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Saints Row 2

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Nice, but where's the trigger?

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Saints Row 2 (2008)

In Saints Row 2, all one-handed weapons can be dual wielded by the player and can sometimes be seen being dual wielded by NPCs as well. There are also many improvised weapons available.



Used by police and Ultor guards in-game when at low police notoriety levels. Referred to in-game as "Stun Gun".

Stungun (Taser M18)(SR2).jpg

Glock 21

The Glock 21 appears as "NR4". It is different from the icon above the armory, as it does not have an extended barrel, and the trigger guard is different. It is the sidearm of the Stilwater Police Department and the Ultor Security Services in Saint's Row District. Some gang members use this weapon as well. Erroneously holds 12 rounds rather than the correct 13.

Glock 21 - .45 ACP
NR4 (Glock 21 .45ACP)(SR2).jpg

Beretta 84F Cheetah

The Beretta 84F Cheetah appears as "VICE 9", replacing the 92FS that was used in SR1. For some reason, both the 92FS and the Cheetah are used in cutscenes. Both a stainless and a blued version are available (the blued one can be found on customers in gunstores, the stainless is found everywhere else). The Player uses a Cheetah as the default pistol in cutscenes regardless of what they have equipped, using it to intimidate Donnie, killing Mr. Sunshine, firing multiple rounds into him before beheading him with his own machete, and most notably to kill both the Brotherhood leader, Maero, and the former Saints leader, Julius.

Beretta 84FS - .380 ACP
Model of VICE 9 from Saints Row 2

Beretta 92FS

The VICE 9 from the first game, which was a poorly rendered Beretta 92FS, is used only cutscenes.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Saints Row 1 VICE 9 model, used in cutscenes in Saints Row 2

Colt Anaconda

The Colt Anaconda appears again as ".44 Shepherd". Is somewhat less powerful than the one in SR1. Is carried by several gang thugs, namely the Ronin and the Brotherhood.

Colt Anaconda - .44 Magnum
44 Shepherd (Colt Anaconda)(SR2).jpg

Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle appears again as "GDHC .50". Strangely, it has an 8-round magazine, only found on the .44 Magnum Desert Eagle. It is used by the FBI Agents in the game. "GDHC" could be an abbreviation for "God Damn Hand Cannon."

IMI Desert Eagle with chrome finish - .50 AE
GDHC .50 (Desert Eagle)(SR2).jpg

Kobra Pistol

The Kobra pistol is a fully automatic pistol, partly based on the full-auto Steyr Model 1912 variant. It carries fifteen rounds of 9mm ammo, and comes equipped with a laser sight mounted atop the gun. It is unlocked by completing Fuzz, Mission 3 (Projects) in the game.

Steyr Model 1912 - 9x23mm
Unlock weapon fuzz 1 half.jpg
Kobra (M1912)(SR2).jpg

Submachine Guns

Intratec TEC-9

The Intratec TEC-9 appears as the "T3K Urban." 9mm SMG, the cheapest one in the game. Is used by all the gangs, including the Saints, Sons of Samedi, Ronin, and the Brotherhood. It also holds an impossibly large 50 rounds in a magazine.

Intratec TEC-9 - 9x19mm
T3K Urban (Tec-9)(SR2).jpg
The TEC-9 in-game


The Uzi, known in-game as "GAL 43," and is fitted with a MAC-10 style stock (blocking the sights). Can be dual wielded. It is unlocked by completing level 3 of one of the "Snatch" Activities. Extremely high-rate of fire and a sort of minigun sound effect. The name "GAL" is likely a reference to the creator of the Uzi, Uziel Gal.

IMI Uzi - 9x19mm
GAL-43 (Mini UZI)(SR2).jpg
Unlock weapon snatch 2 half.jpg


The H&K MP5K appears in-game as the "SKR-9 Threat." Can be dual-wielded, and is used by some gang members and by Ultor Masako Assault Team members in the game. In the game, the gun holds 40 rounds but in real life the gun would only hold 15 with the short magazine depicted in game. All characters hold it with one hand when hipfiring and with two hands on the rear grip when aimed. However, in several cutscenes, it can be seen held by both grips. Can be purchased from Friendly Fire.

H&K MP5K - 9x19mm
SKR-9 Threat (MP5K)(SR2).jpg


USAS-12 Shotgun

The USAS-12 Shotgun appears as the "AS14 Hammer." Used by gangs, namely the Brotherhood and the Ronin thugs. It is fitted with a folding stock rather than a fixed one. It is wrongly depicted as having a 12-round drum magazine, where it actually holds 20 rounds.

USAS 12 full auto shotgun - 12 gauge.

Savage/Stevens 311A

The sawn-off Savage/Stevens 311A appears again from the last game as the "12 Gauge." Carried by many thugs in the game, namely the Sons of Samedi and the Brotherhood. In game it holds six shells at once, four more than it can ever possibly hold in real life.

Benelli M3

The Benelli M3 appears again as "Tombstone." Used by Police and Ultor members.

Benelli M3 Super 90 12 gauge with pistol grip stock combination
The Saints Row 2 Tombstone, seen in a model viewer
The Saints Row Tombstone, used in cutscenes in Saints Row 2.
Gat holding the Benelli in-game

Assault Rifles

Model 727

The Colt Model 727 with a commercial copy of the XM177 flash hider appears as the "AR-40 Xtnd". Used by Stilwater Police SWAT teams and Ultor Masako teams. It is probably the only weapon that cannot be acquired by in-game cheats.

Colt Model 727 - 5.56x45mm
AR-40 Xtnd (M4 Carbine)(SR2).jpg
The Boss disarms a police officer of his Model 727 after being cheated out of first prize in a Mirror's Edge cosplay contest.

Heckler & Koch XM8

The Heckler & Koch XM8 is known as the "AR-50 XMAC" in-game. Seen in the hands of the Ultor Masako assault team in a trailer, as well as in several cutscenes in game. Scoring the maximum rating for Gang Kills and earning one rating for the other combat ratings unlocks a variant with a grenade launcher, which uses grenades in your inventory as ammo. In this game the magazine of the XM8 is 50 rounds but in real life it is only 30 rounds. The non-grenade launching version can be purchased at Friendly Fire.

Heckler and Koch XM8
AR-50 XMAC(XM8)(SR2).jpg
AR-50w Grenade Launcher(XM8)(SR2).jpg
Unlock weapon div combatgun.jpg


The AK-47 reappears as "K6 Krukov." It is used by many gang thugs in the game. Can be purchased from Friendly Fire.

AK-47 Type III - 7.62x39mm
K6 Krukov (AK-47)(SR2).jpg

M249-E2 SAW

The M249-E2 is called the AR200 SAW in the game. It is used in the first level when making your escape from the prison in the boat, and then afterwards by the player when firing from a helicopter. The Ronin also use this when defending the Recreation Center during a Stronghold Mission. Can also be purchased from Friendly Fire.

M249-E2 SAW - 5.56x45mm with 200 round ammo drum.
AR200 SAW (Minimi M249)(SR2).jpg

Special Weapons

Barrett XM109

The Barrett XM109 replaces .338 Cal "McManus" as the 25x59mm "McManus 2010". It is seen used by an Ultor Masako Sniper in "Picking a Fight", and Johnny Gat attempts to use one to snipe the Ultor Executive, Dane Vogel, but fails when a guard stops him. The rifle was thought to be an M82A1, but is actually Barrett's new rifle under development, the XM109. Reasons supporting this is the barrel is shorter than the M82, like the XM109 is designed to be, and the weapon uses large 25x59mm rounds, which are fed through a standard 5-round magazine for the rifle. As in the previous game, the name "McManus" (while somewhat similar-sounding to McMillan) is likely a reference to The Boondock Saints.

Barrett XM109 - 25x59mm
The XM109's in-game model. Note how the barrel apparently runs through the muzzle brake rather than up to it, which would more or less render it useless.

Flame Thrower

An over-sized double-barreled futuristic-looking flamer.

GE M134 Minigun

The GE M134 Minigun appears as the "Minigun." Originally a project for a man-portable minigun, this fabled weapon is found in SR2 in the hands of Maero during the fight at the Brotherhood's hideout. Unlocked by the player after defeating Maero in said mission and put into armory. Fires from 200 round belt or ammo pack not seen on the actual gun.

Airsoft handheld M134 Minigun with 'Chainsaw grip' to handle the recoil force. This variant was seen in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. This is an airsoft version which retains the half-circle attachment point for the M60 foregrip from Predator; the real T2 minigun did not have this - (fake) 7.62x51mm NATO
Unlock weapon bh10 minigun.jpg
As if he wasn't intimidating enough already, Maero breaks out a minigun.

Browning M2

You find the Browning M2 on the Bear vehicle, six of them are wing-mounted on the Wolverine, and two are nose-mounted on the Parrot. Oddly, the HUD icon shows a Minigun.

Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG

Cane Gun

Called "Pimp Cane," it's a shotgun obviously hidden in a pimp cane. Very powerful, kills people instantly from up close and destroys common vehicles in 2 hits. Holds 16 rounds, which is way more that it should.



The RPG-7 appears as simply "RPG Launcher." Used by Masako Team units and gang members, the latter using theirs only a little later in the game. It is the most powerful weapon in the game able to destroy anything that can be destroyed in the game. Strangely the player holds the weapon with one hand on the trigger while the other on the top, even though the proper way to hold it is one hand on the trigger grip and the other on the rear grip. The player holds the weapon very much like the Type 69 RPG. (the Chinese version of the RPG-7). A part of its iron sights are gone while the other is there unfliped. There is another version, which has been upgraded to seek out heat and looks more futuristic (it's bulkier, has a scope, and lots more chrome and a Panzerfaust like warhead) known as the "Annihilator RPG." This version can only be unlocked upon completing the activity Mayhem.

RPG-7 - 40mm
The RPG as it appears in the game.
The Annihilator RPG.
The Annihilator RPG in the magazine.

FN 40GL/Mk 13 Mod 0

The FN 40GL/Mk 13 Mod 0 is featured in the game, mounted on the unlockable variant of the Heckler & Koch XM8 (a weapon it was not designed to be compatible with), with an oddly rendered trigger.

Fabrique Nationale EGLM 40mm mounted on a Fabrique Nationale SCAR-L 5.56x45mm
AR-50w Grenade Launcher(XM8)(SR2).jpg

Satchel Charge

Your basic satchel charge, which sticks to anything when thrown. Ten can be carried at one time.

Unlock weapon div hitman 3.jpg

Unused weapons

Ingram MAC-10

The SKR-7 Spree from Saints Row, though not available to the player in-game, can be seen in gun shops in a glass case.

Ingram MAC-10 open bolt submachine gun - .45 ACP

SKR-7 Spree in Saints Row 2, seen in Friendly Fire, and in a model viewer

Accuracy International AW

The McManus from Saints Row, though not available to the player in-game, can be seen in gun shops in a glass case.

Accuracy International AW 7.62x51mm NATO
The Saints Row McManus, seen in Friendly Fire, and shown in a model viewer

Franchi SPAS-12

Similar to the AWS, a SPAS-12 can be seen in a glass case at Friendly Fire, but it cannot be purchased by the player.

Franchi SPAS-12 with stock folded and butt-hook removed - 12 Gauge
The As12 Riot in Saints Row 2, as seen in friendly fire and in a model viewer

H&K G36C

A chopped-down version is seen on the game's cover art, but is not in the game. It may have been considered, but dropped in favor of the XM8.

Heckler & Koch G36C - 5.56x45mm


The background for completing or failing an instance of the "Mayhem" activity shows an unknown figure wielding an FN FAL while standing in front of a mushroom cloud explosion. The weapon otherwise does not appear in the game.

FN FAL 50.00 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Sr2 fal.JPG

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