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In China They Eat Dogs

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In China They Eat Dogs
(I Kina Spiser de Hunde)
In China They Eat Dogs Poster.jpg
Theatrical Release Poster
Country DEN.jpg Denmark
Directed by Lasse Spang Olsen
Release Date 1999
Language Danish
Studio Steen Herdel Filmproduktion
Scanbox Entertainment
TV2 Danmark
Main Cast
Character Actor
Arvid Blixen Dejan Cukic
Harald Blixen Kim Bodnia
Martin Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Peter Tomas Villum Jensen
Vuk Brian Patterson
Ratko Slavko Labovic
Astrid Line Kruse

In China They Eat Dogs (original title I Kina Spiser de Hunde) is a 1999 Danish black comedy movie by Lasse Spang Olsen. The story tells about a young bank clerk turned bank robber and killer. The title is a reference to a phrase that main character's elder brother tells him: "In China, they eat dogs"; it mean that whether something is right or wrong depends on the situation.

A prequel to this movie is Old Men in New Cars (2002).

The following weapons were used in the film In China They Eat Dogs:


Smith & Wesson Model 19

Peter (Tomas Villum Jensen) appears in one scene with a revolver. Judging from the ejector rod shroud, front sight and general shape, it appears to be a blued K-Frame Smith & Wesson with 3" barrel, most possibly a Smith & Wesson Model 19. In the final scene Ratco (Slavko Labovic) uses a revolver that also looks like a K-frame with ejector rod shroud and longer barrel, possibly a Model 19 with 6" barrel.

Smith & Wesson Model 19 with 3" barrel and Pachmayr grips - .357 Magnum
Peter inspects his revolver.
Smith & Wesson Model 19, 6 inch "patridge" front sight barrel - .357 Magnum.
Ratco fires his revolver at Arvid Blixen.

Beretta 92F pistol

Beretta 92F is used by Harald Blixen (Kim Bodnia). In one scene Arvid Blixen (Dejan Cukic) got his brother's pistol and this led to a bad end. In the final scene Ratco (Slavko Labovic) and several of his men use Beretta 92F.

Beretta 92F (Early Model) - 9x19mm.
Harald threatens Vuk (Brian Patterson) with his Beretta 92F.
Masked Harald with his Beretta 92F.
Arvid Blixen shoots Beretta 92F in air to stop the hassle.
Ratco with his Beretta 92F.
Ratco fires two Beretta 92F.

Submachine guns

Micro Uzi

Micro Uzi is used by Arvid Blixen (Dejan Cukic) in one scene. Arvid lost control over his weapon which led to several innocent victims. Later Arvid fires Micro Uzi during the shootout with Ratco's gangsters.

IMI Micro Uzi with 15 round magazine - 9x19mm.
Harald Blixen (Kim Bodnia) handles Micro Uzi to Arvid (Dejan Cukic).
Arvid holds his Micro Uzi in "gangsta-style".
Arvid fires his Micro Uzi blindly during the final shootout.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD

MP5SD3 or SD6 is used by one of Ratco's gangsters during the final shootout. After the gangster was shot, his SMG falls into water where Harald Blixen (Kim Bodnia) took it and used against his enemies. The barrel appears shorter then MP5SD must be, so it is most likely non-suppressing replica of SD.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 with S-E-F trigger group and stock extended - 9x19mm.
Gangsters with MP5SD and Sa vz. 58.
A gangster with MP5SD.
The SMG in the water.
The muzzle appeares from the water.


Franchi SPAS-12

Franchi SPAS-12 is used by Ratco (Slavko Labovic) in the final shootout.

Franchi SPAS-12 combat shotgun with stock removed – 12 Gauge.
Ratco with SPAS-12.

SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper

SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper is used by one of Ratco's gangsters in the final shootout. After the gangster is shot, Harald Blixen (Kim Bodnia) takes his weapon.

SWD/Cobray Street Sweeper - 12 Gauge.
A close view on AMD-65 and Street Sweeper.
A good view on the folding stock.
Gangster with a Street Sweeper.
Harald Blixen fires a Street Sweeper.

Double barreled side by side shotgun

In the opening scene Franz (Peter Gantzler) tries to robber the bank using double barreled side by side shotgun with sawn-off stock.

Franz readies his shotgun.
Franz threatens a bank clerk. Sawn-off stock can be seen.
A close view.


M1 Carbine

M1 Carbine is used by one of Ratco's gangsters in the final shootout.

The Modern Manufactured version of the M1 Carbine, with standard stock, from Auto-Ordnance (affiliated with Kahr Arms and Thomson Arms) - .30 Carbine.
A gangster with M1 carbine.

Assault rifles

Sa vz. 58 V

Sa vz. 58 V rifles are used by several of Ratco's gangsters in the final shootout. After one of them was shot, Harald Blixen (Kim Bodnia) took his weapon.

Sa vz. 58 V - 7.62x39mm
A gangster with a vz. 58.
Gangsters with Heckler & Koch MP5SD and Sa vz. 58 V.
A gangster fires his Sa vz. 58 V at Harald Blixen who is under water.


AMD-65 is used by one of Ratco's gangsters in the final shootout.

Hungarian AMD-65 - 7.62x39mm.
A close view on AMD-65 and Street Sweeper.

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