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SELFIEPARTY poster.jpg
Country UKR.jpg Ukraine
Directed by Lyubomyr Levyts'ky
Release Date 2016
Language Ukrainian
Studio Sun Tv Channel
Vitamin Film
Distributor Ukrainian Film Distribution
Main Cast
Character Actor
Robert Boris Savenko
Mark Arthur Shurypa
Max Bohdan Ruban
Gloomy Volodymyr Sytnyk
Bandit Dmytro Stupka
Bu Serhiy Zorenko
Policeman 1 Pavlo Li

#SELFIEPARTY (Ukrainian title is original latin: #SelfieParty) is a Ukrainian 2016 comedy, directed by Lubomyr Levytskyi (Shtolnya, Unforgotten Shadows, Pawnshop (Lombard)). The group of former students organise the party with a large alcohol drinking. After that, they found themself in a police station: police find a dead body in they house. Now, they must remember all events of they party to avoid the trial and prison.

PC Correct film title is #SELFIEPARTY or #SelfieParty, which the page title could not use for technical reasons

The following weapons were used in the film #SELFIEPARTY:

Makarov PM

Several policemen carry Makarov PM pistols in holsters. Policeman 2 (Mykola Bereza) briefly draws it. All of these pistols may actually be Viy pistols, a Ukrainian designed and produced rubber firing variant of the Makarov PM In fact, sidearms of the Ukrainian police is the Fort-12 and Fort-17.

Russian Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Ukrainian Viy 9x22mm RA.
Policeman with the holstered pistol.
Policeman 2 (Mykola Bereza) draws his pistol.
SELFIEPARTY pistol 3.jpg
SELFIEPARTY pistol 4.jpg
SELFIEPARTY pistol 5.jpg
Good view of the slide.
View from another side.

EKOL Viper

Police detective (Istan Rozumny) carry EKOL Viper in the holster as his duty sidearm, but had never draws it. Policeman 1 (Pavlo Li) and Policeman 2 (Mykola Bereza) also carry similar sidearms and uses it many times. This revolver are briefly appers in the hands of several cyvilians.

EKOL Viper, 4.5" barrel - 4mm Flobert blanks
Detective (Istan Rozumny) with the holstered revolver.
Policeman 2 (Mykola Bereza) fires his revolver.
Policeman 1 (Pavlo Li) aims.
Policeman 1 (Pavlo Li) hands his revolver to study the self defence against firearms.
SELFIEPARTY revolver 5.jpg
Good view of the gun.
Policeman 1 (Pavlo Li) with the revolver.
SELFIEPARTY revolver 8.jpg
Good view of the grip.
Note the very small caliber of the chambers.


The Neighbor (Roman Skorovskiy) uses IZh-27 when he tries to calm down drunkers. Robert (Boris Savenko) tooked it from him.

IZH-27 O/U double barreled shotgun - 12 gauge
The Neighbor (Roman Skorovskiy) brandishes his shotgun.
SELFIEPARTY shotgun 2.jpg
SELFIEPARTY shotgun 7.jpg
SELFIEPARTY shotgun 4.jpg
The Neighbor (Roman Skorovskiy) threatens Policeman 1 (Pavlo Li)

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