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Rapid Fire (2006)

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Rapid Fire (2006)

Rapid Fire is a 2006 made-for-television film directed by Kari Skoglan and stars David Cubitt, Jessica Steen and Jason Gedrick. Based on the Norco shootout in 1980, the film follows the events surrounding the confrontation between LA law enforcement and five heavily armed bank robbers near the city of Norco, California. Not to be confused with the 1992 Brandon Lee action film of the same name.

The following weapons were used in the film Rapid Fire (2006):


Colt M1911A1

George Smith (David Cubitt) uses a Colt M1911A1 as his sidearm.

Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
An empty M1911A1 being examined at a Gun Sore.
A looks in side the mag well.
George Smith (David Cubitt) practicing with his Colt M1911A1.
George Smith with his 1911 drawn during his final stand.

Colt Police Positive

Tony (Jason Gedrick) sees one of his poker buddies show off a nickel Colt Police Positive.

Nickel Colt Police Positive - .38 Special

Smith & Wesson Model 10HB

A first responder to the bank robbery fires a Smith & Wesson Model 10HB at the robbers. Tony (Jason Gedrick) later takes it from said Deputy after he's been injured.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB - .38 Special.
Tony (Jason Gedrick) takes an injured Deputy's Smith & Wesson Model 10HB.
Tony (Jason Gedrick) fires his S&W Model 10HB.
Tony (Jason Gedrick) with his Model 10HB.

Smith & Wesson Model 19

Sheriff's Deputies carry Smith & Wesson Model 19 as their standard sidearms.

Smith & Wesson Model 19 - .357 Magnum
Tony (Jason Gedrick) aims his Smith & Wesson Model 19 down range.


Remington 870

Sheriff Deputies use standard Remington 870s while the folding stock variant with a spare shell holder is used by Billy (Brendan Fletcher).

Remington 870 - 12 Gauge
Remington 870 with folding stock - 12 Gauge
A Sheriff's Deputy about to fire his Remington 870.
On the right, Tony (Jason Gedrick) and Deputy Linda (Jessica Steen) with Remington 870s.
Billy (Brendan Fletcher) examines a Remington 870 with a folding stock in the gun store.
A closeup on Billy's Remington 870.
Billy's 870 loaded with an IED.


Colt Model 715/Olympic Arms K4B

LAPD SWAT sent to help the Sheriff Deputies use Colt Model 715-type rifles (as evidenced by the A1-style rear sight). Since this movie was filmed in British Columbia, it's more likely that these are actually the Olympic Arms K4B, a clone of the Model 715 that has been seen in many Canadian productions (though the pistol grip is not visible).

Diemaco C7/Colt Model 715 - 5.56x45mm
A LAPD SWAT officer with a Colt Model 715.
A LAPD SWAT officer aims his Colt Model 715.

Colt Model 629

The Colt Model 629 is used by Russell (Zak Santiago).

Colt Model 629 - 5.56x45mm
George Smith and Russell (Zak Santiago) pose for a photo with the flash hider of Russell's Model 629 visible.
Russell firing his Colt Model 629.

Heckler & Koch HK93A2

George Smith (David Cubitt) uses a Heckler & Koch HK93A2 during the robbery.

Heckler & Koch HK93A2 - 5.56x45mm
George Smith (David Cubitt) with a Heckler & Koch HK93A2.
George Smith firing his H&K HK93A2.
Closeup on the trigger and the jungle mags.
George Smith and Russell (Zak Santiago) practice with HK93A2s.


Russell (Zak Santiago) examines an M16 variant at the gun store but chooses the Colt Model 629 over it. The exact variant cannot be identified due to no shot of the right side of the receiver. According to the sales clerk it is chambered for .223 Remington.

M16 SP1 - 5.56x45mm
Russell (Zak Santiago) examining an M16.

Winchester Model 1873

Billy (Brendan Fletcher) uses a Winchester Model 1873 while training in the woods.

Winchester Model 1873 carbine - 44-40 Cal.
Billy (Brendan Fletcher) with a Winchester Model 1873.
Closeup on the Winchester 1873.

Sniper Rifles

Savage 110

A Savage 110 is taken from a civilian by Tony (Jason Gedrick) to use against the robbers. A similar rifle is also used by George while training in the woods.

Savage 110 - .30-06
Tony (Jason Gedrick) with the Savage 110.
Tony (Jason Gedrick)racks the bolt.
The recticle of the rifle's scope.
Tony (Jason Gedrick) aims the Savage.


Gun Store Inventory

Several rifles and shotguns are seen in a gun store.


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