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Talk:Reising Submachine Gun

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Additional Images

Reising M55 (folding stock variant) - .45 ACP. Fitted with single stack only magazine well with magazine removed.


I remember hearing that the Reising sucked ass in combat-S&Wshooter
It's because it was closed bolt, meaning the gun could overheat very quickly and thus reduce its accuracy and efficiency. It was very succeptable to the environment, and required much cleaning (which is not a soldier friendly requirement). Also, the 12 and 20 round magazines were just too small. Had they built it to accept something like the Thompson 30 round magazine, it could have done much better. All in all, it was a good weapon, but not good enough for the pacific theatre. - Gunmaster45
Gathered from various sources: Firing from the closed bolt, the Reising was very accurate when used as a semi-auto carbine. Kept "barracks inspection clean" it was a good substitute for the heavier Thompson on an overnight raid, allowing the raider to carry five pounds of other gear. In tests at Aberdeen proving ground against the Sten MkII, Thompson, UD42, the Reising was the most difficult to disassemble/reassemble blindfolded: several failures to reassemble blindfolded (a warning right there about field maintenance difficulty). Plus, there are no voids or empty spaces for dirt or fouling to go or get pushed out of the way. The Reising was originally a wartime replacement for the Thompson in the civilian police market, where it would be maintained in armory by a trained armorer and mostly used at the firing range. --Carl N. Brown 21:17, 15 August 2012 (CDT)


The M55 pictured does not have a 12 round magazine. It does not have a magazine at all. The M60 has a 12 round magazine. Note how it is creased on its sides compared to the mag in the M50. Twelve round Reising mags were the same length as 20 round mags but single stack instead of double. Roscoe Snyder

It also has the single stack only magazine well. Have corrected the captions and put up a better image, with the regular magazine well with 20 round magazine. --commando552 19:52, 24 November 2011 (CST)

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