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Silent Hill 4: The Room

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Silent Hill 4
SH4 - Game Cover Art (Cropped).jpg
Offical Boxart
Release Date: 2004
Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Publisher: Konami
Series: Silent Hill
Platforms: PC
Playstation 2
Genre: Survival Horror

The fourth entry in the Silent Hill horror game series (and, to date, the last installment directed by Team Silent, the original developers of the series), Silent Hill 4: The Room stars Henry Townshend as the player character, a renter of Room 302 in the South Ashfield Heights apartment building, who for no apparent reason whatsoever becomes trapped in his apartment after a rash of nightmares.

Five days after first being trapped, a hole opens up in his bathroom that leads to a series of surreal alternate worlds, where he witnesses a string of gruesome murders, inflicted on people brought into those worlds. In a nod to The Matrix, people killed in these ghostly domains die in the real world as well. As the perpetrator closes in and Henry's own apartment starts becoming possessed by otherworldly influences, Henry must uncover the dark secrets lurking in his home and its true connection to a dead man named Walter Sullivan before it's too late.

General overview

This game was the first to make a marked departure from the formula set in the first three games, featuring gameplay centered around a hub (Room 302) that can be returned to by entering holes in the various alternate worlds Henry can visit, and only a single save point, which is a red diary in Room 302. The game also features an inventory system that can hold only 10 separate items--somewhat oddly, each magazine of ammunition (whatever the amount it holds) is treated as a single item in and of itself, occupying a single "slot" in the inventory, which is the same amount of "inventory space" as a full-sized construction spade or pickaxe would occupy. This forces the player to either travel light, or else return to Room 302 to dump unnecessary items in a storage chest whenever Henry can't carry any more and needs to take another item.

Partially loaded-magazines can, however, be consolidated back into full magazines using Room 302's storage chest by simply dumping off ammunition into the chest and retrieving it--the ammunition retrieved will then be in the form of fully-loaded magazines. The player can also tactically reload a drawn gun by using a slot of its ammunition, and if that slot holds ammunition equal to or less than the spare capacity in the gun, then the ammunition in that slot be emptied as it is loaded into the weapon. Another useful feature unique to firearms in this Silent Hill title is the ability to penetrate monsters in a line with Henry's gunfire--if Henry fires a shot through a monster and another is behind it, those monsters directly behind the first one hit will also take the same damage from that shot.

M1911 Pistol

Simply called "the pistol" in-game, the M1911-type compact handgun is found in Room 302 after visiting the first world through his bathroom portal once. Apparently, this is more or less based on the Colt Combat Commander, with exposed trigger in the spirit of some Para-Ordnance M1911 models. Its caliber is undisclosed, and its magazine capacity varies depending on the difficulty selected at the start of a new game (a feature that would later appear in Silent Hill: Homecoming). On the Easy difficulty, the pistol holds 12 rounds. On Normal, it holds 10, and on Hard, it holds only 8. It is fast-firing but possesses only moderate stopping power against the inhuman monstrosities that populate the worlds Henry visits, and is the only in-game firearm that Henry must obtain.

This weapon is also the only one in-game that can use the incredibly rare silver bullets, which must be loaded one at a time into the pistol but can knock down the indestructible ghosts Henry will encounter in a single hit. However, they will eventually rise again to torment him unless pinned to the ground with a similarly rare item called the "Sword of Obedience," which will render a pinned ghost harmless and immobile unless the Sword is removed.

Colt Combat Commander - 9x19mm
Sh4 art item 03 pistol.jpg
The M1911 pistol in its initial location in the game. Implied to be a "present" from Room 302's previous tenant, Henry discovers it after straightening a cabinet that somehow moved while he was away.
"Some parts of this game may be considered violent or cruel."
A bizarre two-headed baby-faced monster (called a "Twin Victim" in-game) recoils as it is shot by Henry's M1911 pistol.
For some reason, the M1911 is depicted as unrealistically wide in Henry's hands.
Of the heavy-but-fake firepower in Room 101 of the Alternate South Ashfield Apartments, a box of M1911 pistol ammunition is the only bit of real firepower around. Near the pistol ammunition is a model copy of the Remington Model 870 shotgun from Silent Hill 3.

Colt Trooper Mk III

A Colt Trooper Mk III revolver (with Python's grips) carried by Richard Braintree, one of Henry's fellow tenants in South Ashfield Heights. After Richard is sucked into the fourth alternate dimension that Henry can visit, Richard then uses it to defend himself from an onslaught of ape-like monsters (called "Gum Heads" ingame) who endlessly dog him in his attempts to escape that world. Henry can later obtain and use this revolver for himself upon entering Room 207 of the alternate South Ashfield Heights apartment building.

Unlike the M1911 pistol, the revolver's capacity (realistically) does not change with the difficulty setting chosen at the beginning of a new game. The revolver also possesses markedly higher stopping power than the M1911 can muster, reliably flooring non-ghost monsters in a single hit where they can be finished off with a good stomp from Henry's foot. However, it fires and reloads more slowly than the M1911 can, and cannot use silver bullets. Ammunition for this firearm is also rarer than that for the M1911.

Colt Trooper Mk III with 6" barrel - .357 Magnum
Sh4 art item 11 richards revolver.jpg
Richard Braintree makes a grand entrance by falling off a building in the Alternate South Ashfield world, Revolver in hand. The pouch on his left hip is ostensibly where he carries spare bullets for his revolver, but no holster is ever visible on him; in cutscenes he simply makes a motion of tucking the revolver into the waistband of his pants, at the rear.
Despite falling several stories, Richard picks himself back up with no more than an "Ouch" as he meets Henry...
...who Richard greets by brandishing his gun at Henry. Due to the faux camera effects, the revolver is "out of focus" since the centre of attention is Richard's face.
Richard lowers his gun as he recognizes Henry. Unlike Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3, Richard clearly shows a good grip on his handgun, but still no trigger discipline. The latter is understandable since up to this point he's only met monsters and ghosts in a world gone mad.
Richard displays no predilection to use trigger discipline even around what seems to be a child, cementing the game's portrayal of him as a temperamental man prone to violent outbursts. This later proves to be a very bad idea.
Henry discovers Richard's Revolver on a strange chair in Room 207 of the Alternate South Ashfield Apartments, where Richard once lived.
Henry discovers a box of revolver ammunition, which for some reason was left lying around at the Alternate St. Jerome's Hospital in South Ashfield.


If the player scores 90 points or more by the end-of-game ranking screen, the MAC-11 will appear in Room 102 of the Alternate South Ashfield Heights apartments after starting a "Brand New Fear" game. It is simply called the "submachine gun" in-game. Henry himself cannot use it, but his neighbor, Eileen Galvin, can fire it full-auto using just her unbroken arm, and is always accurate no matter how long she fires it. As an added bonus, this weapon can be used indefinitely by Eileen.

The MAC-11 is implied to be the weapon used in the fourth murder of the Walter Sullivan case (a key element of the game's backstory), wherein the perpetrator killed a pet store owner and his entire stock of pets using a submachine gun. Its previous use as an instrument of indiscriminate massacre is likely the reason behind its insidious drawback; merely holding the weapon will gradually cause Eileen to become more and more possessed by the forces behind the hellish environs that Henry must protect her from, and beyond a certain point this mounting otherworldly influence will cause Eileen to go insane and possibly even harm Henry (but not with a weapon), though the same result will occur if the player fails to protect her from damage by ingame monsters, with or without holding the submachine gun.

It is worth noting that it also has some minor elements from the Mini Uzi, including its muzzle and (reduced) rear sights. This is similar to the influence of the previous game, where the MAC-10 was disguised as an Uzi. Oddly enough, it also has a nonstandard, left-folding buttstock (strangely reminiscent the folding buttstock of the experimental PPSh-45), which however is always rolled up.

RPB Industries M11A1 - .380 ACP
"Ever downward."
The MAC-11 in Henry's inventory view as he descends a mysterious spiral staircase between worlds with Eileen not far behind. A non-standard buttstock on the left side, always in the folded state, is also visible here.
"Small-sized, one-handed machine gun. Perfect for Eileen."
The MAC-11 in its initial location in Room 102. The inventory description text above is the only ingame justification given as to why Henry can't use the MAC-11 for himself, so Henry is understandably taking out his frustration by stomping a leech-like Red Tremer monster to paste.
The MAC-11 in Eileen's hand. In this screenshot she is clearly suffering from the SMG's drawback, which is signified by the shifting dark red marks all over her skin.

Room 101's Arsenal

The tenant of Room 101 (nameless in the game, but described as a "gun maniac" by memos Henry can find) keeps an arsenal of model firearms in his room in the Alternate South Ashfield Apartments. The "gun maniac" is said in a diary entry to have killed one of his neighbor's cats with a "converted model gun" with a shot at point blank range, suggesting that his models may be airsoft replicas (and furthermore, the writers know very, very little about airsoft). While they are useless to Henry, the arsenal in the room is notable for including models of various firearms found in previous entries in the Silent Hill series.

In the main area of Room 101, models of the Winchester Model 70 from Silent Hill 2 and a suppressed MAC-10 from Silent Hill 3 can be found here, along with various target sheets from a firing range. Room 101 itself is a reference to the book Nineteen Eighty-Four, though it has little to do with the room described there unless Henry is scared of pretend guns.
In addition to the model firearms in the previous screenshot, the flamethrower (from Silent Hill 3), Beretta 92FS Centurion pistols (from both Silent Hill 2 and 3) and a chainsaw (from Silent Hill 2 and this game) can be found in this fake armory.

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