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Talk:White Wolves (Weisse Wölfe)

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Additional Images

Colt 1851 Navy Cartridge

Blake puts the revolver in holster.
Bashan's henchman carries a pair of revolvers in holsters. These are props with brass frames.
Cheyenne Strong Left Hand (Slobodan Velimirovic) returns Hille's revolvers.
Hille with his revolvers.
A bandit aims at Farsighted Falcon.

Colt Single Action Army

A bandit with SAA Cavalry revolver.
James Bashan with SAA and Reichsrevolver.
A bandit with SAA Cavalry revolver.
Deputy Hille (at the left) with his revolver and the guns, confiscated from arrested bandits.
Hille with two SAA Cavalry revolvers.
David carries the revolver tucked in his belt.

Reichsrevolver M1879

A bandit fires at Sam Blake.
Weisse Wolfe-Reichsrevolver1879-6.jpg
Bashan and his henchman Jim (Milan Jablonsky) fire at Indians.
Bashan draws his revolvers: SAA and Reichsrevolver.
A flame from the barrel of Patterson's deactivated revolver.

Winchester Model 1892 Carbine

A view from the muzzle.
A close view of the barrel. The sling swivel below the magazine tube is seen.
Farsighted Falcon in action.
David (Predrag Milinkovic) hands a Winchester to Catherine Emmerson (Barbara Brylska) who loads the gun. It appears to be the same rifle.

Winchester Model 1873 Carbine

Harrington holds a Winchester 1873; the saddle ring is seen.
Strong Left Hand is again seen with a Winchester 1873.
Strong Left Hand (at the left) and Cunning Fox (second from the left) with Winchester 1873 carbines. Little Wolf (second from the right) holds a Schuetzen rifle, and Farsighted Falcon (at the right) holds his Winchester 1892.
A close view of Patterson's rifle.
A bandit at the right holds a Winchester, captured from Cunning Fox.
A bandit (second from the left) holds a Winchester 1873.

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