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Made Man

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Made Man
Made Man PC Box Art.jpg
Official Box Art
Release Date: 2006
Developer: SilverBack Studios
Publisher: Mastertronic
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Genre: Third-person shooter

The following weapons appear in the video game Made Man:


Beretta 92

The Beretta 92 appears as the "Semi-Auto", it was called the "Beretta" in pre-release screenshots, it is anachronistic in the 1968 Vietnam levels.

Beretta 92 - 9x19mm
Holding Beretta 92.
Holding two Beretta 92.
Aiming with the Beretta 92.
Holding Beretta 92 with Suppressor, while the weapon icon shows a Colt 1911, the Model/capacity is Beretta.
Holding two Beretta 92 with Suppressor.
Aiming with the Beretta 92 with Suppressor.

Desert Eagle Mark I

The Desert Eagle Mark I.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark I - .357 Magnum
Holding Desert Eagle Mark I.
Holding two Desert Eagle Mark I.
Aiming with the Desert Eagle Mark I.


A unknown Revolver.

Holding Revolver.
Holding two Revolver.
Aiming with the Revolver.

Submachine Guns


The MAC-10 appears as the "Machine Pistol", it was called the "MAC 10" in early screenshots.

Ingram MAC-10 - 9x19mm
Holding MAC-10.
Holding two MAC-10.
Aiming with the MAC-10.


The Uzi.

IMI Uzi with buttstock collapsed - 9x19mm
Holding Uzi.
Holding two Uzi.
Aiming with the Uzi.


Sawed-Off shotgun

The Sawed-Off shotgun.

Holding Sawed-Off shotgun.
Holding two Sawed-Off shotgun.
Aiming with the Sawed-Off shotgun.

Mossberg 500 Cruiser

The Mossberg 500 Cruiser appears, due to weapons using the same texture for both sides, it has an ejection port on both sides and is inaccurately reloaded by inserting shells in the left ejection port.

Mossberg 500 Cruiser - 12 gauge
Holding Mossberg 500 Cruiser.
Holding two Mossberg 500 Cruiser.
Aiming with the Mossberg 500 Cruiser.

Assault Rifles


The AK-47 appears as the "Assault Rifle", it was called the "AK 47" in pre-release screenshots.

AK-47 - 7.62x39mm
Holding AK-47.
Holding two AK-47.
Aiming with the AK-47.


The M16A1.

M16A1 with 20 round magazine - 5.56x45mm
Holding M16A1.
Holding two M16A1.
Aiming with the M16A1.

Sniper Rifles

Beretta Sniper

The Beretta Sniper appears as the Sniper Rifle, it and the mounted M60 are the only firearms that cannot be dual-wielded

Beretta 501 Sniper - 7.62x51mm NATO
Beretta Sniper in game.
Beretta Sniper in game.
Beretta Sniper scoped view.

Machune Guns


The M60 machine gun appears as the "X70" as a tutorial calls it but is called the M60 in dialogue in two levels.

M60 machine gun with bipod extended - 7.62x51mm NATO
M60 in game.
M60 in game.
Joey in a cutscene holds an unmounted M60, sadly it is unavailable unmounted in-game.

Grenades & Explosives

Mk 2 hand grenade

The Mk 2 hand grenade appears as one of the throwable explosives, it is used by the Vietcong against Joey in Vietnam.

Mk 2 hand grenad
Holding Mk 2 hand grenad.

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