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Le Guignolo

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Le Guignolo
Le Guignolo Poster.jpg
Original French Poster
Country FRA.jpg France
ITA.jpg Italy
Directed by Georges Lautner
Release Date 1980
Language French
Studio Gaumont
Cerito Films
Main Cast
Character Actor
Alexandre Dupré Jean-Paul Belmondo
Sophie / Pamela Mirella D'Angelo
Gina Carla Romanelli
Joseph Georges Géret
Achille Sureau Michel Galabru
Abdel Fahrad Charles Gérard
Kamal Paolo Bonacelli
Louis Fréchet Michel Beaune
Fredo Tony Kendall

Le Guignolo (released in English under the original title) is a 1980 French-Italian crime comedy directed by Georges Lautner and starring Jean-Paul Belmondo as a con artist Alexandre Dupré who is accidentally involved in a hunt for microfilm, containing a valuable invention of a recently murdered French scientist.

The following weapons were used in the film Le Guignolo:


Colt Trooper Mk III

A Colt Trooper Mk III with 6" barrel is seen in hands of Joseph's elder assistant (uncredited), then taken from him by Alexandre Dupré (Jean-Paul Belmondo) and given to Achille Sureau (Michel Galabru) who holds the revolver while playing the role of a cheated husband. The abovementioned elder assistant is later seen with a Colt Trooper with a 4" barrel.

Colt Trooper Mark III with 6" barrel - .357 Magnum
Joseph's elder assistant tries to stop Alexandre.
Alexandre carries the revolver.
Achille Sureau with the revolver in hand.
He fires in air.
Colt Mk Trooper with 4" barrel - .357 Magnum
Joseph's assistant fires a Trooper with 4" barrel.

Walther P38

Joseph (Georges Géret) and one of his assistants (uncredited) carry Walther P38 pistols. Abdel Fahrad (Charles Gérard) uses a P38 in the scene in the bakery.

Walther P38 WWII dated with black grips - 9x19mm
Joseph surprises Abdel Fahrad.
Joseph holds his Walther in the same scene.
Joseph's assistant holds a P38 at the left.
Abdel Fahrad fires a Walther.
Abdel Fahrad's pistol on the floor.

Beretta M1915

What appears to be a Beretta M1915 is seen in hands of Urbino Alfonsi (Aldo Rendine), a hotel detective.

Beretta M1915 - .32 ACP
Alfonsi breaks into the room with a pistol in hand.
Another view of the pistol.

Various revolvers

Several unidentifiable revolvers are seen in various scenes.

Joseph's assistant (in black suit) holds a revolver at the background.
A revolver in holster is seen on the table next to one of Kamal's henchmen.

Submachine Guns

Beretta M12

In several scenes in Venice Italian carabiniers carry Beretta M12 SMGs.

Beretta M12 - 9x19mm
A carabinier with Beretta M12 in airport. On the right you can see a Guardia di Finanza officer with an holstered Beretta 34.
A carabinier carries a Beretta M12 when the police appears in the hotel.


In the final scene some of French gendarmes are armed with MAT-49 SMGs.

MAT-49 Submachine Gun - 9x19mm
Several MAT-49s are seen at the left.

Rifles and Assault Rifles

M16A1 Sniper Rifle

Fredo (Tony Kendall), the hitman on Kamal's service, is armed with an M16A1 assault rifle, fitted with a sound suppressor, sniper scope and laser sighting device.

M16A1 with 20 round magazine - 5.56x45mm
Fredo aims from the window, using a laser red point device.
Fredo aims, using the optical sniper scope.
Another view of Fredo's rifle.
Disassembled M16 is seen on the table.


In the final scene many French gendarmes are armed with rifles that appear to be MAS-36s. Most of them are fitted with Tromblon Mle F3 smoke grenade launchers. Guards at the gates of a government building in Paris also are armed wtih MAS-36s.

MAS-36 - 7.5x54mm French
Gendarmes carry rifles with smoke grenade launchers.
Guards with rifles at the gates.

Other Weapons

Tromblon Mle F3 Smoke Grenade Launcher

Tromblon Mle F3 smoke grenade launchers are seen mounted on MAS-36 rifles.

Tromblon Mle F3 smoke grenade launcher on MAS-36 rifle - 125mm
Gendarmes carry rifles with smoke grenade launchers.

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