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The following weapons appear in the 1991 film Mediterraneo:

Mediterraneo (1991)

Bruni/BBM "ME-8 Police"

Sergeant Nicola Lorusso (Diego Abatantuono) and Lieutenant Raffaele Montini (Claudio Bigagli) both use blank firing Bruni/BBM "ME-8 Police" pistols standing for Beretta M1934s. This gun was used probably for legal reasons, since the film was shot in Greece.

Bruni/BBM "ME-8 Police" 8mm blank firing gun
Lieutenant gives orders after landing.
Sergeant Lorusso is preparing to enter a home under the cover of the team with pistol in the hand.

Carcano Modello 91

All the soldiers of the squad (composed of mixed units) use the Italian Royal Army standard issue Carcano Mod. 91 long rifles, with wrong slings. For legal reasons the bolts were removed and replaced with much smaller versions, leading to the actors having difficulty reloading after shooting. In some scenes the bolts are even not present. The bolts were probably found in Greece, taking them from other rifles, and adapted to mount on the Carcano 91 to shoot 8mm blanks (a simple modification often used by reenactors or low budget films). It's strange how no member of the task force has a Breda Modello 30 light machine gun, despite the objective of the mission being garrisoning and defending the island. Surely if it was difficult to import some old bolt-action rifles, it would have been even more difficult import an automatic weapon.

There is the possibility that the bolts come from a Carcano used as training for snipers, called "Carabina Regolamentare per le Sezioni Allievi Tiratori", in caliber .22 Short. In fact, the bolt of the training rifle is smaller than the standard and has holed bolt handle sphere. This feature can be seen well in the shots just before landing.

Carcano M91 Long Rifle - 6.5mm
The Sergente Lorusso (Diego Abatantuono) walks with his Modello 91.
Note the absence of the bolt in this scene.
The soldiers aim at the "enemy".
In the hidden armory there are a mix of Carcano 91 (91 Long, 91/38, 91/41, 91/24 and a Balilla smaller carbine) and other bolt-action rifles. The boy holds a Carcano 91/24.

Unknown British Royal Navy Pistol

The two Royal Navy soldiers are standing with their P37 holsters. At the WWII the British Navy personal issue sidearm was the Webley semi-auto pistol.

The British look Italian soldiers smugly.

Twin Oerlikon 20mm Cannon

On the ship in the opening scene is a pair of Oerlikon 20mm Cannon mounted on a Mark 24 gun mount: they are shown not loaded, and the twin mount includes a Mark 14 Gyro Gunsight. The designation of the Kingdom of Italy Royal Navy (Regia Marina) for the Oerlikon cannons was "Impianto Binato a Comando Manuale Cannone-Mitragliera da 20/70 Oerlikon".

Twin Mark 4 Oerlikon L70 cannons in a Mark 24 mounting with Mark 14 Gyro Gunsight - 20x110mm RB. Note markings on left-handed snail drum.
A pair of Oerlikon 20mm cannons.

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