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Library Wars

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Library Wars
Toshokan sensō
LWS 13 BR cover.jpg
Blu-Ray release poster
Country Japan.jpg Japan
Directed by Shinsuke Sato
Release Date 2013
Language Japanese
Studio Tokyo Broadcasting System
Kadokawa Shoten
Sedic International
Chubu-nippon Broadcasting Company
Mainichi Shinbunsha
Mainichi Broadcasting System
Hokkaido Broadcasting Company
Booster Project
Distributor Toho
Main Cast
Character Actor
Lt. Atsushi Dojo Junichi Okada
LCFC. Iku Kasahara Nana Eikura
Lt. Mikihasa Komaki Kei Tanaka
Cpl. Asako Shibasaki Chiaki Kuriyama

Library Wars (Japanese title: 図書館戦争, Toshokan sensō) is a 2013 Japanese film directed by Shinsuke Sato, based on the light novel series of the same name by Hiro Arikawa. The film takes place in an alternate future where the Japanese government passes a law known as the Media Betterment Act to censor and prevent the spread of supposedly dangerous information using a militarized government agency known as the Media Betterment Committee (MBC), which regularly conducts armed raids and book burnings on libraries across Japan. In response, local governments set up the Library Defense Force, a paramilitary force dedicated to defending libraries from the Media Betterment Committee and their allies. The film was followed by a sequel, Library Wars: The Last Mission, in 2015.

The following weapons were used in the film Library Wars:


Minebea P9

The main sidearm of the LDF is the Minebea P9, a licensed copy of the SIG-Sauer P220 manufactured by Minebea and Shin Chuo Kogo KK. LDF soldiers, including Library Clerk First Class Iku Kasahara (Nana Eikura) and Captain Ryusuke Genda (Jun Hashimoto), use these pistols.

Minebea P9 (Right Side) - 9x19mm
Captain Genda leads the Library Task Force with his P9.
The P9 is seen in the Library Task Force members' thigh holsters.
Lieutenant Atsushi Dojo (Junichi Okada) hands Kasahara his P9. For some reason, it's only loaded with four rounds.
Kasahara (Nana Eikura) orders Bakushukai leader Kenji Takeyama (Kazuma Suzuki) to surrender using her P9.
Kasahara fires the P9. The slide locks back empty in this shot.

Heckler & Koch USP Compact

The Bakushukai and their leader Kenji Takeyama (Kazuma Suzuki) use the Heckler & Koch USP Compact as their standard sidearms.

H&K USP Compact with full un-bobbed hammer - 9x19mm.
Bakushukai militants storm a funeral with USP Compacts.
Takeyama threatens Kasahara with his USP Compact.
Closeup of the USP Compact's slide.
Side view of the USP Compact. A Norinco Type 56 is visible to the left.
Another closeup of the USP Compact's slide.
The USP Compact's barrel. Takeyama pulls back the hammer with his thumb.
Takeyama "giving up" his USP Compact .

Submachine Guns

Minebea M-9

The LDF's primary submachine gun is the Minebea M-9, a copy of the Mini Uzi manufactured under license by Minebea. Many of the M-9s in the film are 3-D-printed non-firing replicas complete with detachable magazines, functioning charging handles, and real-steel flash suppressors, with CGI muzzle flashes and reports added post-production. Blank-firing M-9s (provided by the Japan Ground Self Defense Forces) were used in some scenes.

Minebea M-9 - 9x19mm Parabellum
A row of M-9s in the library's armory. The perspective makes it hard to distinguish their triggers from their trigger guards. All of the M-9s have been stored with their magazines inserted.
Another angle of the M-9s stored in the library's armory.
LDF soldiers open fire with their M-9s.
Kasahara patrolling with her M-9. She never gets to fire it, though. Note the distinct flash suppressor.
Reporter Maki Orikuchi points her camera at Kasahara and Tezuka, both wielding M-9s.
Tezuka after providing covering fire with his M-9. Note the smoke coming from the weapon.
Lieutenants Mikihasa Komaki (Kei Tanaka) and Dojo, as well as other LDF soldiers, stand with M-9s. Many of the LDF extras were played by real JGSDF troops.
Closeup of an M-9. Being an open-bolt weapon shows that the M-9's chamber is empty.
An LDF soldier works the charging handle of his M-9. The M-9's front sight and distinct charging handle are both clearly visible.
An LDF soldier reloads his M-9, inserting the magazine backwards. His M-9 later changes into a mocked-up Micro Uzi.
LDF soldiers provide covering fire with their M-9s.
Dojo and Komaki take on MBC operators with their M-9s. Note the brass flying out.
Komaki lays down suppressing fire with his M-9 while Dojo reloads his.
Dojo fires at advancing MBC operators while taking cover behind sandbags. Note the brass being ejected and the muzzle flash.
Dojo, Komaki, and other LDF soldiers retreat up an escalator, firing their M-9's to cover their retreat. Komaki appears to be carrying a rubber stunt replica.
A Minebea M-9 lays next to a Howa Type 89.
An LDF soldier who arrives to assist Komaki is holding an M-9. The M-9 lacks an accessory rail to mount a flashlight, so the LDF soldier has to hold it with his left hand.


Minebea M-9s used in the production lay on top of sandbags. Not sure what material they are made of, but they appear to be non-firing replicas.
A rough cut of the Minebea M-9 used in production by the film's armorer, Masahiko Sato.
The unfinished M-9s have been smoothed out and partially painted.
The painted and unpainted charging handles for the M-9s.
The assembled and painted M-9s, minus their metal flash suppressors.
A finished Minebea M-9, without the sling mount and white markings.

Tokyo Marui MP5-J

The MBC mainly uses the Tokyo Marui MP5-J (in reality, an airsoft copy of the MP5F variant of the Heckler & Koch MP5). Many are equipped with Surefire 628 forearms and flashlights and some have receiver-mounted rails.

A Tokyo Marui MP5-J airsoft gun. Note the shape of the flash hider compared to a genuine MP5A5.
Heckler and Koch MP5A5 - 9x19mm. Virtually identical to the MP5A4-J with the exception of the flash hider.
Heckler & Koch MP5A5 with Surefire dedicated forend weaponlight - 9x19mm
MBC operators with MP5-Js equipped with AimPoint Comp M2 reflex sights from archival footage during a lecture. They are never seen using optics again.
MBC operators line up in formation with their MP5Js. Note that the four-position "Navy" trigger group is set to three-round burst.
The MBC operator on the left has a receiver-mounted rail equipped.
A closeup of the Surefire 628 dedicated forend with a flashlight equipped.
A formation of MBC operators with MP5-Js.
MBC operators carrying a mix of MP5-Js and MP5A4s standing behind their commander.
An MBC operator readies his Tokyo Marui MP5-J. Note the shape of the flash hider compared to the MP5A4 in front of it, which a real MP5A5 shares in common with the A4.
MBC operators firing their MP5-Js. The two operators left of center are firing MP5A4's.
MBC operators firing MP5-Js from behind ballistic shields
An MBC operator fires his MP5-J in semi-auto. Note the lack of spent shell casings being ejected. The muzzle flash is CGI.
An MBC operator advances with his MP5-J. Note how his finger is still on the trigger, even though he has his left hand on a fellow operator
MBC operators volley fire with their MP5-Js and some MP5A4s. An MP5A4 is seen in the background.

Heckler & Koch MP5A4

The Heckler & Koch MP5A4 also appears as the other standard submachine gun of the MBC. These weapons are occasionally seen outfitted with Surefire 628 forearms. At least one is equipped with a tri-rail forend, though it doesn't have any attachments mounted to it.

Heckler & Koch MP5A4 - 9x19mm
Heckler & Koch MP5A4 with Surefire 628 dedicated forend weaponlight - 9x19mm
MBC operators carrying a mix of MP5-Js and MP5A4s standing behind their commander. The operators on his right are carrying MP5A4s.
MBC operators ready their their MP5A4s.
An MP5A4 next to a Tokyo Marui MP5-J.
The MBC operator in the center has a tri-rail forend on his MP5A4.
MBC operators volley fire. An MP5A4 is seen in the background.
MBC operators volley fire with MP5A4s and MP5-Js. The same MBC operator in the center has a tri-rail forend equipped.

Micro Uzi (Mocked-up as Minebea M-9)

For some reason, not enough Minebea M-9s were available for the LDF extras during production. The Micro Uzi was used as a stand in for the Minebea M-9 for some scenes. The folding stock appears to have been removed.

An IMI Micro-Uzi modded with foregrip and extended it to make it like the PM-9.
A Micro Uzi is seen behind a Minebea M-9. Note the 2 ribs on the receiver and the shape of the rear of the weapon. There is also a gap where the folding stock used to be.
An LDF soldier is firing a Micro Uzi mocked-up as a Minebea M-9. Note the shape of the rear of the weapon, and the crude front grip. The longer barrel is missing the holes for the flash hider, indicating that this is a rubber stunt weapon.

Unknown MP5 Variants

The two MBC operators on the bottom are firing MP5's with 3-lug barrels. Their protective gear are covering the weapons' stocks and lower receivers.
The MBC operator in the center is firing his MP5 at an LDF UH-60J Blackhawk overhead, obviously to little effect. His MP5 features a 3-lug barrel and a telescoping stock, but the fire selector lacks histogram markings. It may be an MP5A3. The other MP5's in the background are Tokyo Marui MP5-Js and one on the far right is equipped with a Surefire 628 forend.
The MBC operator is pointing a bizarrely shaped MP5 equipped with a Surefire 628 dedicated forened, but there appears to be nothing inside but a hole. It's possible that this is a rubber stunt replica or a non-gun.

Automatic Rifles

Howa Type 89

The Howa Type 89 is the main assault rifle of the LDF. The two Type 89s that are fired in the film were actual blank-firing rifles provided by the JGSDF, with airsoft replicas only used for closeups. Kasahara, Tezuka, and other Library Task Force soldiers can be seen conducting drills with them.

Howa Type 89 - 5.56x45mm
Kasahara crawling under barbed wire with a Type 89.
Dojo swaps his Minebea M-9 for a wounded LDF soldier's Type 89. Oddly enough, none of the LDF soldiers on the ground were seen using Type 89 rifles against the MBC.
An LDF door gunner firing his Type 89 at advancing MBC forces below from a UH-60JA Blackhawk (which was borrowed from the JGSDF during production). Note the brass being ejected.
Closeup of the LDF door gunner's Type 89. The muzzle flash and brass being ejected appear to be genuine, and not post-production CGI typical of Japanese films. It is possible that the door gunner was played by an actual JGSDF soldier.
Dojo providing covering fire with a Type 89.
Brass being ejected from the Type 89. For some reason, the fire selector markings are missing. It's possible that this weapon is an airsoft blowback replica or a cap-firing model gun.
Dojo reloading his Type 89; displaying excellent trigger discipline. The fire selector markings have reappeared on the receiver.
Closeup of Dojo's Type 89. Note the blank-firing adapter inside the barrel. It's possible that the film's armorers used both airsoft and a blank-firing Type 89 for this scene.
The Type 89's unused bipod is clearly visible. Note the flash coming out of the Type 89's distinct muzzle brake.

Howa Type 64

The Howa Type 64 is used by the LDF as a training rifle for all recruits prior to indoctrination, most noticeably by Library Clerk First Class Hikaru Tezuka (Sota Fukushi) and Iku Kasahara (Nana Eikura). The scenes which feature the Type 64 were filmed at JGSDF Camp Iruma, and all of the Type 64 rifles were real.

Howa Type 64 assault rifle - 7.62x51mm.
Tezuka (Sota Fukushi) and Kasahara running laps with the Type 64..
Tezuka performing physical training with a Type 64.
Library Task Force soldiers running in formation with Type 64 rifles.
Kasahara after firing three rounds at a target with her Type 64. The bolt has locked back empty.

Behind The Scenes

Nana Eikura firing an actual Type 64 at JGSDF Camp Iruma during the filming of this scene. The muzzle flash and the 7.62x51mm cartridge ejecting are genuine. The JGSDF had loaned parts of the camp and vehicles for filming, as well as advisers and extras on the set.

Norinco Type 56

At least one Bakushukai militant is seen wielding a Norinco Type 56 in the film's intro.

Norinco Type 56 - 7.62x39mm
A Bakushukai militant raises his Type 56. Note the distinct hooded sight and bayonet lug.
The militant on the left is firing a Norinco Type 56.
Bakushukai militants open fire with their AK's. The bald militant in the center firing a Norinco Type 56.
The militant on the left holding a Type 56.

Unknown AK-47 Variant

Two unknown AK-47 variants in a duffel bag. The receivers on both are covered by the sling, and too dark to tell whether they are stamped or milled.
Bakushukai militants open fire with their AKs. The militant on the left is firing a Norinco Type 56.
Right side view of Bakushukai militants firing their A's.
Left side view of Bakushukai militants firing their AKs under better lighting. All of these weapons are missing the bayonet lug under the gas block.
Dojo disarming a Bakushukai militant and removing the magazine from his AK. This appears to be a rubber stunt replica.
Bakushukai militant Leader Kenji Takeyama holding an AK.

Bolt-Action Rifles

Remington M24 Sniper Weapon System

The M24 Sniper Weapon System is the LDF's standard sniper rifle, and is equipped with a Harris bipod. It's possible that these weapons are airsoft replicas, since none are seen ejecting brass, and the muzzle flashes appear to be post-production CGI.

M24 sniper rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO
An LDF sniper team takes position on a rooftop. The soldier in the center is carrying binoculars on a folded-up tripod, not a shotgun.
Tezuka and other LDF snipers fire warning shots down below. The sniper on the left has lifted his M24 its perch after firing, instead of letting the bipod and his shoulder absorb all the recoil.
Closeup of Tezuka taking aim with his M24
View inside the scope. It appears that Tezuka hasn't properly adjusted his scope, since he has to aim off to the left to hit an MBC operator in the leg (who is standing still!)
Tezuka operating the bolt on his M24. Although the sound of a spent cartridge hitting the floor is heard, nothing is seen coming out.


M84 Stun Grenade

Dojo throws an M84 stun grenade into a room during a hostage rescue.

M84 stun grenade
The stun Grenade slides across the floor before going off.


M2 Flamethrower

One of the Bakushukai militants uses an M2 Flamethrower to burn down the Hino Library.

M2-2 Flamethrower.
The Bakushukai militant readies his M2 Flamethower.
Close up of the Bakushukai militant's M2 Flamethower.

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