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One Eight Seven

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One Eight Seven (1997)

The following weapons can be seen in the film One Eight Seven:

Smith & Wesson Model 66

Dave Childress (John Heard) keeps a snub-nosed Smith & Wesson Model 66 in his desk at the school. Later he refers to it as a ".357". At the end of the film, Stevie (Jonah Rooney) carries a Model 66 Snub revolver when they visit Mr. Garfield.

Smith & Wesson Model 66 Snub Nose with Pachmayr grips - .357 Magnum
Mr. Garfield finds Dave's revolver.
Mr. Garfield finds Dave's revolver.
Stevie holds the Model 66 revolver.
Stevie holds the Model 66 on Mr. Garfield.


Benny (Lobo Sebastian) murders a rival tagger with an M1911A1.

World War II issued Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
Lobo holds the pistol.

CZ 83

Dave Childress (John Heard) is seen with a CZ 83 when he shows his gun collection. He describes the pistol as a "Czechoslovakian Beauty with a 10-round clip, and glow-in-the-dark sights."

CZ 83 - .320 ACP
Dave holds the CZ 83 pistol.
Dave holds the CZ 83 pistol.

Smith & Wesson 669

One of the guns Dave Childress (John Heard) shows Mr. Garfield is a Smith & Wesson 669 pistol customized with a black slide release lever.

Smith & Wesson 669 with old bobbed hammer - 9x19mm
"You know what they say; Smith & Wesson... it kicks like a mother."
"Custom Smithy 9mm with an extended grip."

Glock 21

Dave Childress (John Heard) is also seen with a Glock 21.

Glock 21 (2nd Generation) - .45 ACP
"This is a Glock 21. Huh? The lightest handgun in the world, because the barrel and firing pin are made out of metal but everything else on this sucker is made of plastic."

Colt Mustang

Dave Childress (John Heard) mention Mr. Garfield, that he always carries a Colt Mustang with him, even to the school. He calls it a "Colt .380". Paco (Demetrius Navarro) also carries a Colt Mustang pistol when they visit Mr. Garfield.

Colt Mustang - .380 ACP
Dave holds his Colt Mustang.
Paco's Mustang with the slide locked back.
Paco loads up the Mustang.
Paco holds the compact M1911 pistol.

Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub

In the climax of the film, Mr. Garfield (Samuel L. Jackson) is forced to play Russian roulette with a Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub Nose revolver. Later Cesar (Clifton Collins Jr.) also puts it to his head.

Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub Nose - .357 Magnum.
Cesar with the S&W Model 19 Snub.
Cesar points the Model 19 at Mr. Garfield.
Mr. Garfield pulls the trigger of the Model 19.
Cesar puts the revolver to his head.

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