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Strike Witches: The Movie

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Strike Witches: The Movie (2012)

Early August, 1945. The former members of the disbanded 501st Joint Fighter Wing, the Strike Witches, have been back in their home countries or combat theatres since the liberation of Venezia. Yoshika Miyafuji, now a regular civilian after depleting her magic to defeat the Neuroi hive over Venezia, has been sent an invitation to study (non-magic) medicine at a Helvetian (Swiss) medical school. Yoshika accepts, and sets off for Europe aboard the carrier Amagi, alongside her escort, rookie IFN Sergeant Shizuka Hattori.

Meanwhile, a new type of Neuroi starts appearing sporadically around Europe, capable blocking all forms of communication nearby; even worse, some are showing up behind the frontlines, with no clear explanation of how they got there. After arriving in Pas-de-Calais and briefly visiting with Pierrette Clostermann and Lynette Bishop, Yoshika and Shizuka depart for Helvetia. However, given Yoshika's drained magic and Shizuka's lack of combat experience, running into one of those new Neuroi could prove dangerous.

Strike Witches: The Movie is set shortly after Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow, and is followed by Strike Witches: Road to Berlin.

For more in-depth explanations of the lore and setting of the World Witches universe, see the first season's page.

Warning: Some descriptions and images are major spoilers for the series, read at your own risk.

The following weapons were used in the anime film Strike Witches: The Movie:


Beretta Modello 1934

A Beretta Modello 1934 is seen being loaded by Squadron Leader Heinrike Prinzessin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein of the 506th JFW during a scramble. The 506th Joint Fighter Wing, or Noble Witches, is made up entirely of witches from noble families, and is split into two sub-units. A-unit, based in Sedan, is comprised of Squadron Leader Rosalie de Hemricourt de Grunne (of Belgica), Heinrike herself (of Karlsland), Flight Lieutenant Adriana Visconti (of Romagna), Flying Officer Kunika Kuroda (of Fuso), and Pilot Officer Isabelle du Monceau de Bergendal (of Belgica); all five members of A-unit cameo in The Movie. B-unit, based in Dijon, is comprised of Wing Commander Geena Preddy, Flight Lieutenant Marian Carl, Flight Lieutenant Jennifer DeBlanc, and Flying Officer Carla Luksic (all from Liberion).

Adriana Visconti also carries a Modello 1934 as her sidearm, which makes sense given she's from Romagna, though it's not seen in her extremely brief cameo. Similarly, Heinrike uses an MG 151 as her main weapon, like fellow night witch Heidemarie Schnaufer, though Heinrike's is not seen in The Movie.

Beretta Modello 1934 - .380 ACP
A stitched sequence of Heinrike loading a magazine, switching the safety off, and racking the slide; the first round visibly slides into the chamber as well.
Heinrike holds her Beretta as Rosalie informs her they can't contact B-unit at Dijon.
Official artwork of Adriana duel-wielding Fliegerhammers, with her MG 42 slung behind her back and her Modello 1934 in its holster. Seeing a witch visibly carrying a sidearm is rather rare. (Art)

Submachine Guns

MP 40

Erica Hartmann carries an MP 40 submachine gun as a backup to her MG 42 on a patrol of the Rhine alongside Gertrud Barkhorn. After overheating her MG 42's barrel (and having neglected to bring spare barrels, as Gertrud did) Erica ditches her machine gun and uses the MP 40 for the remainder of the engagement. Erica's MP 40 features a brown bakelite lower reciever.

MP 40s are also seen in the hands of Karlsland soldiers in the film's opening, a flashback to 1943 in which Karlsland and Liberion infantry and tanks engage ground-type Neuroi, before an enormous flying wing Neuroi shows up, decimating the ground forces, as well as the naval forces supporting them, before being destroyed by the Strike Witches.

MP 40 - 9x19mm Parabellum
In 1943, a Karlsland soldier hipfires his MP 40 as he advances.
In Saint-Trond, Erica whines about her MP 40 magazines being too hard to load. Gertrud was just loading MG 42 belts with a loading tool, seen to the right.
Having discarded her inoperable MG 42, Erica draws her MP 40 from its small-of-the-back holster.
Unfolding the MP 40's stock. Note the three magazine pouches on her belt.
Erica and Gertrud fire on the Neuroi pursuing them.
Quickly changing direction, Erica dumps more lead behind her as they take down the second Neuroi.
Erica lays down more fire as they destroy the third. Holding the gun by the magazine generally encourages jams, though in most other shots Erica is properly holding her MP 40 by the magwell.
After complaining that she's tired, Erica attempts to get an in-flight piggyback ride from Trude, resulting in her knocking off nearly all of their weapons and equipment.


M1 Garand

In the 1943 prologue, Liberion troops are armed with M1 Garand rifles.

M1 Garand - .30-06 Springfield
A Liberion soldier charges forward, carrying his M1 Garand.

M1 Carbine

Later in the film, Liberion troops under sudden attack at Bastogne attempt to radio for assistance; one of them can be seen with an M1 Carbine.

M1 Carbine - .30 Carbine
A Liberion aims his M1 Carbine moments before their position is obliterated by a flying Neuroi. Note the M1919A4 on a tripod seen here as well.

Boys Mk I*

The Strike Witches' sharpshooter, Lynette Bishop, uses a Boys Mk I* anti-tank rifle as her weapon of choice. A Boys rifle is also used by the Noble Witches' marksman Isabelle du Monceau de Bergendal, often known by the nickname "Isaac".

Boys Mk I* - .55 Boys
Boys Mk I* design artwork
In 1943, Lynette takes aim at the large flying wing Neuroi with her Boys. This engagement is a callback to the very first fight in the series, the opening to the first episode of the first season, with this fight playing out very similarly to that one (though it's not the same engagement).
Moments later, Perrine Clostermann blocks incoming fire for Lynette, allowing her to make a precise shot and expose the Neuroi's core.
Returning to 1945, Isabelle and her rifle make an extremely brief, faceless cameo as she scrambles alongside Adriana Visconti and Kunika Kuroda.
Charlotte Yeager grabs Francesca Lucchini and a less-enthusiastic Lynette to perform a combo attack.
Lynette prepares to open fire on the swarm of torpedo-like small Neuroi.
Lynette takes aim at one of the transforming Neuroi that's threatening Mio Sakamoto's F1M2 floatplane...
...and fires. Quality screenshots of Lynette firing her rifle are hard to get, as it's always accompanied by massive screenshake, blurring, and flash.
Lynette's enormous rifle slung across her back, as she greets her dear friend. While Yoshika seemingly lost her magic at the end of Strike Witches 2, more accurately she had drained her "magic stamina" to absolute zero; like physical stamina, this shouldn't normally be possible, but occured due to Mio's magic-draining katana. As Yoshika believed she lost her magic, that "truth" remained with her as a psychosomatic injury. It wasn't until another similarly traumatic, near-death experience occured that Yoshika was able to (entirely unconsciously) use her magic again.
Lynette with her Boys as the Strike Witches break formation to engage the massive U-Boat-like main Neuroi.
A much better look at Isabelle, her Boys rifle, and Spitfire Mk 22 striker in official artwork, taking down a Neuroi in the evening sky. (Art)

Machine Guns

Bren Mk 1 (M)

Pierrette-Henriette Clostermann continues to use a Bren Mk 1 (M) as her main weapon.

Bren Mk 1 (M) - .303 British
Bren Mk 1 (M) design artwork; note the detailed cross-section of the rear sight aperture
Pierrette fires her Bren while dodging beams in the 1943 prologue.
In 1945, Perrine and Lynette look on as an enormous magic circle forms in the distance.
Pierrette combines her Tonnerre lightning with Erica's Sturm wind attack, to create an electrified gale that demolishes a bunch of torpedo Neuroi.
As Mio approaches Yoshika's position, Perrine prepares to protect Mio's F1M with a shield.
Perrine opens fire with her Bren to cover Yoshika and Lynette.
Amused, Pierrette looks on as Yoshika and Lynette reunite in the sky. Note the Bren's smoking barrel.
With Yoshika back in the group, Perrine and the other Strike Witches prepare to take on the U-Boat Neuroi.
Perrine readies her Bren as she prepares to break formation as they approach the Neuroi.
Perrine's Bren spits lead at the U-Boat Neuroi, which has now taken flight after being "submerged" underground.
The Strike Witches form up for their final attack.

Browning M1918A2

Charlotte Yeager uses a Browning Automatic Rifle, and it gets considerably more time to shine in The Movie compared to Operation Victory Arrow.

Browning M1918A2 - .30-06 Springfield
M1918A2 design artwork
Back in '43, Charlotte's Merlin engines roar as she zooms in low to hit the Neuroi from underneath with her BAR.
A great closeup as Charlotte grabs her M1918A2 from the launch unit, as her and Francesca scramble to intercept the unexpected Neuroi over Venezia.
Charlotte and Francesca take off from their PT boat.
Shirley reminds Francesca to stay close, as their radios aren't reliable around this new Neuroi.
Charlotte opens up as the pair catches up to their enemy. The new type of Neuroi seen throughout the film is inspired by the Heinkel Lerche.
A good shot of the BAR's receiver, as Charlotte tells Francesca to lure the Neuroi away from the city.
Working with Fernandia Malvezzi, Luciana Mazzei, and Martina Crespi of the Ardor Witches (who appear again in The Movie, but unarmed, and thus didn't make it onto this page) Charlotte leads the Neuroi through the city's canals, and into a trap.
Shirley, Minna, and Trude lead the formation against the U-Boat Neuroi.
A shot of the left side of the M1918A2's receiver, as Charlotte breaks formation and follows Francesca.
Francesca and Charlotte perform a synchronized roll while laying down fire, as they approach the main Neuroi.

Browning M1919A6

Francesca Lucchini continues to use a Browning M1919A6 modified with an attached, but quickly swappable ammo box as her weapon.

Browning M1919A6 - .30-06 Springfield
M1919A6 design artwork
Francesca pulls her M1919A6 off the launch unit as she scrambles alongside Charlotte.
Seeing the Neuroi's beam moving towards the city, Francesca zooms in to block it.
A great shot of the custom ammo box mount. The darker-coloured "shelf/basket" on the bottom is permanently mounted to the gun, while the lighter-coloured ammo box sits inside, held in by the latch on the left side (shooter's perspective) of the mount. The hinge at the bottom of the latch is even visible here.
Francesca protects Venezia with a hail of .30-06.
With the Neuroi seemingly on the run, Francesca takes aim to finish it off.
A first-person view down the Browning's sights.
Lynette, Charlotte, and Francesca get close during the finale battle. Note Francesca's continued use of the handle on top of the ammo box as her offhand grip.
After Shirley goes supersonic again, with the shockwave disorienting a bunch of torpedo Neuroi, Francesca mops them up with her M1919A6.
Francesca moves in to attack with the rest of the 501st.
Francesca and Shirley open fire on the cloud of torpedo Neuroi. Note how in this situation Francesca is hipfiring her Browning, pressing it down against the sling, while supporting it with her offhand.

MG 42

As always, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke, Gertrud Barkhorn, Erica Hartmann, and Eila Juutilainen, as well as Nikka Katajainen use the witch-version MG 42, redesigned to use Patronentrommel 34 drum magazines. One of Gertrud's pair is borrowed by Yoshika during the climactic battle.

MG 42 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
MG 42 design artwork; the text at top-left describes operation of the magazine release, comparing it to the tab on an aluminum drink can
In 1943, Eila effortlessly dodges beams as usual.
Nikka's MG 42 rather securely slung behind her back as she arrives to see Eila and Sanya off. The Japanese subtitles listing her squadron/rank/name are unfortunately not removable.
After expending her Panzerfausts, Gertrud charges her MG 42s. Note the metal tubes hanging from her waist, which are protective cases for her two spare barrels.
Back to back, Erica lays down fire at the three Neuroi they're facing.
As the camera pans around, Gertrud does the same.
A fantastic stitched sequence of Gertrud performing a barrel swap.
Erica, however, didn't bring any spares, and tosses aside her MG 42 to use her MP 40 instead.
Adriana Visconti takes off, with her MG 42 barely visible, tucked under her arm. Note the woodland camo on her C.205V Veltro striker; while most Romagnan/Italian aircraft tended to feature arid colour schemes and small-stripe patterns, this rich/dark green and larger-stripe style was used on the real world prototype C.205, and fits with Adriana being stationed in Gallia/France.
Kunika Kuroda speeds out of the hangar, with her own MG 42 slightly more visible. Unlike most Fuso witches, Kunika converted to local equipment upon arriving in Europe, using an MG 42 and a Bf 109 K-4 striker. Kunika is the protagonist of the Noble Witches novel series (and its manga adaptation).
With the Neuroi blocking regular forms of communication, Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke tells Heidemarie Schnaufer that her antenna is their only hope. In an interesting twist, the white fragments the new Neuroi are dropping to block comms is a reference to "Window"; while Window was specifically created to counter only radar, the Neuroi version counters everything except the night witches' radar-inspired antennae.
MG 42 in hand, Eila launches from one of Yamato's aircraft catapults; Sanya launches from the other moments later.
Erica uses her Sturm attack, combining it with Perrine's Tonnerre.
With her predictive abilities, dodging Neuroi beams from one direction, not getting hit by Sanya's rockets from the other, while also laying down fire with her MG 42 is a piece of cake for Eila.
Gertrud lends Yoshika one of her MG 42s as a welcome back gift. This is also a nod to early in the first season, when a recently-injured Trude borrowed Yoshika's Type 99 to replace one of her MGs.
A nice side shot of Eila's MG 42, as she follows Heidemarie into combat.
Back in action, this shot provides a good look at Yoshika's borrowed MG 42, as well as her J7W1 Shinden striker.
After blocking a beam, Erica opens fire again with her MG 42.
Yoshika zooms past the "bow" of the U-Boat Neuroi, putting Trude's MG 42 to good use.
An excellent shot of Gertrud and Minna's machine guns as the group forms up again.
Yoshika leads the final charge, MG 42 in hand.

Type 99-2 Model 2 Kai

As an Imperial Fuso Navy witch, Shizuka Hattori uses a Type 99-2 Model 2 Kai iteration of the Type 99 cannon, designed specifically for use by witches. Shizuka's Type 99 is also used by Yoshika. The Movie marks the first time the charging "button" is used on-screen, although it was intended as part of the design all along; this function is noted in the design sketch seen below, which predates the first season.

For the rather lengthy technical explanation of the witches' Type 99-2 Model 2 Kai variant, see its first season entry.

Type 99 Mark 1, flexible configuration - 20x72mmRB
Type 99-2 Model 2 Kai (13.2x96mm Hotchkiss) design artwork; the text at lower-centre indicates the location of the charging button
Shizuka launches from the besieged town, Type 99 in hand. Being such a rookie witch, she talks herself though the memorized steps of going into combat.
"Ammo... loaded." Shizuka charges the Type 99, the first time in the series this is done on-screen.
"Safety... disengaged." Note that the colours have been corrected from the first season, with Fire now being red and Safe being white. Also, in a small design update, while in the first season the fire position was 90-degrees vertical, it's now depicted as only moving to a 45-degree angle.
"Use your shoulder to steady the rifle. Get close enough that the target won't fit in your sight."
"Put the first phalanx of your index finger on the trigger."
"I did it! Just like the drills!" Shizuka takes out four Ba 349 Natter inspired Neuroi in quick succession.
Shizuka shows off her lovely N1K2-J striker as she pursues and destroys the fifth and final Natter Neuroi.
Moments later, one of the much larger Lerche Neuroi shows up. Shizuka takes aim...
...but it forces her to dodge, and the beam blows a massive crater into the town. Distracted and distressed, the next beam knocks Shizuka out of the fight, crashing into the town below.
With the arrival of a huge subterranean periscope-inspired Neuroi and no working radio, Yoshika hauls the Type 99 into their jeep in an attempt to lure it away from the town. Without her magically-augmented strength, carrying the roughly 40kg/90lb gun to the jeep isn't a trivial task.
Yoshika parks the jeep and sets up the Type 99 on the steering wheel, bracing herself with her feet as best she can.
"I'm over here!" Yoshika opens up with a long burst of 13.2mm rounds.
After the Neuroi goes underground and reemerges in front of her, left with no options, Yoshika rams the jeep into the Neuroi at full speed, grabbing the gun and bailing at the last possible moment.
No magic. No shield. No backup. Just grit and bravery, as Yoshika makes her last stand.



The 501st's night witch, Aleksandra Litvyak, continues to use the nine-barrel Fliegerhammer rocket launcher. Originally designed by Erica's twin sister Ursula Hartmann, the Fliegerhammer was inspired by (both in-universe and out) the Fliegerfaust.

For additional details, see its first season entry.

Fliegerfaust (replica) with 9-rocket clip - 20mm
Fliegerhammer design artwork; the text at top-left describes the launch order in volley fire (white tubes first)
In the 1943 prologue, Aleksandra takes aim with her launcher...
...and fires a volley of four rockets, blowing a sizable hole in the flying wing Neuroi.
Eila and Sanya arrive for the climactic battle, ready for action.
The partially-assembled group looks on as more and more torpedo Neuroi spew out of the ground.
A rear angle of Aleksandra's Fliegerhammer just before she fires four rockets, with Eila blasting away with her MG 42 ahead of her, as they clear a path for Mio.
Sanya aims at a large Neuroi that's just popped up in front of Mio's floatplane...
...and fires a volley of four rockets, followed by the other five. Evidently Sanya reloaded off-screen, though where she stores her spare rockets isn't exactly clear.
Sanya holds her empty launcher moments later, as Eila opens fire and finishes it off.
Back together at last, the Strike Witches form up before engaging the U-Boat Neuroi.
Having reloaded off-screen again, Sanya fires a five-rocket volley at their massive adversary. In total this adds up to two full loads of rockets, meaning Sanya topped off the launcher after the first engagement, then, after emptying it in the second engagement, loaded the leftover rockets for the final engagement.

Panzerfaust 60

Gertrud Barkhorn equips herself with a pair of Panzerfaust 60s, along with her two MG 42s, two spare barrels, spare magazines, and spare ammo belts, as well as drop tanks for her Fw 190 striker, when she and Erica head out on patrol looking for any sign of the new Neuroi type.

Panzerfaust 60 - 44mm with 149mm warhead
A stitched image of Gertrud and all her gear, as she prepares for takeoff.
Erica and Gertrud look across the Rhine at their still-occupied homeland, lamenting that the river feels like a wall separating them from it.
Hours into their patrol, Erica finally spots a Neuroi, large and shaped like a periscope, accompanied by several flying Neuroi.
After ditching their drop tanks, Gertrud starts the fight with both Panzerfausts.
Trude fires both warheads together; their folding fins can be seen deploying here, though are more obvious in subsequent frames.
After firing them, she discards the spent Panzerfaust tubes, before pulling out her MG 42s.


MG 151/20

Heidemarie Schnaufer uses an MG 151/20 cannon as her weapon, used prominently in the film's present-day (August, 1945) opening, after the 1943-era prologue. Encountering the first of the new Neuroi that can block communications, Heidemarie makes fairly short work of it with her MG 151. As mentioned above, Heinrike Prinzessin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein also uses an MG 151/20 as her main armament. Night witches tend to prefer heavier weapons (MG 151, MG FF, HS.404) paired with heavy fighter strikers (Bf 110, Ju 88, F7F Tigercat), in very much the same way real WWII night fighters tended to be heavy fighters with lots of firepower. While less manoeuvrable, heavy fighter strikers offer witches better load-bearing capacity as well as stronger shields, the latter being especially valuable as night witches typically operate alone.

The standardized witch version of the MG 151/20 features a top-mounted pistol grip, a horizontal off-hand grip, and a detachable drum magazine.

MG 151/20 - 20x82mm
Heidemarie's antenna glows red as her pleasant, calm night flight is rudely interrupted.
Sensing danger, Heidemarie disengages the autocannon's safety, marked with a very H&K-style S and F.
Heidemarie pulls the bolt back; the charging handle folds downward when not in use. The safety switch can be seen at the very top of the image, on the upper-front corner of the left side of the MG 151's receiver.
A first-person view down the sights, as Heidemarie takes aim. The thicker, out-of-focus post is the rear sight.
With a full moon overhead, Heidemarie climbs and opens fire on her attacker.
A fantastic side angle of Heidemarie's MG 151, as she moves in to destroy the exposed core.
"This is the end." Heidemarie finishes the battle with a burst of 20mm rounds.
A healthy dose of Minengeschoss ammo will cure any problems one may face.
A rather well-framed shot of Heidemarie, Gertrud, and Minna, the three of them incredulous at the sheer number of torpedo Neuroi.
A fantastic look at Heinrike's MG 151/20, as well as Rosalie and Kunika, on the cover of the third Noble Witches novel. Heinrike flies a Ju 88 C-6 striker, while Rosalie uses a Bren Mk 4 and flies a Spitfire Mk 22, on the rare occasions she's actually in combat. (Art)

Saint-Trond airbase shipping manifest

Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke is seen signing for a shipment of weapons, ammo, and other supplies for the base at Saint-Trond. The list is actually written in German, which isn't surprising as the series is consistent about written elements being in native languages; like many TV shows, the characters are generally speaking Japanese for the audience, rather than actually doing so all the time in-universe.

While a bit hard to read, the weapons can be made out: Maschinengewehr 42 (quantity 20), Maschinenpistole 40 (10), Panzerfaust 30 (100), Panzerfaust 60 (50).

Vehicle-Mounted & Stationary Weapons

MG 34 Panzerlauf

Tiger I tanks from Karlsland, alongside M4 Shermans from Liberion and supported by infantry, are seen advancing on spider-like ground-based Neuroi in the 1943 prologue. Tigers are armed with a pair of MG 34 Panzerlaufs; one is hull-mounted, while the other is mounted coaxially to the 8.8cm KwK 36 main cannon. The Tigers seen here are actually all the pre-production version of the H1 variant, identifiable by the pair of storage boxes on the sides of the turret (as opposed to a single box at the rear) as well as the lack of mud guards. Due to sharing the same model, all the Tigers share the same number, 100, which (including its white elephant artwork) was a real life Tiger H1; Tiger 100 was captured intact by the Russians during the war.

MG 34 Panzerlauf - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Numerous Tigers and Shermans approach the advancing Neuroi. The lead Tiger's two MG 34s can be seen here.
Three Tigers halt and fire their 88mm cannons; their hull-mounted MG 34s can be clearly seen.
Impressive muzzle flash from a Tiger, as the infantry also opens fire with their MP 40s and M1 Garands.

Browning M1919A4

In addition to the tripod-mounted M1919A4 listed above, tank-mounted versions are used by M4 Sherman tanks, with one hull-mounted machine gun and one coaxial machine gun, next to the 75mm M3 main cannon; the Shermans also have a roof-mounted M2HB.

Browning M1919A4 - .30-06 Springfield
Moments after the previous image a Sherman shows up as well, as an enormous shadow covers the area. The barrels of both M1919s can be made out here.
The Karlsland and Liberion troops look on in horror as the massive flying wing comes into view. The M4's hull-mounted M1919A4 is clearly visible, while the coaxial Browning is to the left side (driver's perspective) of the cannon.
Neither tanks nor infantry stand a chance against such a behemoth.

Browning M2HB

M4 Sherman tanks feature a pintle-mounted M2HB on top of the turret. In addition to the prologue, M4s are seen later in the film, under attack at Bastogne. Sharing the same model, all of the Shermans are marked with the serial number "U.S.L. 3033434".

Additionally, a dual-mounted pair of M2HBs is the armament of the 501st JFW's Elco PT-103-class PT boat, which Charlotte and Francesca used to reach Venezia. The PT-103-class normally has a second dual turret further back, however the 501st's example has been modified to remove it, the rear Oerlikon 20mm cannon, and all four torpedo tubes, replacing them with a pair of striker launch units. As such, this configuration isn't so much a torpedo boat as it is a transport and mobile launch platform, with the single turret for self-defence; whether this setup is a common (in-universe) sub-class intended for Liberion witch units, or a one-of modification at Charlotte's request is unknown. Given the design details, the animators most likely used PT-109 as reference material; this PT boat was famously commanded by then-Lieutenant John F. Kennedy.

Browning M2HB - .50 BMG
The 80' Elco sits moored in front of Venezia's beautiful, albeit damaged, architecture.
With their PT boat nearby, Shirley chats with Francesca, Fernandia, Luciana, and Martina. Note the "501" marking, naturally for "501st JFW" rather than being a "PT-xxx" hull number.
Charlotte runs to pull the covers off their launch units and prep for takeoff, giving a good look at the PT-103-class and its twin turret. The metal mounting plates for the torpedo tubes are clearly visible here as well.
As Francesca grabs her M1919A6, the dual-mounted pair of its larger cousin can be seen in more detail behind her.
A look at the detailed M2HB model on the M4, as a Neuroi beam sweeps across three Shermans in near Bastogne...
...destroying all three.

Type 97

An F1M2 floatplane attached to the battleship Yamato is piloted by Mio Sakamoto during the climactic battle; this is most definitely the same F1M seen in the second season. The F1M2 is armed with two Type 97 aircraft machine guns for offence, though Mio doesn't actually fire a shot in the movie, despite having at least one notable opportunity; it's possible that in her rush to get airborne there simply wasn't time to fully prep the aircraft.

Type 97 aircraft machine gun - 7.7x56mmR
As her fellow Strike Witches clear a path, Mio starts descending towards Yoshika's position. The firing ports for the two Type 97s can be seen in the upper cowling.
Mio flies through the debris of the final Neuroi in her path, as she prepares to drop the package under the F1M2's wing to Yoshika, which contains her (now repaired) J7W1 Shinden striker. Mio expected this eventuality all along.
With an exhausted Shizuka hanging off the left strut, Mio orbits near the battle, escorted by Sanya and Eila.

Type 92

The Type 92, a Japanese copy of the Lewis Gun, is the rear gunner armament of the F1M2. With no one to operate it, the Type 92 also goes unused in the film.

Type 92 - 7.7x56mmR
A closeup of Mio and the cockpit area, with the Type 92's iconic Lewis magazine visible on top.
The Type 92 sits in its stowed position, its upper half visible. While Shizuka is out of the fight and with Mio, there would be no practical way for Shizuka to remove her striker and get into the F1M, nor anywhere to store her striker even if she could.
The rear end of the Type 92 visible behind Shizuka, as she hangs on to the strut.

12.8cm FlaK 40

Multiple 12.8cm FlaK 40 anti-aircraft cannons are used by Venezian troops to defend their city from a sudden Neuroi attack, before Francesca and Charlotte take over.

FlaK 40 - 128x958mmR
Three FlaK 40s fire on the Neuroi. Mounting these enormous cannons on grass rather than being bolted into concrete doesn't seem like an amazing idea though.
An officer orders them to cease fire, as their witch support arrives.

2cm FlaKVierling 38

The 502nd JFW, the Brave Witches, have a small frontline base near Petersburg, which is defended by several FlaKVierling 38 quad-cannons. In real world production terms, this was the first time members of the Brave Witches cast were seen in the show.

FlaKVierling 38 - 20x138mmB
As Eila and Sanya prep for their departure, two FlaKVierling 38s can be seen on either side of the hangar.
Eila and Sanya take off and bid farewell to Aleksandra Pokryshkin and Nikka Katajainen, with one of the FlaKVierlings visible behind them.
A closer shot of the pair, with more detail on the same quad-cannon. Note the carrying cases for Eila and Sanya's weapons, which seem to be styled after musical instrument cases.
Sanya takes to the sky, with a fairly detailed shot of one of the FlaKVierlings.
One of the three FlaKVierling 38s guarding the main building (the same seen in Operation Victory Arrow). Naoe Kanno, Georgette Lemare, Sadako Shimohara, and Edytha Rossmann can also be seen here.
As the shot pans right, Waltrud Krupinski and Gundula Rall come into view, as well as a second FlaKVierling.

Bofors 40mm L/60

Saint-Trond airbase in Belgica is defended by large AA batteries which appear to be oversized twin-mounted Bofors guns. Numerous AA guns also defend the Noble Witches' base in Sedan.

Bofors 40mm L/60 twin mounting - 40x311mmR
Saint-Trond airbase with its very large Bofors guns.
The unsurprisingly elegant Noble Witches base is armed with many AA guns, some with a similar silhouette to Saint-Trond's oversized Bofors guns, some having larger single barrels.

8.8cm FlaK 36

Three FlaK 36 AA guns in the Ardennes are seen firing at hordes of Ba 349 Natter style Neuroi. While they destroy a few, the sheer number of Neuroi quickly demolish the artillery position.

FlaK 36 - 88x571mmR
The eighty-eights open fire. One soldier can be seen with a rifle; given the short wooden stock and shape of the muzzle end it's likely an MG 34.

Naval Weapons

A large fleet engages a flying wing Neuroi in 1943, aircraft carrier Amagi travels to Europe with six Akizuki-class escorts, and the repaired battleship Yamato returns to assist in the final battle, humorously fitted with giant floats to allow it to travel up the Rhine. All the ship models originally appeared in Strike Witches 2, and as such it's worth noting that as the 1943 fleet is implied to have been entirely (or at least mostly) sunk, most of the ships depicted cannot truly have been present here, as they appear later, either specifically by name or because there aren't enough ships in their class for them to have been lost. As such, the ships seen in 1943 should be considered representative of other, similar ships and/or ship classes. For the very lengthy list of all the armament aboard these ships, see the second season page.

In 1943, a Littorio-class battleship aims her main armament, alongside three Navigatori-class destroyers (every Navigatori in this panning shot is named "MC") and a Zara-class cruiser. This shot continues to pan to the right over the fleet, and subsequent captions will only list the ships not seen in a previous screenshot.
Profile of a Takao-class cruiser, with another Navigatori-class on the left (foreground), a Zara-class right of centre with an Akizuki-class destroyer mostly hidden behind it, another Akizuki-class, a Navigatori-class in the distance, and the bow of a King George V-class battleship.
A rare close shot of an Akizuki-class, this one being Akizuki herself. Another Akizuki-class is to the right, with a Zara-class, a Navigatori-class in the distance, another Zara-class, two more Navigatoris, and the bow of another Littorio-class.
An excellent look at another King George V-class, with Bismarck, Tirpitz, and another Zara-class at far-right, as the panning shot comes to an end.
An extreme close-up of Bismarck's forward turret rotating into position, with the stern of the same King George V-class to the right, with two Akizuki-class ships... both also named Akizuki (they're all named Akizuki). Shortly after, another Zara-class comes into view behind them.
HMS Prince of Wales (identifiable by the camouflage) and two other King George V-class battleships open fire on the Neuroi.
The flying wing Neuroi emerges over the burning countryside, as a Takao-class, Akizuki-class, and two Navigatoris ("QU" and "BA") take aim.
A King George V-class attempts to swivel her forward turrets, but is too slow to get a shot off before being bisected by a Neuroi beam. Two Navigatoris and a Zara-class are in the background.
The Neuroi draws a circle through Bismarck's bridge, with two burning Akizukis to the left, a Navigatori-class, a (somewhat oversized) Fletcher-class destroyer, and the bow of another Zara-class.
A stitched image of Amagi at the Yokosuka Naval Arsenal, on August 3, 1945.
Three of Amagi's twin 25mm Type 96 anti-air guns.
The shot pans along, showing her three port-side twin 12cm/45 Type 10 heavy AA cannons.
Amagi and her escorts at sunset.
A beautiful nighttime shot of most of the Akizukis and their carrier.
The fleet pulls into Calais harbour after their month-long journey. The Akizukis are most likely the same six that appeared in the second season.
A stitched shot of Pas-de-Calais. Even a full year after being liberated, the city still bears many scars from the Neuroi occupation.
Yamato lights up the air around her with intense AA fire. Some of the forward triple Type 96s (three open, three enclosed) on the starboard side are visible here.
More AA fire from Yamato; note her radar rangefinder atop the pagoda mast is rotated to the same direction as the main cannons, as it should be.
Yamato's main guns fire off several volleys at the U-Boat Neuroi.
An absolutely gorgeous shot of Yamato's rear battery sending three 460mm shells into the sky.

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