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Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise

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Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise
DVD cover
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Robert Harmon
Release Date 2006
Language English
Studio Brandman Productions
Distributor Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Main Cast
Character Actor
Chief Jesse Stone Tom Selleck
Officer Luther "Suitcase" Simpson Kohl Sudduth
Officer Molly Crane Viola Davis
Massachusetts State Police Captain Healy Stephen McHattie
Hastings "Hasty" Hathaway Saul Rubinek
Jerry Snyder John Diehl
Norman Shaw Gary Basaraba
Dr. Dix William Devane

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise is the third film in the Jesse Stone television movie series. Tom Selleck returns as the former detective turned small town police chief who this time must solve the murder of a teenage girl.

The following weapons were used in the film Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise:


Smith & Wesson SW1911SC (Gunsite)

As in the previous films, Paradise Police Chief Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck) carries the Gunsite Edition of the Smith & Wesson SW1911SC as his sidearm. An interesting anecdote to note is that Chief Stone is the only PPD officer who actually uses his sidearm to stop a threat (though that might change in future Jesse Stone movies). In reality, Tom Selleck is a life long shooter and a big fan of the 1911 design and previously used this pistol in the series Las Vegas.

Smith & Wesson SW1911 (Gunsite) - .45 ACP
Chief Stone (Tom Selleck) confronts Jerry Snyder (John Diehl).
Having shot Snyder once already Stone yells at him to drop the weapon - more or less. Snyder chooses the hard way however.
Stone (Tom Selleck) confronts the Boston gangster Jimmy Finn (Steven Flynn) and Finn's bodyguard, Lovey Harris (Brendan Kelly) about the murder of the girl. When the bodyguard realizes that Stone knows he killed the girl on Finn's orders he attempts to shoot Stone. Stone uses Finn as a shield.
Chief Stone (Tom Selleck) has hit Norris (Brendan Kelly) once already. However Norris is still going so Stone assumes the more stable two handed stance and continues to fire.
Norris is now on the ground and has apparently been stopped. However Stone approaches cautiously, ready for action, in case Norris is faking it.
Finn's bodyguard, Lovey Harris (Brendan Kelly) lies dead after having lost his gunfight with Chief Stone (Tom Selleck). Note the pearl handled semi-automatic pistol laying next to him. The pistol also appears to be nickel plated. A classic "bad-guy" configuration.

Beretta 92F

Officer Simpson (Kohl Sudduth) uses a Beretta 92F throughout the series. It's interesting to note that so far (five movies) the only time Officer Simpson is seen firing a firearm is on the range. In this day and age, most police officers (even American ones) will go an entire career without firing their weapon in the line of duty (except for training).

(Beretta 92F (Early Model) - 9x19mm (Other side showing "92F" on slide)
Chief Stone (Tom Selleck) and Officer Simpson (Kohl Sudduth) enter the grocery store looking for the abusive Jerry Snyder (John Diehl) who has killed a customer and taken his wife hostage.
Officer Simpson (Kohl Sudduth) checks the dead customer.

Smith & Wesson Model 629

Chief Stone (Tom Selleck) also has to deal with a violent, abusive husband. When the husband, Jerry Snyder (John Diehl), learns that his wife is going to leave him he storms the local grocery store where she works. He kills a customer and takes his wife hostage using a Smith & Wesson Model 629. He then shoots Officer Simpson (Kohl Sudduth) before he is shot and killed by Chief Stone (Tom Selleck).

Smith & Wesson Model 629 with Hogue Grips - .44 magnum.


While discussing the investigation Officer Simspon (Kohl Sudduth) is zeroing his M4/M4A1 and Chief Stone (Tom Selleck) spots for him. Though the exact maker is unknown the rifle appears to be an M4/M4A1 with RIS and a continuous Picatinny rail top. (Thanks to MT2008 for the information.)

Colt M4A1 Carbine with M68 Aimpoint reflex optic and Knight's Armament RAS railed handguard and vertical forward grip - 5.56x45mm

Remington 870 Shotgun

When Jerry Snyder (John Diehl) takes his wife hostage and kills a customer in the local grocery store Chief Stone and his officers (all two of them) prepare to stop him. Chief Stone pulls out what appears to be a Grizzly Custom Remington 870 with synthetic furniture, sling, a Surefire flashlight, Ghost ring sights (LPA rear, Grizzly Custom front), Mesa tactical six round side saddle. No magazine extension, standard mag cap with sling swivel. It appears that this same shotgun is used again by Stone in Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (2011).

Wilson 870.jpg
Chief Stone (Tom Selleck) pull the Grizzly Custom Remington 870 out of his trunk.
Chief Stone racks a shell into the chamber. Technically he is carrying it correctly or 'patrol ready'. Safety off and chamber empty. When needed an officer simply chambers a shell and there is no fumbling with the safety.
Chief Stone leaves the Remington with Officer Crane (Viola Davis) who is watching the front of the store. She seems somewhat insulted at first until he hands her the shotgun and tells her, "If Snyder comes out alone - kill him." One gets the impression that this is the first time in her law enforcement career that she realizes the very serious implications of police work.

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