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Push poster.jpg
Movie poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
CAN.jpg Canada
Directed by Paul McGuigan
Release Date 2009
Language English
Studio Summit Entertainment
Infinity Features Entertainment
Distributor Summit Entertainment
Main Cast
Character Actor
Nick Gant Chris Evans
Nick's Father Joel Gretsch
Henry Carver Djimon Hounsou
Cassiee Holmes Dakota Fanning
Kira Hudson Camilla Belle
Victor Budarin Neil Jackson
Agent Mack Corey Stoll
Hook Waters Cliff Curtis

The following weapons were used in the film Push:

SIG-Sauer P228

Nick Gant (Chris Evans) keeps a pair of SIG-Sauer P228 pistols in his dresser drawer for protection. Cassie (Dakota Fanning) can be see using one of Nick's P228s, but doesn't fire it. Near the end of the film, Cassie retrieves a pair of these pistols from Nick's apartment. In various scenes of the movie, Nick uses his mind to levitate ("move") his P228, and often fires the pistol using this method. In all of these scenes, the P228 is replaced by a CGI render that does not match the real gun very well (most notably, it has brown grips with a wood texture, unlike the real P228).

SIG-Sauer P228 - 9x19mm
Nick Gant opens his dresser and glances at his two SIG-Sauer P228s after Division Agents come to his apartment to question him.
Nick chambers one of his P228s as he prepares to leave, and then de-cocks the hammer. Note that it is possible to read "P228" on the grip.
Nick points his P228 at Cassie after she appears at his door.
Cassie (Dakota Fanning) wielding one of Nick's P228s at the stitcher's clinic.
Nick holds his P228 and a captured Glock 17 behind his back, moments before he "moves" both pistols with his mind and holds them on Agents Henry Carver and Victor Budarin. In this shot, both pistols are hard rubber replicas cast from the real guns, since Nick is about to drop them.
Nick "moves" his P228 so that it is being held on Agent Carver. The P228 in this scene is a CGI render that has brown grips, unlike the real P228. It's also too large in proportion to Djimon Hounsou's head.
Nick takes cover from Victor with his P228 in hand.

Glock 17

2nd and 3rd Generation Glock 17s are seen throughout the movie, in the hands of both Division Agents and Chinese Pop family henchmen. After she is detained, Kira (Camilla Belle) takes Agent Mack's (Corey Stoll) Glock 17 off of him and fires it at Nick and Cassie when they meet her at the Pier. Later, when he confronts Agent Carver (Djimon Hounsou) in the restaurant, Nick uses this Glock, along with his P228 (although it's supposed to be the same one that Kira took from Agent Mack, it's clearly a 2nd Generation Glock 17, even though Kira was seen using a 3rd Gen model). During the shootout at the construction site, Nick takes another 2nd Generation Glock off one of the Pop's henchmen and uses it during the shootout.

In the scenes where the Glock 17 is "moved" by Nick and later by Agent Budarin (Neil Jackson), the gun is replaced by a CGI render which is not a very close match to the real gun (it has an accessory rail under the barrel, like a 3rd Gen Glock, but also has no finger grooves or thumb reliefs, like a 2nd Gen Glock).

Glock 17 (2nd Generation) - 9x19mm
Glock 17 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
Agent Mack wielding his Glock 17 after Kira "pushes" him to kill partner with it.
Kira fires Agent Mack's Glock at Nick and Cassie after seeing them on the pier.
Nick holds his P228 and a captured Glock 17 behind his back, moments before he "moves" both pistols with his mind and holds them on Agents Henry Carver and Victor Budarin. In this shot, both pistols are hard rubber replicas cast from the real guns, since Nick is about to drop them.
The Glock 17 is held on Agent Budarin (Neil Jackson). This is a CGI render that is relatively inaccurate (it has the grip of a 2nd Gen Glock, but accessory rails, which are only found on 3rd Gen models).
Budarin overrides Nick's control over the Glock and "moves" it himself, mentally squeezing the trigger and firing at Nick before the gun runs dry.
Nick fires a captured Glock at some of the Pop family's henchmen.

Glock 19

The blond Division agent who helps arrest Nick's father in the beginning is armed with a Glock 19.

Glock 19 (2nd Generation), 9x19mm
The blonde Division agent draws her Glock 19 before entering the motel room where Nick's father is hiding.
Agent Carver takes off his hood, while the blonde Division agent stands beside him with her Glock drawn.
The agent enters the room.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

The Division S.W.A.T. unit that arrests Nick's father in the beginning of the film uses Heckler & Koch MP5A3 submachine guns with Surefire foreends fitted with lime green laser sights, and ACOG sights. Later in the film, at least one of the Pop family's henchmen also carries an MP5A3 in this configuration (minus the ACOG).

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with Surefire dedicated foreend and tactical light - 9x19mm
The Division tactical team lines up at the motel door with their H&K MP5A3s ready.
One of the S.W.A.T. troopers prepares to enter.
The blonde Division agent and a S.W.A.T. operator are "moved" by Nick's father and thrown against a wall.

Davis P32/P380

The Pop family watcher (Xiaolu Li) carries a nickel-plated Davis either P32 or P380 pocket pistol. The P32 is chambered in .32 ACP while the P380 is chambered in .380, but are otherwise identical.

Davis P380 pistol - nickel plated with wooden grips - .380 acp
The Pop girl aims her Davis P32/P380 at Nick and Cassie.
The Pop girl gets a vision while holding her Davis pistol near her head.
After catching Cassie off-guard (so she thinks), the Pop girl points her Davis pocket pistol at Cassie.

Beretta 92FS Inox

When Hook Waters (Cliff Curtis) goes to retrieve the package, a member of the Pop family can be seen threatening him with a Beretta 92FS Inox, but doesn't fire it. During the Construction site shootout, Nick takes another Beretta Inox off of a dead henchman (along with a Glock 17), but doesn't use it.

Beretta 92FS Inox 9mm
A member of the Pop family chambers his Beretta 92FS Inox (this one fitted with wood grips).
The Pop family shadow holds a Beretta Inox on Hook Waters.
Nick dual-wielding a Beretta 92FS Inox and a Glock 17.
Another shot of Nick running with the captured Beretta Inox.

Browning Hi-Power Practical

Agent Henry Carver (Djimon Hounsou) carries a Browning Hi-Power Practical as his sidearm in the film. It's most notably seen during the construction site shootout.

Browning Hi-Power Practical - 9x19mm
Agent Carver talks to Kira with his Browning Hi-Power Practical visible in his shoulder holster.
Carver holds his Browning Hi-Power Practical at the construction site.
A closer view showing the bottom of the slide/barrel.
Carver guns down a Pop family henchman.


During the shootout at the construction site, several full-size IMI Uzi submachine guns are used by the Pop family's henchmen. Kira grabs a dropped Uzi at one point in the shootout, but she never fires the weapon at any point in the movie (even though the trailer showed her firing it).

IMI Uzi - 9x19mm
A publicity photograph of Kira running with an Uzi.
A henchmen is "moved" by Agent Budarin, with his Uzi in hand.
Kira grabs the Uzi from a dead henchman.
Kira runs up a staircase with the Uzi.

Micro Uzi

Some of the Pop family's henchmen can be seen using Micro Uzis at the end of the movie, most fitted with the green laser sights.

Micro Uzi (with folding stock) - 9x19mm
Agent Carver shoots two henchmen, both carrying Micro Uzis.
Kira "pushes" several of the henchmen to shoot their own comrades; the one in the foreground has a Micro Uzi with a side-folding stock and a green laser sight.

Heckler & Koch USP

One of the Pop family bleeders can be seen loading a full-size Heckler & Koch USP before the final shootout. It's hard to tell, but it looks like at least one of the henchmen also carries a USP.

Heckler & Koch USP 9x19mm
The Pop Boy checks the sights on his H&K USP.

Skorpion SA Vz 61

At least one of the Pop henchmen can be seen with a Skorpion SA Vz 61 machine pistol (with the top-folding stock removed) at the end of the movie. Kira then "pushes" him so he puts the Skorpion down, and then he gets drilled in the head by Agent Carver.

Skorpion SA Vz 61 - .32 ACP.
A Pop henchman with a stockless Skorpion SA Vz 61.
Kira "pushes" the henchman to put down his Skorpion so that Agent Carver can then kill him.

Beretta 92FS

Several of the Pop family's henchmen carry Beretta 92FS pistols.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
A Pop henchman fires a Beretta 92FS at Kira.

CZ 75

At least one of the Pop henchmen uses what appears to be a CZ 75.

CZ 75 9x19mm
Two henchmen (one armed with a Beretta 92FS Inox, the other with a CZ 75) are "pushed" to shoot each other by Agent Carver.

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