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Ricco Poster.jpg
English Language Release Poster
Country ITA.jpg Italy
ESP 45-77.jpg Spain
Directed by Tulio Demicheli
Release Date 1973
Studio B.R.C. Produzione S.r.l.
Main Cast
Character Actor
Ricco Aversi Christopher Mitchum
Scilla Calogero Barbara Bouchet
Don Vito Arthur Kennedy
Rosa Malisa Longo
Cyrano Eduardo Fajardo
The Marsigliese Jose Maria Caffarel

Ricco (original Italian title Un tipo con una faccia strana ti cerca per ucciderti (A guy with a strange face looking for you to kill you); also released in English as Ricco the Mean Machine and Cauldron of Death) is an Italian-Spanish English language 1973 crime drama directed by Tulio Demicheli. The boss of Turin mafia is killed by his rivals. Two years later his son Ricco (Christopher Mitchum) is released from prison and now plans to avenge his father's death.

The following weapons were used in the film Ricco:


Wz. 35 Vis

A Wz. 35 Vis is used by Ricco's father Gaspare Aversi (Luis Induni) in the opening scene. In the final scene Ricco (Christopher Mitchum) uses his father's pistol.

Wz. 35 Vis - 9x19mm
Wounded Gaspare Aversi draws his pistol.
Slide mounted safety is seen.
Ricco takes the pistol.
Ricco holds the pistol in the final scene.

Star Model A

Star Model A pistols are widely used by the criminals (it is possibly the same movie prop). In the opening scene Don Vito (Arthur Kennedy) uses a Star to finish Gaspare Aversi. Later Cyrano (Eduardo Fajardo) uses a suppressed Star. The pistol has a curved mainspring housing in M1911A1 style that matches 1931 version of Model A.

Star Model A - 9x23mm Largo
Don Vito murders Gaspare Aversi. Note the hole in the hammer, a typical feature of Model A, and lanyard ring.
A henchman fires at escaping Ricco.
Another henchman in shootout with Ricco.
Cyrano holds a suppressed pistol.
Cyrano's pistol on the ground.
Scilla Calogero (Barbara Bouchet) holds Cyrano's pistol.

Astra 400/600

An Astra 400 or 600 pistol is used by Don Vito (Arthur Kennedy) in the final scene.

Astra 400 - 9x23mm Largo
Astra 600 - 9x19mm
Don Vito covers behind barrels with Astra pistol in hand.
The barrel is seen.
The pistol runs dry.

Walther P38

Some of Don Vito's henchmen carry Walther P38 pistols.

Walther P38 pistol (manufactured at the Mauser Factory) - World War II dated - 9x19mm
A hitman waits with a P38 in hand.
A P38-wielding henchman chases Ricco.

Arminius HW-10

Some of Don Vito's henchmen carry Arminius HW-10 revolvers. When Ricco escapes from Don Vito's estate, he disarms a henchman and uses his revolver.

Arminius HW-10 - 9mm blank firing
Ricco (Christopher Mitchum) holds an Arminius revolver.
Ricco fires.
Arminius revolvers are seen in the scene of the assassination of Ricco's family.

Unidentified revolvers

Revolvers that are seen in hands of Don Vito's henchmen resemble Smith & Wesson Military & Police or some of its Spanish counterparts but as they are seen only in darkness, a positive identification is hampered.

Orbea Revolver 1892 Espagnol - 8 x 27mm M1892. This Spanish-manufactured clone of M&P revolver was widely used by French army during WW1.
A revolver-wielding henchman is shot in the opening scene.
Don Vito's driver holds a revolver in the final scene.


Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

In one scene The Marsigliese (Jose Maria Caffarel), Don Vito's partner in crime business, holds a bolt action rifle with sniper scope. Ricco (Christopher Mitchum) disarms him in brawl and uses the rifle as a club.

Marsigliese holds Ricco at gunpoint.
Ricco mauls Marsigliese with the buttstock.
Ricco holds the rifle.


Ricco the Mean Machine poster.

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