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Partners (Naparnikter)

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Partners (Naparnikter)
Naparnikter poster.jpg
Kyrgyz Russian Poster
Country Kyrgyzstan.jpg Kyrgyzstan
Directed by Bakyt Osmonkanov
Release Date 2015
Language Kyrgyz
Studio MBPro Studio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Arstan Azim Kuneev
Belek Jenish Mairambek
Aijan Diana Sadyrbekova
Tolik Adil Urdinov
Aijan's mother Gulmira Kucherbayeva
Maksat Atai Omurbekov

Partners (Kyrgyz: Напарниктер; Naparnikter) is a 2015 Kyrgyzstan crime comedy. Incorruptible militiaman (Kyrgyz policeman) named Arstan tries to catch a group of smugglers, who are hiddely protected by a government elite. Soon, he was demoted and send to wild little village, where he must worked together with a lazy, rather stupid and irresponsible militiaman named Belek. Now, he must cooperate with his new partner to complete his hard and dangerous task.

The following weapons were used in the film Partners (Naparnikter):

Makarov PM

Makarov PM is the standart duty sidearm of Arstan (Azim Kuneev), Belek (Jenish Mairambek) and other militamen (played by Ulan Anylddakov, Adilet Aziev, Aibek Bektimirov, Cholpon Mamatov, Aktan Ryskeldiev and Daniyar Tumenbay Uulu). One of the criminal can be seen with another Makarov PM on the belt.

Russian Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Belek with the holstered PM.
Belek fires his PM in air during the wedding.
Another view of the Belek's holstered sidearm.
Belek show his handgun to the girl.
Arstan grabs his PM from the box.
Arstan (at the right) and Belek (at the left) aims at the criminals.
A criminal tries to draws the pistol... which has its safety on. (Subtitles translates to: "Hands away! You thought I didn't see [that]?!").
Belek draws his PM...
...and fires it at the helicopter. The muzzle flash is a post-production effect because neither the slide nor the hammer appear to be moving.


Special Forces carry AKMS rifles with and without slant compensators in two scenes.

AKMS - 7.62x39mm
A Special Forces soldier with an AKMS in the film's beginning. Note the lack of a slant compensator.
Another Special Forces soldier in the same scene. This rifle, on the other hand, has the slant compensator in place.
The under-folding stock is seen.
Two Special Forces soldiers with the rifles.
Special Forces soldiers with the rifle at the final scene.
Naparnikter rifle 6.jpg
The open front sight of the rifle on the left is clearly visible, identifying it as an AKMS. Also note the lack of a slant compensator.
The under-folding stock and pistol grip is seen. (Subtitles translates to: "Take him away, let's not talk.").
Note the Bakelite magazine. (Subtitles translates to: "[My] pension will be waiting. I'm still early.").

Squirt Gun

A child is seen playing with a squirt gun in one scene.

Child with the toy.

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