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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is a 1998 comedy crime film directed by Guy Ritchie that follows a card sharp who decides to pull a heist on a small time gang in order to pay off a gambling debt. The film would also inspire a 2000 television series.

The following guns were used in the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels:


Walther PPK/S

Rory (Vas Blackwood) wields two Walther PPK/S pistols.

Walther PPK/S - .380 ACP
Rory loading one of his Walther PPK/S's
Rory holding one of his Walther PPK/S's
Rory aiming one of his Walther PPK/S's at Plank.

Walther PPK (Bruni/BBM "ME-8 Police")

Dean (Jake Abraham) dual-wields a Walther PPK (which is really an Italian Bruni/BBM "ME-8 Police" 8mm blank-firing pistol) and an Unknown Revolver near the end of the movie. Gary (Victor McGuire) uses the two guns as well.

A Bruni/BBM "ME-8 Police" 8mm blank firing gun (used to impersonate a Walther PPK)
Dean wielding the Walther PPK (Bruni/BBM "ME-8 Police").
Dean wielding a Walther PPK (Bruni/BBM "ME-8 Police").

Unknown Revolver

Dean (Jake Abraham) dual-wields this revolver along with the Walther PPK (BBM 8mm Blank Firer). Gary (Victor McGuire) picks them both up later. It looks like a Smith & Wesson revolver.

Smith & Wesson Mk II Hand Ejector in target configuration.
Dean pulling out his Unknown Revolver.
Dean walking down the hall with his Unknown Revolver drawn.
Dean wielding the Unknown Revolver.
A shot of the Unknown Revolver after Gary drops it.


Antique Double Barrel Shotgun

A pair of 12 gauge sidelock double barrel shotguns, these guns are the stars of the movie, and change hands many times before the end. Tom (Jason Flemyng), Soap (Dexter Fletcher), Eddie (Nick Moran), Bacon (Jason Statham), Big Chris (Vinnie Jones), Hatchet Harry (P.H. Moriarty), Dog (Frank Harper), Plank (Steve Sweeney), Paul (Huggy Leaver) and the butler at the estate all handle the guns at one point or another. Dean (Jake Abraham), Gary (Victor McGuire) and Nick The Greek (Stephen Marcus) possess the guns during the movie but never actually handle them.

The partially visible auction house book describes them as follows:



Jones patent rotary-underlever rebounding si...

Best foliate-scroll engraving with some hard...

fine damascus barrels with game ribs

Weight each 6Ib 12oz, 14 ½ inch pull, 30in...

Estimate £250,000-300,000"

Holland & Holland Paradox, somewhat similar to the shotguns in movie.
A butler aims one of the shotguns.
The butler on his back after the recoil knocked him down.
Nick the Greek showing Tom the shotguns after buying them from Dean and Gary.
Tom examining one of the shotguns.
Tom holding the shotgun.
Tom blowing smoke through the barrels of one of the shotguns after purchasing them.
Tom and Bacon examining the shotguns in their house.
Bacon holding one of the shotguns on Dog.
Paul holding one of the shotguns over his shoulder. Plank is holding the other one in the background.
Big Chris holding the shotguns after taking them from Dog.
Big Chris showing Hatchet Harry the shotguns.
Hatchet Harry rubs a cloth over the stock of one of the shotguns while examining it.
Hatchet Harry with the shotgun open.
A close up of the hammers on the shotgun as Harry holds it.
The shotguns in Tom's trunk at the end of the movie.

Unknown Holland & Holland Double Gun

We briefly see Hatchet Harry (P.H. Moriarty) holding this gun in his office, it is not one of the previous shotguns. When Big Chris compliments it, Hatchet Harry responds with "Yeah, one of a pair. Holland & Holland."

Holland & Holland Paradox
Hatchet Harry holding his Holland & Holland.

Unknown Sawn Off Shotguns

There are two sawn off shotguns in the film. Plank (Steve Sweeney) uses one while Dog (Frank Harper) and John (Tony McMahon) share the other.

This is the screen used Zabala short barreled shotgun used by Denzel Washington in the film Man on Fire, very similar to Tony's lupara on The Sopranos.
Plank with his Sawn Off Shotgun.
Plank retrieving a ring of keys with the butt of his Sawn Off Shotgun.
John and Plank aiming their Sawn Off Shotguns.
Plank aiming his Sawn Off Shotgun at the drug dealers' place.
Plank with his Sawn Off Shotgun after Charles shoots him in the neck with his Westlake .22 Air Rifle.
Dog reloads his Sawn Off Shotgun.
John clicking his Sawn Off Shotgun closed.
John hiding behind a refrigerator with his Sawn Off Shotgun.
Plank clicks his Sawn Off Shotgun closed.
Plank aims his Sawn Off Shotgun at Rory from the floor.

Remington 870 Police Magnum

Three of Rory's thugs carry Remington 870 Police Magnum. The fourth, being loaded in the second screen save by the thug in the purple overcoat, is a Mossberg 500 with front and rear pistol grips and Side Saddle shell holder.

Remington 870 Police Folder w/extended magazine tube - stock extended - 12 gauge
Remington 870 w/pistol grip and vertical foregrip - 12 Gauge
One of Rory's thugs loading his Remington 870.
Another of Rory's thugs loading his Remington 870, this one with extra shells on the side.
Rory and his thugs bursting into the house, guns ready.
Rory's thugs with their Remington 870's after bursting into the house.
One of Rory's thugs still holding his Remington 870 after the firefight.
Two Remington 870's laying on the ground after the firefight.


Westlake .22 Air Rifle

Charles (Nick Marcq) uses a Westlake .22 Air Rifle to try and fend off Dog (Frank Harper) and Plank (Steve Sweeney) when they come to rob them.

Westlake .22 Air Rifle
Charles with the Air Rifle.
Charles shoots at Dog and Plank with the Air Rifle.
Charles and Willie reload the Air Rifle.
A good shot of the underside of the Air Rifle.

Machine Guns

Bren MK1 Light Machine Gun

Mickey (Ronnie Fox) uses a Bren gun when they go to rob the weed dealers. Later on it is commandeered by Gloria (Suzy Ratner) and then used by Paul (Huggy Leaver).

Bren MK1 Light Machine Gun - .303 British
Mickey with his Bren Gun.
Gloria shooting Mickey's Bren Gun after commandeering it.
Spent cases hit the ground as Gloria fires the Bren Gun.
Paul wielding Mickey's Bren Gun later on.
Paul holding the Bren Gun moments before the shootout with Rory and his thugs.
Paul with the Bren Gun as he hears Rory and his thugs burst in.


Hatchet Harry's Gun Cabinet

Hatchet Harry (P.H. Moriarty) has two gun cabinets in his office filled with various long guns.

A gun cabinet full of guns in the background.
The other gun cabinet on the other side of the room.
A close up of some of the guns in the cabinet near the door.
Another shot of the guns in the gun case.

Various guns from the mansion

Dean (Jake Abraham) and Gary (Victor McGuire) steal all these guns from the mansion when they steal the two antique shotguns for Barry the Baptist (Lenny McLean).

Dean with an armload of guns.
A nice shot of the guns in Dean and Gary's trunk. Bottom rifle is an SMLE of some sort. Three of the guns are Russian Baikal MP-18 single barrel shotguns. The one beside the SMLE upside-down, has the more recent smooth beavertail fore-end while the other two (top and middle, pointing right) have the earlier narrow fore-end.

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