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Makar the Pathfinder (Makar-sledopyt)

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Makar the Pathfinder (Makar-sledopyt)
DVD Cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Nikolai Kovalsky
Release Date 1984
Language Russian
Studio Lenfilm
Main Cast
Character Actor
Makar Maksim Minin
Yegorka Sergei Savvateyev
Lyubochka Angelina Polyanchukova
Timofey Aleksandr Lenkov
Red commander Aleksandr Bakharevsky
Red commissar Vladimir Levitskiy
Myachik Andrey Rostotskiy
Ivan Sergeevich Ivan Krasko
Staff Capt. Chyorniy Oleg Borisov
British officer Igor Dmitriev

Makar the Pathfinder (Makar-sledopyt) is a Soviet 1984 adventure mini series directed by Nikolai Kovalsky. During the Russian Civil war a village kid Makar, his friends and his pet dog help the Red Army and hijack a British tank, supplied to Whites.

The following weapons were used in the film Makar the Pathfinder (Makar-sledopyt):


Nagant M1895

Nagant M1895 revolvers are used by a Red Army commander Timofey (Aleksandr Lenkov) and by numerous White Army officers. All revolvers are of post-1930 version.

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Nagant M1895 Revolver - 7.62x38R Nagant. Note the angular front sight which was used from 1930s.
Timofey holds a Nagant.
Timofey fires at pursuing White Cossacks.
A Poruchik (Lt.) (Valeri Mironov), Chyorniy's aide, fires at Makar's pet dog.
Poruchik Chertyaka (Stanislav Sokolov) holds a Nagant.
A White Army officer holds a Nagant.
A White Army Praporshchik (Ensign) (Valeriy Nakonechnyy) holds a revolver. Note the extended ejector rod, usually a sign of well worn Nagants.
A Podporuchik (2nd Lt.) (Gennadi Beglov) fires a Nagant.
A Poruchik (Boris Arakelov) holds a Nagant.
A Podporuchik (Aleksandr Lipov) fires a Nagant inside the tank, captured by Makar and his friends.


Astra 900

An Astra 900 pistol, standing for Mauser C96, is a personal sidearm of White Army Staff Capt. Chyorniy (Oleg Borisov). In several scenes this pistol is carried by Chyorniy's aide, an unnamed Poruchik (Valeri Mironov). Astra 900 is also seen in several other Lenfilm productions, including Nachalnik Chukotki, and Strogovy.

Astra 900 - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Chyorniy fires his pistol on small targets.
He takes the pistol from the holster in hands of his aide.
A good view of the wooden holster.
Chyorniy holds his pistol.
Chyorniy holds his pistol, standing next to firing artillery.
Poruchik carries his commander's pistol in holster.
Chyorniy fires at Makar's pet dog that carries off the hat with sewn inside message to Reds.

Mauser C96 "Bolo"

Due to a continuity error, Staff Capt. Chyorniy's (Oleg Borisov) Astra 900 switches to a Mauser C96 "Bolo", and later back to Astra. Same pistol is used by Myachik (Andrey Rostotskiy), the commander of reconnaissance of a Red Army regiment. Upon close inspection this pistol appears to have a full-size grip and early style lanyard ring, so it's possibly a standard C96 with barrel, shortened down to 3.9-inch (99mm).

Mauser C96 "Bolo" Model - 7.63x25mm Mauser
Chyorniy's Astra switches to a short-barreled Mauser.
Chyorniy fires.
Myachik holds a short-barreled Mauser.
Myachik fires.
Myachik carries the pistol in holster.
A closer view of the grip. The attachment for lanyard ring (the ring itself absents) matches the early version with pivoting fore & aft ("Bolo" pistols had late version of lanyard ring, pivoting from side to side).

Wz. 35 Vis

A British officer (Igor Dmitriev), sent to White Army as a technical adviser on tanks, carries a Wz. 35 Vis pistol, probably standing for M1911 (he even carries this pistol in US Army M1916 holster). Possibly same prop is seen in several other Lenfilm productions, like Moy drug Ivan Lapshin.

Wz. 35 Vis - 9x19mm
A good view of the holster. "US" letters can be seen.
The British officer on rest. His pistol is seen on the small table.
A close view of the grip.
A more general view of the pistol in holster.
The sleeping British officer carries his pistol in holster.

Various pistols

A pistol is very briefly and unclear seen in hands of engineer Antonov (Igor Chernitskiy), a member of Red covert organisation. This gun appears to be hammerless. It can be a member of vast family of Ruby pistols but it's only a guess.

Garate, Anitua y Cia Ruby-Type Pistol - .32 ACP
Antonov holds his pisol at the left.

A compact hammerless pistol is briefly seen among the belongings of the British officer.

What appears to be a hammerless pocket pistol can be seen on the shelf.


Mosin Nagant M1891/30

Most Red and White soldiers are armed with Mosin Nagant M1891/30 rifles, standing for original M91s.

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Full-length, Soviet Mosin Nagant M1891/30 - 7.62x54mm R
A White soldier, nicknamed "Dylda" ("Lanky Fellow") (Anatoliy Rudakov), carries an M91/30 rifle.
Another White soldier, nicknamed "Student" (Viktor Ilyichyov), rests in a haystack. His rifle stands next to him.
A close view of the barrels and bayonets of "Dylda"'s and "Student"'s rifles.
"Dylda" fires.
A Red soldier fires at attacking Whites.
A Red soldier fires at attacking Whites.
Two Red soldiers, Vasilyev (Evgeniy Pashin) at the left and Sorokin (Mikhail Semyonov) at the right, escort Makar.
Sorokin carries his rifle on sling. The bayonet is attached backwards.
White Cossacks are assigned to guard the British officer.
White soldiers fire at a kite, used to carry a message to Reds.

Mosin Nagant M1938 Carbine

Reds and Whites also use out of time Mosin Nagant M1938 Carbines.

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine - 7.62x54mm R
A White Cossack (Iosif Krinsky) carries an M38 Carbine on sling.
A tavern owner Danila (Geliy Sysoev) holds a carbine.
A Cossack fires.
A White soldier with carbine.
Carbines of White artillerymen in stands.
A Cossack (Oleg Vasilyuk) holds an M38 Carbine during the chase after Timofey and Makar.
The same character fires.
A White soldier (Sergey Koshonin) carries a carbine.
The Red commissar (Vladimir Levitskiy) with M38 Carbine. Next to him the Red regiment commander (Aleksandr Bakharevsky) serves a Maxim machine gun.
A Red soldier with a carbine.



In one scene Makar Zhuk (Maksim Minin) fires a single barreled shotgun with exposed hammer that belonged to his grandfather (Georgiy Teykh), the watchman in the manor house. The shotgun appears to be IZh-K (IZh-17, the direct descendant of IZh-K, is also possible but IZh-17s rarely have a groove on stock that is seen on the screen gun).

IZh-K - 16 Gauge
Makar takes a shotgun. Note the groove on the stock.
Makar cocks the hammer.
Makar fires.

Machine Guns

Maxim M1910

Maxim M1910 machine guns are used by Reds and Whites. They are also mounted on the "British tank" (see below).

Maxim 1910, simplified version with smooth water jacket - 7.62x54mmR
A Maxim M1910 is seen behind Staff Capt. Chyorniy.
Another view of the same machine gun. Now it lacks the cartridge belt.
An aged Red soldier Fadeyich (Vladimir Alekseyenko) next to the Maxim M1910.
Whites Maxim on the watchtower.
White soldiers tug a Maxim.
Whites Maxim on the bridge.
A Maxim M1910 is mounted in the superstructure of the tank.
A Maxim M1910 in the board mounting on the tank.

Maxim M1910/30

Maxim M1910/30 machine guns are also used by Reds and Whites and mounted on the "British tank" (see below).

Maxim 1910/30 machine gun - 7.62x54mmR
Red troops use Maxims to repel the attack of Whites.
The Red gunner is slain..
...and the regiment commander (Aleksandr Bakharevsky) replaces him.
A Red Maxim on horse cart.
A Maxim on Reds positions.
A Maxim M1910/30 is placed on the board mounting of the tank.

Other Weapons

RG-14/30 Hand Grenade

Some Red soldiers carry RG-14 (most likely RG-14/30 version) hand grenades.

RG-14/30 hand grenade.
A Red soldier at the right carries a grenade tucked in his belt.
A head of Reds recon group (uncredited) carries a grenade (at the right).

RGD-33 Hand Grenade

In the course of events an aged Red Army soldier Gavryukov alias Fadeyich (Vladimir Alekseyenko) gives two hand grenades (without fuzes) to Makar (Maksim Minin) who is sent on recon mission. These grenades appear to be anachronistic RGD-33.

RGD-33 high-explosive fragmentation stick grenade, shown with the diamond-patterned fragmentation sleeve.
Fadeyich holds a grenade.
Makar throws one of his grenades at the British tank.
Makar carries a grenade.
He throws his last grenade at Whites.



A good view of Poruchik Chertyaka's Nagant holster.
A Red Army commander (at the left) carries a kirza (Russian type of artificial leather) holster of Soviet pattern.
A Red soldier at the left carries a Luger P08 holster.

76.2 mm divisional gun model 1902

Red and White troops use 76.2 mm divisional gun model 1902 (probably M1902/30 version) field guns.

76.2mm M1902 Field Gun. M1902/30 L30 version looks nearly the same.
White Army 3-inch guns.
Note that the gun at the background has a longer barrel, probably being a version with barrel length 40 calibers (others have barrel length 30 calibers, like original M1902s).
Red Army 3-inch guns.


"British Tank"

A "British tank" is a valuable plot item. The screen vehicle is a mockup, build around some wheeled truck. Its outlook bears resemblance more with a German Sturmpanzerwagen A7V than British "rhomboid" tanks. Three Maxims are mounted on the tank, one in the superstructure and two on boards.

Makar sneaks into the tank. The barrel of Maxim is seen.
A frontal view. A Maxim with smooth water jacket is mounted in the superstructure
Inside the tank. A Maxim is seen.
A Maxim opens fire.
A Maxim on the left board switches from M1910/30 (with ribbed water jacket) to an M1910 (with smooth water jacket).
A general view.
A view from the right board.
Inside the tank. Yegorka is a driver while Makar fires the machine gun.
A frontal view. Note the lack of the machine gun on the right board.

In one scene the British officer shows a scale model of Medium Mark B tank to White Army officers.


Armoured Cars

White troops also use several Austin armoured cars (modern replicas). Each Austin is armed with two Maxim machine guns (they aren't seen close enough to be identified as M1910 or M1910/30).

White Army Austin armoured cars in action.

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