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Mannlicher Model 1903

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Mannlicher Model 1903 pistol - 7.65mm Mannlicher
Mannlicher Model 1903 carbine - 7.65mm Mannlicher

The Mannlicher Model 1903 is Austrian in origin. This is a improved version of the earlier Mannlicher Model 1896; the difference in that the Model 1903 used a detachable magazine. It was a very high quality handgun with an excellent finish and high grade steel used in its construction. It also had an specific external re-cocking lever on the right side of the frame above the trigger. It was designed to compete with the Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" pistol. It fired the 7.65mm Mannlicher round. The round was similar in size to the 7.63mm Mauser round, but not as powerful. Though a neat looking handgun the design was found to be fragile and unable to withstand the high-pressure round that it was chambered for. The general finding was the the weapon was "overstressed". A few were made with extra-long barrels and stock attachments for hunting and possible cavalry use. The model was tested by numerous armies during the first part of the Twentieth Century, but none adopted it. It sometimes appears in movies and television productions set in the early Twentieth Century. It is estimated that less than 2,000 pistols and carbines were made before manufacturing ended.

The Mannlicher Model 1903 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


(1903 - ????)

  • Type: Pistol
  • Caliber: 7.65mm Mannlicher
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs (0.99 kg)
  • Length: 11 in (280 mm)
  • Barrel length: 4.5 in (pistol), 11.5 in (carbine)
  • Capacity: 6-round fixed (M1896) or detachable (M1903) box magazine
  • Fire Modes: Semi-Auto


Show Title Actor Character Note / Episode Air Date
Reilly: Ace of Spies 1983

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