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Republic Z (Respublika Z)

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Republic Z (Respublika Z)
Respublika Z poster.jpg
Original Poster
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Directed by Stepan Burnashev
Nadezhda Yumshanova
Release Date 2018
Language Yakut
Studio NewEra
Main Cast
Character Actor
Byokke Georgiy Bessonov
Dora Irina Mikhaylova
Mettee Dmitriy Baishev
Nikifor Pyotr Petrov
Semyon Traskiy Vladimir Sedelnikov
Dora's Father Serafim Kharlampyev
Stepan Poryadin Stepan Poryadin

Republic Z (Yakut: Республика Z; Respublika Z) is a 2018 Russian filmed Yakut language zombie horror.

The following weapons were used in the film Republic Z (Respublika Z):




Dora (Irina Mikhaylova) uses a TT-33 as her firearm of choice throughout the movie.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Post-1947 version. Tula Arsenal (Soviet Union) Note CCCP printing around the star on the plastic grips
The TT can be seen on the table during the opening credits.
The TT is seen a few seconds Later. Note the post-1947 slide serrations.
The another view of Dora's TT.
Dora loads her TT.
Dora aims her TT
Dora draws her TT during the night scene.
Dora aims her TT at Nikifor (Pyotr Petrov).
Dora aims her TT. Mettee (Dmitriy Baishev) aims the Makarov PM in the background.
Dora fires the TT.

Makarov PM

Byokke (Georgiy Bessonov) retrieves a Makarov PM from a dead man and gives it to Mettee (Dmitriy Baishev), who uses it throughout the movie.

Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
The PM can be seen in the hands of a dead man.
Byokke grabs the PM a few seconds later.
Byokke hands the PM to Mettee, holding the Zoraki himself. Dora with the rifle at the right.
Mettee brandishes his PM.
Mettee's PM runs of ammo.
Dora aims her TT. Mettee (Dmitriy Baishev) aims the Makarov PM in the background.


Nagant M1895

Byokke (Georgiy Bessonov) takes a Nagant M1895 from a zombie and uses it during the first part of the movie, until he loses it in the abandoned hospital.

Nagant M1895 Revolver - 7.62x38R Nagant. This example was dated 1939 manufacture and was a War time issued weapon. Note the angular front sight which was used from 1930s.
Byokke holds his Nagant during the opening credits.
Mettee investigates Byokke's Nagant.
Byokke aims his Nagant.
The Nagant is seen on the table during the prologue.
Byokke puts his Nagant on the floor...
...and loses it.

Zoraki R1

Dora presents her Zoraki R1 to Byokke, who uses it throughout the movie.

Zoraki R1 w/ 2.5" barrel - 9mm P.A.K. Blanks
The revolver can be seen on the table during the opening credits.
The revolver is seen better.
Another view of Dora's revolver.
The revolver is seen lying on the table.
Dora hands her revolver to Byokke.
Byokke investigate his new sidearm.
Byokke draws his revolver on the zombie.
Byokke fires his revolver at the zombies.



Byokke (Georgiy Bessonov) holds a TOZ-34 at the film beginning and during the opening credits. At the film climax, Mettee finds a TOZ-34 in Semyon's lab. According to the plot, it is a different gun, but it's the same movie prop.

TOZ-34 - 12 gauge
Byokke holds the shotgun during the opening.
Byokke loads the shotgun during the opening.
The shotgun is ready.
Mettee grabs the shotgun from the box.
Mettee loads the shotgun.
The shotgun seen near the table.

Benelli Vinci

A Benelli Vinci with extended magazine can be seen in Byokke's home.

Benelli Vinci - 12 gauge
The shotgun is seen near the screen (bottom right).

Unknown Shotgun

An unidentified semi-automatic shotgun can be seen hanging on a wall during the prologue.

The shotgun is seen at the top right.

Remington Model 870

Byokke owns two Remington Model 870 shotguns, which are both used by him against zombies in the film's beginning. Later, he gives one of them to Mettee, who immediately loses it.

Remington 870 Hard Wood Home Defense - 12 gauge
Byokke sleeps, shotgun nearby.
Byokke raises his shotgun at a zombie.
Byokke holds the shotgun, which runs out of ammo.
Byokke grabs the second shotgun...
...charges it...
...and fires.
Mettee holds Byokke's shotgun.


Byokke puts a Vepr-12 on a table during the prologue.

Molot Vepr-12 - 12 gauge
An unloaded Vepr-12 with shells next to it.
Another view of the shotgun.



The AK-74M can be seen in a few scenes.

AK-74M - 5.45x39mm
Byokke loads the AK mag.
A slightly different view of the same mag.
Byokke charges the rifle.
The rifle can be seen hanging on the wall.
The same rifle is the first from the left.
Byokke grabs the rifle, which was found in the gun shop.
Byokke fires his AK with one hand, while holding the AK-105 in the other hand.
A zombified soldier carrying the AK rifle.
Another view of the same character.


A modified AK-105 is seen in the hands of the dead gun seller (Ayan Vasilyev). Byokke takes it for himself.

AK-105 - 5.45x39mm
Dead gun seller with the rifle laying on him.
Another shot of the same scene. Note the other rifle in the background.
Byokke grabs the rifle. Note the Magpul AFG foregrip.
Byokke with the rifle on his shoulder.
Note the Magpul CTR stock.

Heckler & Koch HK417

Dead Semyon Traskiy (Vladimir Sedelnikov) holds a Heckler & Koch HK417. Byokke takes it from him.

Heckler & Koch HK417 with 12" barrel - 7.62x51mm NATO
Dead Semyon still holds his rifle.
Byokke grabs the rifle from Semyon.
The rifle is seen in the background, near the wall.
The same rifle a few seconds later. Dora fires the TT at the right.

Izhmash Los

The Izhmash Los can be seen during the opening credits and in the gun shop.

Los 7-1 hunting rifle - .308 Winchester
The rifle can be seen in the background (partially covered by the actor credits).
Another view of the rifle.
The rifle can be seen in the background. Note the disassembled buttstock to the left of it.


An SVDS can be seen hanging on the wall during the prologue.

SVDS - 7.62x54mm R
The rifle can be seen at the center.

Mk 12 Mod 1 SPR

Dora owns a Mk 12 Mod 1 SPR. At one scene, it was used by Mettee. Byokke holds a Mk 12 during the opening credits.

Mk 12 Mod 1 SPR with magazine removed, Leupold Mark 4 scope, magazine pouch, and Harris bipod deployed - 5.56x45mm
Byokke puts the rifle on the table, while reloading the shotgun.
Dora puts her finger on the trigger.
A different view of Dora's rifle.
Dora carries her rifle on a sling.
The rifle is seen near the wall (circled in red).
A closer view of the rifle.
Mettee grabs Dora's rifle.
Dora aims her rifle at the zombies.


RGD-5 hand grenade

Zombie soldiers carry numerous RGD-5 hand grenades.

RGD-5 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
The green grenade.
Another view of the same character.
Numerous grenades along with the AK-74M can be seen.
Another view of the grenades.
Closer view.

M67 hand grenade

The M67 hand grenade can be seen carried by the same zombie soldier.

M69 training grenade - the blue paint indicates it uses as a training weapon.
The blue grenade.
Another view of the grenade.
A closer view.

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