have straight grip stocks rather than semi-grip stock of IZh-18 (most often used as a base for mockup muskets), so the props must be heavily rebuild or built from scratch.

For comparison: IZh-18EM-M - 12 gauge

Deerslayer's Musket

Throughout the movie, Deerslayer (Andrei Khvorov) carries a flintlock musket that appears to be a visually modified shotgun. His musket is also seen in hands of Chingachgook (Georgiy Pitskhelauri) and Wah-ta-Wah (Natalya Tabakova). Tom Hutter (Eduard Murashov) holds a musket with same outlook as Deerslayer's one (possibly same prop reused).

The muzzle and ramrod.
Deerslayer holds his musket.
A general view of the musket.
The flintlock is seen. A spur on trigger guard is a typical feature of IZh shotguns.
Deerslayer aims at Iroquois warrior.
Deerslayer uses the musket to shoot an arrow with soft arrowhead (firing a real flintlock musket single-hand would be quite difficult).
Tom Hutter holds a musket with same outlook as Deerslayer's one.
Chingachgook holds Deerslayer's musket.
Wah-ta-Wah holds Deerslayer's musket.

Hurry Harry's Musket

Hurry Harry's (Pavel Abdalov) musket is shorter than Deerslayer's gun; it has two barrel bands instead of three. Deerslayer calls this gun "a carbine".

Harry holds his musket.
He fires single-hand. No fire and smoke appears from the "flintlock".
A good view of Harry's gun.
Deerslayer and Harry with muskets. Note the difference in barrel bands.
The muzzle is seen.
Tom Hutter fires Harry's musket (again single-hand!).
Harry holds his own and Hutter's muskets during the night raid on Iroquois' camp.
Harry carries his musket on sling.

Indians' Muskets

Muskets of Delaware and Iroquois warriors are generally similar with Deerslayer's gun except for decorations and black barrel bands instead of brass ones on Deerslayer's musket.

Delaware warrior Briarthorn (Sergei Lozdejsky) aims his gun.
Briarthorn's musket is destroyed by Deerslayer's incredibly accurate shot.
Iroquois warrior Lynx (Vladimir Pivovarov) raises his musket in peaceful gesture when he meets Deerslayer.
Lynx aims at Deerslayer.
Iroquois war chief Panther (Vladimir Episkoposyan) holds a musket.
Panther's gun is seen at the right.

Soldiers' Muskets

Some British soldiers carry long muskets with reddish wooden stocks. It's hard to say if these guns are visually modified shotguns or even mockups, built from scratch.

A soldier holds a musket.
A soldier in close combat with an Iroquois.
Soldiers' muskets are fitted with prop bayonets.


The long musket "Killdeer" is one of Tom Hutter's guns that was gifted to Deerslayer by Judith Hutter and then became the iconic weapon of Natty Bumppo. In this movie "Killdeer" also appears to be a mocked up shotgun.

"Killdeer" on the wall in Tom Hutter's floating house.
Another view of the gun.
Deerslayer sleeps with the gun in hands.
Chingachgook in European officer uniform (found in Tom Hutter's chest) holds "Killdeer" when he escorts Judith Hutter who is also dressed as a noble dame.
The fake flintlock is made in the form of a lying deer.
Deerslayer with "Killdeer" and Chingachgook with Deerslayer's musket.


One of the guns, used by Tom Hutter, is a Blunderbuss. Its flintlock is obviously fake, so this gun also appears to be a mockup, but looking reasonably authentic. The base gun may also be a single barreled IZh shotgun, or the blunderbuss may be a custom prop, designed and built from scratch.

Flintlock Blunderbuss
Tom threatens Harry with his blunderbuss. Typical IZh spur can be seen on the trigger guard.
Another view of the scene.
Another closeup of the gun.
The fake flintlock is seen.

Mosin Nagant M1891/30

Most muskets of British soldiers appear to be Mosin Nagant M1891/30 rifles, fitted with fake flintlocks and barrel bands to make them resemble flintlock muskets.

Full-length, Soviet Mosin Nagant M91/30 - 7.62x54mm R
A soldier holds a mocked up rifle during the attack of Iroquois.
An Iroquois warrior Wet Nose (Vladimir Badov) takes a gun of dead soldier.
He tries to fire but unsuccessfully.
A good view of mocked up Mosin Nagant in hands of falling Wet Nose.
A soldier is shot by an arrow. Fake top barrel band and prop bayonet are seen.
A good view of the stock.
A soldier bayonets an Iroquois.
Briarthorn (Sergei Lozdejsky) disarms a soldier.
He aims at Harry.
The barrel with prop bayonet is seen.

Deerslayer's Bundle of Guns

In one scene Deerslayer makes a bundle of several long guns. Al least two of these guns are mocked up Mosin Nagant M1891/30 rifles while others appear to be mocked up shotguns.

A bundle of half a dozen guns.
Deerslayer "pours the gunpowder" in the muzzle of a gun.
Another view of the guns.
Another view of the guns. The gun on top is a Mosin Nagant rifle with fake flintlock.
The barrels.
Deerslayer carries the bundle.

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