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Hunter X Hunter (2011)

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Hunter X Hunter (October 2, 2011 - September 24, 2014)

Hunter X Hunter (pronounced "Hunter Hunter", without the "X") is a 2011 anime series produced by Madhouse, based on Yoshihiro Togashi's famous, and frequently on hiatus, manga series of the same name. Set in a fictional world (whose map looks conspicuously like the real world's rearranged), the story centers around Gon Freecss, a 12-year-old boy who seeks to join the exclusive, prestigious Hunter Association (a group composed of exceptionally capable individuals in a variety of fields, ranging from exploration to bounty hunting to cooking), in an effort to find his absent father, a noted member of the group. Soon after he begins, he is joined by 3 other aspiring hunters - Killua Zoldyck (another 12-year-old boy, and also an accomplished ex-hitman-for-hire), Kurapika Kurta (a 17-year-old seeking to avenge the murder of his family), and Leorio Paradinight (a 19-year-old who primarily wants access to the organization's funding, so he can go to medical school).

The following weapons were used in the anime series Hunter X Hunter (2011):



AMT Hardballer II

A Mafia member in Episode 52 ("Assault X And X Impact") uses what appears to be an AMT Hardballer II.

AMT Hardballer II - .45 ACP
The Mafia guard uses his Hardballer to threaten a doctor; note the short beavertail (suggesting a Hardballer II rather than an original model) and the non-standard sights. The pistol appears to be mirrored here, with the left-side controls on the right side (though as the left side is never seen, it could simply be a custom model with ambidextrous controls like many modern M1911 variants); the hammer is also uncocked, making this a rather impotent threat.

Beretta 92FS Inox

A Mafia member in Episode 43 ("A x Shocking x Tragedy") is briefly seen with a Beretta 92FS Inox.

Beretta 92FS Inox - 9x19mm
The Mafia members storm the auction hall, with the one in the center holding a Beretta. Presumably because of its brief appearance, the space in the trigger guard is drawn completely solid; the slide is also locked back for some strange reason.

Colt Defender

Another Mafia member in Episode 43 is seen with a Colt Defender; yet another Mafia member uses one against Uvogin in Episode 44 ("Buildup x To A x Fierce Battle").

Colt Defender - .45 ACP
The same shot as the Beretta section; the man with the Defender is on the left, while the man on the right holds a vaguely Glock-ish handgun that doesn't have enough detail for a confident ID.
A later frame in the same sequence.
Uvogin stares down at the Mafia member and his Defender.
The Mafia man holds his pistol, clearly unintimidated...
...as is Uvogin himself.
A close-up of the Colt's trigger.
The pistol is fired; this apparently causes the slide to become about twice as long as it's supposed to be.
Suffice it to say, this doesn't make it any more effective.

Colt M1911

At least one of the Mafia members is seen with an original Colt M1911 in Episode 52.

Colt M1911 - .45 ACP
The Mafia member fires his M1911; note the diamond-pattern grips and straight backstrap, indicative of a pre-A1 M1911.

Colt M1911A1

What appears to be a Colt M1911A1 is (briefly) used by a Mafia member in Episode 44 ("Buildup X To A X Fierce Battle"); more are used by Mafia members in Episode 51 ("A X Brutal X Battlefield") and 52, with Pakunoda also using one in the former episode. The M1911A1 is also the standard-issue sidearm of the Pata City police officers seen in Episode 93 ("Date X With X Palm").

Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
A Mafia member holds his M1911A1 on Uvogin...
...only for the latter to punch clear through it. Needless to say, driving an M1911's slide off the back of the frame would be an incredible feat of strength, especially since he manages to do so without even moving his opponent's arm.
Pakunoda prepares to wipe the smug look off a Mafia guard's face, with the aid of a somewhat stretched-out M1911.
Pakunoda wields an M1911 akimbo with a (somewhat thin) Desert Eagle; it looks noticeably different from the pistol above (with a round-backed slide and seemingly shorter barrel, though the latter could be blamed on perspective), though whether this is simply a continuity error or she's actually supposed to be using a different pistol altogether is unclear.
A Mafia member with an M1911 takes cover behind a car, while another opens fire with an M16A1.
A group of Pata City police officers confront Cheetu, M1911A1s drawn. The pistols are rather simplistic and low-detail here, not even having trigger guards.
In the next shot, however, the details are more apparent. Precisely why one of them decided to bring a ballistic shield to confront an unarmed threat isn't clear, but hey, better safe than sorry.
With Cheetu refusing to comply, the officers open fire; oddly, every hammer visible in this shot is uncocked, contradicting the M1911A1's single-action nature.
Suffice it to say, this doesn't wind up helping much against a superhumanly-fast cheetah-man-ant; for his troubles, Cheetu takes one officer's fingers and eats them.
Lacking sufficient digits to hold it properly, the officer drops his pistol.

IMI Desert Eagle

Pakunoda briefly uses an IMI Desert Eagle in Episode 51. A guard in Episode 52 uses one in a continuity error, and Zenji also uses one in Episode 53 ("Fake X And X Psyche"). Some were also apparently owned by members of Gyro's drug cartel (though no living member is seen with one); at least two are collected and used by a Chimera Ant in Episode 80 ("Evil X And X Terrible").

IMI Desert Eagle Mark VII - .357 Magnum
The guard on the right holds a Desert Eagle; this is a continuity error, as he was using an M1911 variant in the previous shot. The guard on the left, meanwhile, appears to be struggling to grasp the concept of a Thompson.
Zenji threatens Kurapika Kurta with his Desert Eagle; like Pakunoda's, it appears to be drawn rather thin.
Seeing Kurapika's lack of response, Zenji then racks the slide; carrying the weapon with an empty chamber isn't the best idea, but then again, Zenji is a Mafia capo who likely doesn't expect to see much direct combat.
Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX - .440 Cor-Bon
Pokkle picks up a dropped Desert Eagle by its muzzle, discussing the implications of finding such a thing in what essentially amounts to a giant Amish community.
A close-up shot of another Desert Eagle's muzzle; note how it now seems to lack the cuts in the top-mounted optic rail.
The pistol is fired; the slight yellow tint is the last remnant of the muzzle flash, which obscures much of the pistol in earlier frames of this sequence.
The perpetrator of the above action; oddly, this particular Chimera Ant is never named (even after the Ants discover and adopt names as a concept), being referred to either as "Fish-face" or simply "Gun-toting Ant". Additionally, despite having only two fingers and a thumb, the Ant shows no difficulty handling its Desert Eagles' weight and recoil.
Another muzzle-end close-up; this time, the optic rail cuts are depicted.
That's not creepy at all.
Killua examines a spent casing left behind at the scene of the above murder; notably, the cases shown are bottlenecked. The only bottlenecked cartridges that the Desert Eagle has ever been offered in are .440 Cor-Bon and .429 DE; given that the latter came out in 2018 (5 years after this episode), .440 is the only logical option.

Stechkin APS

Kite's Nen ability, Crazy Slots, can produce several different weapons seemingly at random; of these, the fourth is a Stechkin APS fitted with an odd muzzle device and an absurdly long stock. This is the first of said weapons shown, appearing in Episode 76 ("Reunion X And X Understanding").

Stechkin APS with stock - 9x18mm Makarov
Crazy Slots (literally) spits out the APS; it glows rainbow as it forms, then takes on a more normal color scheme once fully-formed. Kite notably refers to this as a "bad roll"; he also says this about the other weapons Crazy Slots is shown dispensing, so it's not clear what he considers a good roll.
Kite turns, giving a side-on view of the pistol (if it can really be called that at this point).
He then takes aim at a pair of children an anthill. No, seriously.
A close-up shot of the trigger...
...and another of the muzzle. The strange muzzle device has ports in the top, suggesting that it functions as a compensator (nevermind that the muzzle flash apparently ignores this), though why it's so long is anyone's guess.
Having successfully thrown his gun in the air and dealt with a severed ant head, Kite catches it and brings it to bear; note his consistently nonexistent trigger discipline. Also worth noting is the rather strange way he holds the pistol; the ridiculous length of the stock forces him to put it over his shoulder rather than against it, effectively negating any value it could possibly have for stabilization or recoil control.
Midway through a fight with Yunju in Episode 82 ("Kite X And X Slots"), Crazy Slots once again dispenses the Stechkin; note how Crazy Slots faces to the pistol's right. This'll be important later.
Having apparently lost his fear of guns from his dealings with incompetent cartel goons, Yunju charges straight towards the APS's bizarre muzzle, with predictable consequences.
Kite midway through his advice-giving (on the matter of Chimera Ants, and how they can survive after being cut in half); note how Crazy Slots now faces the pistol's left. This same continuity error also appears in the weapon's first appearance; it is instead listed here because it hadn't been noticed until this point.
A close-up of the Stechkin in Killua's flashback; this is seemingly the only shot where its slide-mounted safety/fire selector is actually drawn, though the muzzle device lacks its typically-present cuts. Notably, this flashback's unique shots are inaccurate to the actual events (with Kite holding the gun much closer to Gon's face in particular), though this could simply be a product of how Killua perceived them.

Steyr GB

What appear to be Steyr GB pistols are used by some of the Eleven Black Children, Shachmono Tocino's Nen-based soldiers; they are only used during the Children's first (i.e. planned) appearance, presumably because their armaments are separate from them, and thus need to be handed out to them in advance.

Steyr GB - 9x19mm
Two of the Black Children burst into frame, GBs in hand; the further of the two holds his left-handed, showing that it has wood grip panels.
The closer Child fires his, while a third enters the shot even closer.
With the blur gone, the third Child's pistol is more clearly visible; while some of the details are off from the real deal (most notably the boxier slide, along with smaller wooden grip panels and a shorter front sight), the resemblance is still apparent.
Another view of the Children; the GB's characteristic front barrel collar (part of its gas-delayed blowback mechanism) is clearly visible here.
Several 9mm projectiles suspended on one of Kurapika's chains; the slugs appear to be solid copper, and were presumably moving rather slowly given that they're still in one piece (and the fact that they were stopped with a spinning chain).
A view of the Children from above; this being a relatively brief shot, their pistols' proportions are... inconsistent, to put it lightly.

Walther PPK

A Mafia member in Episode 43 is briefly seen with a stainless Walther PPK.

Walther PPK - .380 ACP
The panicked Mafia member holding his PPK; the blurred lines of this scene warp the pistol's profile a bit, but it's still clear enough to make an ID.


Smith & Wesson Model 36

What appear to be Smith & Wesson Model 36 revolvers (or possibly another similar S&W model) are used by the police officers that attempt to arrest Basho in Episode 39 ("Wish x And x Promise").

Smith & Wesson Model 36 - .38 Special
The police officers confront Basho.
Another view; this is about the clearest shot of the revolvers provided.
The officers open fire; it's unclear if these revolvers are supposed to have 4-, 5-, or 6-shot cylinders.
Somehow failing to hit a man standing about 10 feet away from them, the officers are easily defeated.

Smith & Wesson Model 66

What appears to be a Smith & Wesson Model 66 (or, again, another similar model) is briefly seen in the hands of a Mafia member in Episode 43 ("A x Shocking x Tragedy").

Smith & Wesson Model 66 - .357 Magnum
The Mafia member with his revolver; note that it appears to be mirrored, with the cylinder release on the right side instead of the left.

Webley Mark VI

A nickel-plated Webley Mark VI is Pakunoda's signature weapon, seen first during the 2nd OP sequence, "Departure! -second version-". For all its association with the character, she only actually uses it twice; rather than conventional ammunition, it is used exclusively to fire Nen-based "Memory Bomb" rounds, which contain a fixed set of information that is instantly conveyed to anyone shot in the head with them.

Webley Mark VI (nickel-plated) - .455 Webley
Pakunoda with her Webley in the second OP sequence; while her choice to point it straight at her own head with the hammer cocked seems a bit less suicidal when the nature of its ammunition is considered, it still doesn't make too much sense - the most she could hope to accomplish is transferring information directly to herself.
The first shot of Pakunoda's Webley in the show proper, with the former cleaning the latter; this is seen in Episode 43.
An imagine spot of the Phantom Troupe, with Pakunoda and her Webley on the bottom-right; this same artwork (albeit silhouetted) also appears in the arc's ED sequence, "Hunting For Your Dream".
The Webley prominently appears in the secondary, Troupe-featuring version of the 2nd OP sequence (first seen in Episode 52); Pakunoda fades into frame, levels her revolver, and points it straight at the camera, before filling the entire screen with a muzzle flash.
Pakunoda holds Squala at gunpoint, as seen in the revolver's first actual instance of use (in Episode 56, "Beloved X And X Beleaguered").
She then conjures two of her special rounds; once they stop glowing, they look more or less normal.
...which, once they stop glowing, look more or less normal.
They do not, however, look like anything a normal Mark VI (or any Webley, for that matter) would fire, being semi-rimmed, bottlenecked, and spitzer-pointed (rather than the rimmed, straight-walled, round-nosed profile of normal .455 Webley rounds). Notably, this also means that she was threatening Squala with an empty gun.
A series of frames from the subsequent sequence - first, Pakunoda raises the revolver.
She apparently manages to cock the hammer during this motion, though no associated hand movement is shown.
She then lowers the revolver and takes aim; the weapon's barrel seems a bit large here.
This, of course, brings her ability's title card into frame. The associated English subtitle is notably less dramatic.
Pakunoda aiming at Nobunaga Hazama (only some of the Troupe's members seem to have surnames); the revolver seems a bit squashed here, though perspective likely plays a role in this.
Pakunoda fires; while blurry, it appears that the projectile shown here is the entire loaded cartridge, rather than just a bullet. To be fair, it is made of Nen (i.e. literal magic, hence the purple muzzle flash), so it doesn't necessarily work like a conventional round. Now might also be a good time to point out that the revolver itself is presumably also conjured from Nen, unless the viewer is meant to believe that Pakunoda can somehow hide a full-size service revolver in that outfit.
Despite being made of Nen, these rounds still apparently produce smoke.
Pakunoda holding her fully-loaded revolver during its second (and final) on-screen use, in Episode 58 ("Signal X To X Retreat").
Surrounded with Nen, she raises the Webley.
Another view of the above scene, showing the underside of the revolver...
...and the muzzle, as she aims it.
These two shots are then repeated as close-ups, albeit with separate artwork (rather than the re-used assets one might expect - note the larger trigger guard compared to the previous side-on shot).
To give this image an adequately dramatic caption would be a major spoiler, so it'll have to be taken at face value.
And speaking of major spoilers...

Unknown Revolver

Various patrons of the Hunter-exclusive information website carry holstered revolvers (in keeping with the site's Wild West theme); these are never unholstered, and thus difficult to give a specific ID. Another unknown revolver is seen in the montage sequence in Episode 134 ("The Word X Is X That Person"), with this one having a vaguely Webley-like appearance. (I think this one might be just good enough for a separate entry, but I'll decide later.)

Gon and Killua sit down at the website's bar, next to a presumably-virtual patron with a holstered revolver; the out-of-focus patron in the foreground also has one.
As the narrator describes humanity's crimes (particularly the development of HXH's equivalent to the nuclear bomb), this shot is shown. This image is based on a famous photo of the execution of Viet Cong captain Nguyễn Văn Lém; while the actual shooting was done with a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, this is clearly not that, and bears some resemblance to a Webley .455 Mk I. The soldiers in this shot (not present in the original photo) carry nondescript rifles.

Submachine Guns

M1A1 Thompson

Starting in Episode 51, Mafia guards make frequent use of M1A1 Thompson submachine guns.

M1A1 Thompson - .45 ACP
A pair of Mafia guards stand, well, guard, with Thompsons slung over their shoulders.
And they're not the only ones.
A group of guards with assorted weapons (M1A1s included) keeping tabs on the Cemetary Building's elevators. Yes, that's its actual name.
A good shot of a guard's Thompson's muzzle as he reacts to Neon's sudden collapse.
Another shot from the same scene; this particular Thompson seems to have been drawn a smidge too long, though not quite as long as the modern Auto-Ordnance semi-auto carbine variants.
Meanwhile, a ways outside the Cemetery Building, a broken Thompson lies next to an equally broken guard.
Two guards open fire at Feitan, to little effect.
Yet another guard meets an unfortunate end, being controlled and used against his comrades by one of Shalnark's darts.
A group of guards unwittingly walk into an ambush, with several others strung up by Machi's threads.
Another group of guards waiting outside the Cemetery Building for an ambulance, with the closest one seemingly phasing his fingers through his M1A1's magazine.


Koala, a Chimera Ant, is briefly seen handling a MAC-11 taken from a dead cartel member in Episode 79 ("No X Good X NGL").

RPB Industries M11A1 - .380 ACP
The MAC-11 in Koala's... hand? Paw? Pincer?
Koala scrutinizes the MAC intently...
...before casting it aside, apparently content to keep shooting people with water instead.

Assault Rifles & Carbines


While most of the AK variants used by Mafia guards in Episode 51 are Norinco Type 56s (described below), at least a few appear to be AK-74s without muzzle brakes. Pakunoda also briefly uses one in Episode 52, and some are used by Mafia guards outside the Ten Dons' meeting house in Episode 53 ("Fake X And X Psyche"). At least a few of the cartel members (first seen in Episode 78, "Very X Rapid X Reproduction") also appear to have AK-74s instead of Type 56s.

AK-74 - 5.45x39mm
The guard on the right holds an AK-74; this appears to be a continuity error, as the previous shot showed him with a Type 56, but the straighter magazine and 90-degree gas block are evident.
Two guards under Machi's control unload onto another group; the upside-down guard on the left has an AK-74.
Pakunoda hip-fires a pilfered AK while back-to-back with Shalnark; notably, while it correctly ejects casings to the right, it is shown with its charging handle and ejection port on the left.
A rather bored-looking guard stands outside the Ten Dons' meeting, AK-74 in hand; holding a rifle muzzle-up in the rain probably isn't the greatest idea.
Another guard holding his AK somewhat more sensibly; notably, in addition to the 90-degree gas block and 5.45mm magazine, it also has a Type 56-esque hooded front sight.
A pair of AK-wielding guards approach Kurapika, informing him that the fighting has ended.
Cartel members charge into an Ant-occupied village, guns blazing; the left-handed man in the center of the shot appears to have an AK-74, given the magazine and gas block.
Another cartel member with an AK-74; despite its oddly blocky appearance, the usual combination of a 90-degree gas block and Type 56-style front sight hood is visible (though the magazine appears to have been forgotten).

Colt M16A1

Some of the Mafia guards also use M16 variants, seemingly Colt M16A1s. The M16A1 also appears to be the standard-issue rifle of the Republic of East Gorteau; this is rather ironic, as the REG is a thinly-veiled parody of North Korea, while the M16A1 was, for a time, the standard rifle of the South Korean military.

Colt M16A1 - 5.56x45mm NATO
A guard looks over at Neon and Chrollo, M16A1 in hand; this is about the second shot of the rifle in the show, and probably the most detailed. The full-fence lower, early-style rear sight and forward assist, and lack of a brass deflector all peg this as an A1; notably, it lacks an autosear pin in the lower receiver, indicating that a civilian semi-auto variant may have been used as a reference.
Another shot from the above scene, giving a good view of the handguard and front sight block.
Another guard opens fire on... yet another guard; while some details are missing, the rifle's features are still evidently those of an A1.
A guard's attempt at calling for backup is rather rudely interrupted by a large explosion.
The muzzle of another M16A1 is seen over the shoulder of an East Gorteauan (Gorteauian? Gorteaun?) soldier in a news broadcast seen in Episode 95 ("Grudge X And X Dread"). As a note of trivia, the man in the foreground is Supreme Leader Diego Masadoru, a pseudo-anagram of the name of former North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il (via alternative readings of the hanja characters comprising Jong-Il's name); to make this parallel more apparent, some English translations instead refer to him as "Ming Jol-ik".
A silhouetted M16A1, as seen during Killua's explanation of the informant system in East Gorteau in Episode 98 ("Infiltration X And X Selection"). While a bit difficult to make out due to the contrast, most of the expected details are present.
Soldiers of East Gorteau's military march through the city streets, enforcing the newly-declared state of martial law in Episode 99 ("Combination X And X Evolution").
Later, in Episode 106 ("Knov X And X Morel") one of Neferpitou's puppet soldiers (as indicated by the glowing red eyes and literal puppet strings) fires his M16A1. The muzzle flash appears to be the correct shape for an A1-style birdcage flash hider; the spent cases, however, are considerably smaller than they ought to be.
Said puppet gets a face full of titular character Morel Mackernasy's pipe (yes, that kind of pipe), giving a good view of the carrying handle and forward assist.
Another puppet shouts orders, M16A1 in hand, in Episode 109 ("Taking Stock X And X Taking Action"); note that this particular rifle appears to be mirrored, with the cam pin block on the right side, and the ejection port presumably on the left.

M4A1 Carbine

A Mafia member in Episode 43 is briefly seen with what appears to be an M4A1 Carbine (or a similar AR variant).

Colt M4A1 - 5.56x45mm NATO
The Mafia member (center-left); while the proportions are rather wide of the mark (with an oversized receiver, a massive dustcover, and a comparatively tiny carrying handle and handguard), the combination of a clearly-detachable carrying handle and a carbine-length barrel and gas system (with the back of the front sight block just visible to the left of the middle man's head, nevermind that his head wouldn't cover the end of the gun if it had a full-length barrel) make an M4A1 or something of the sort the most reasonable guess.

Norinco Type 56

A substantial chunk of the Mafia guards from Episode 51 forwards use Norinco Type 56s, both fixed-stock models and under-folding Type 56-1s. Drug cartel members also use them starting in Episode 78; again, both fixed and folding stocks are seen, though the latter are of a different design. Despite their varied features, all the show's Type 56s consistently use early-style "slab-side" magazines, possibly because they're simpler to draw.

Norinco Type 56 with milled receiver and no bayonet - 7.62x39mm
A dead mafia guard lying next to his Norinco; precisely how the barrel managed to end up like that is never explained, though Phinks is probably to blame.
A close-up of a guard-turned-marionette's rifle; note that the safety is on, and the charging handle appears to be missing.
The shot sweeps down the length of the rifle, showing off the somewhat odd upper handguard...
...and then the gas block and front sight, the latter (with its full-circle hood) being a telltale sign of a Type 56 (as opposed to an original Soviet AK).
A rather uneasy-looking guard (under Shalnark's control, naturally) holding a Type 56; the stock is rather oddly angled downwards, though it straightens out as soon as he raises it. Notably, it also begins ejecting brass the frame before he actually starts firing.
A close-up shot of a cartel soldier's AK's muzzle as he opens fire.
Another view, clearly showing the Type 56's distinctive front sight design.
They then open fire, apparently seeing said sights as unnecessary. To be fair, this is essentially a firing squad.
Due to this firing squad's target being a humanoid turtle-ant (only ever referred to as "Turtle") with a bullet-resistant shell, however, this doesn't actually work, leaving them holding their rifles up in frustration; the show's logo is present because this scene comes just before the mid-episode ad break.
Upon encountering the results of a less successful attempt at pest removal in Episode 81 ("The X Fight X Begins"), Killua picks up a pair of Type 56s off their former owners, with this shot giving a close-up of one rifle's milled receiver; in the manga, this was instead an AR-15 carbine of some sort and a Hecker & Koch MP5K-PDW. Notably, despite having been trained in combat since the age of three (no, seriously), Killua apparently doesn't practice trigger discipline.
Norinco Type 56-1 with milled receiver - 7.62x39mm
Several guards stand by the elevator as Chrollo and Neon exit; the leftmost one has a Type 56-1.
Two of Machi's guard-puppets fire their AKs; while neither is particularly detailed here, the one on the right features a folding stock.
A pair of cartel soldiers run from Yunju, rifles in hand.
Upon hearing a scream, one turns around...
...only to be met with a comrade-turned-projectile. Note the odd folding stock - rather than the usual underfolder, or a Type 56-2-style side-folder, this appears to be a single-strut stock with a simple curved buttplate; it somewhat resembles a Romanian PM md. 80's "crutch" stock, though it's not an exact match.
Another cartel soldier meets a misfortunate end beneath Yunju's hoof; here, the odd folding stock design is more visible. It appears to use a single flat bar on the left side of the receiver, which swings downward to fold (rather than sideways as one might normally expect); this non-standard design could be somewhat justified by the fact that Gyro's cartel are implied to be manufacturing weapons themselves, rather than purchasing them from an outside source. This particular rifle also appears to have a dovetail optic rail, although neither this rifle nor any of the cartel's others are seen with optics.
A guard stands by Gyro, holding another one of the folding-stocked rifles; this one appears to also have a rather short barrel, though it could simply be a matter of perspective combined with the front sight blending in with the gas block.
The second guard's rifle, however, is a completely different can of worms in terms of proportion issues.
The aftermath of a guard's encounter with the Ants, as seen in Episode 82; this particular rifle lacks a stock, and seems to have some sort of odd magazine well extension.
Said rifle's lack of a stock could be a result of it being hastily grabbed from a shipping crate like this (with the rifles' stocks being separated for easier transport); this presumably means that, in addition to manufacturing weapons for their own use, Gyro's cartel was either importing weapons from outside the NGL, or was planning to export them. These particular rifles also feature the same extended magazine well as the one above (thereby confirming that it's not simply part of the magazine).


Remington Model 700PSS

A Mafia sniper in Episode 44 is seen with what appears to be a Remington Model 700PSS; like most of the weapons used by the Mafia in this episode, it is used briefly, and to little effect.

Remington Model 700PSS - 7.62x51mm NATO
The first view of the sniper's rifle is not of the rifle itself, but rather the reticle of its scope. The man under the crosshair should tell you everything you need to know about how this ends.
The audience is then treated to a sweeping shot of the rifle itself, first showing off the bipod and heavy-profile barrel...
...and then the scope, stock, receiver, and sniper. Note the oddly short ejection port; this is presumably a by-product of perspective, though as this is the only shot of the entire receiver provided and no rounds or spent cases are ever seen, it's possible that it was drawn that way intentionally.
A close-up of the trigger group and bolt handle as the sniper prepares to take his shot.
Immediately regretting his decision, the sniper shows off a decent view of his rifle's bolt and scope.

Unknown Sniper Rifle

The aptly-named character Siper uses a somewhat nondescript sniper rifle; based on its design, it is presumably semi-automatic, though it can't be said for sure since, despite practically never being seen without it, Siper never actually fires the rifle on-screen.

The first shot of Siper and her sniper rifle, seen in Episode 3 ("Rivals x For x Survival"; spaces in Hunter X Hunter episode titles are always filled with a silent "x").
Another group shot of the Hunter examinees, showing off more of the rifle; note how it has a rather oddly thick stock, and a front sight but no rear sight (not that one would be of much use, considering the height of the receiver).
Siper runs through the Nemure Wetlands with her rifle on her back (in Episode 5, "Hisoka x is x Sneaky"); it appears to use a military-style 3-point sling, though where the front sling mount actually is isn't clear due to Gon's haircut.
Waiting for the exam's third phase to end in Episode 12 ("Last Test x of x Resolve"; the lack of an "x" between the first two words is deliberate, likely because "last test" is one word in Japanese), Siper cleans her rifle; its design is noticeably different here, with a less bulky (and more rounded) receiver, a shorter forend, a longer scope, and a considerably larger ejection port that sits oddly far forward in the equally-strangely-long receiver. The third hook point on the sling also isn't visible here, though it could simply be obscured by Siper's arm.
She then stops and silently judges the camera (along with Sommy's weird human-faced monkey-thing); precisely how the scope is actually attached to her rifle isn't entirely clear.
Siper stands outside Trick Tower in Episode 14 ("Hit x The x Target"); note how here, she carries it with one sling strap over her left shoulder...
...whereas, in the next shot where she appears, it has a 3-point sling.
Siper takes careful aim at her target; this is probably the clearest shot of the rifle in the entire show. As mentioned, the layout of the ejection port suggests a semi-auto, though there isn't an obvious charging handle; if there is one, it's presumably on the left side of the receiver, since only the right side is ever shown. The scope now features a simple mount (two posts, and no rings or rails); the barrel is still rather odd, having some sort of thick section or shroud that runs the length of the handguard (possibly a free-float tube of some kind), and the receiver is once again large and boxy.
A view through Siper's rifle's duplex-crosshair scope as she lines up a shot on Gittarackur. This sequence is shown in both this episode and the next one ("Scramble x Of x Deception"), explaining what happened immediately afterwards: taking far too long to act (despite seemingly having a clear shot the entire time), Siper becomes the victim of the now-classic through-the-scope shot. With a needle.


Ithaca 37

Some of the Mafia guards in Episode 51 use Ithaca 37 shotguns.

Ithaca 37 Riot Gun - 12 gauge
A pair of guards open fire on Franklin and Shizuku as they drive closer.
The guard with the Ithaca is, interestingly enough, shown cycling his shotgun and ejecting a shell.
A guard with a shotgun (possibly the same one) runs towards the scene of Franklin and Shizuku's now-burning car.
The reason that that's "possibly" the same shotgun-wielding guard as above is that there's more than one.
A definitely-different shotgun-wielding guard watches Franklin emerge from the wreckage; note how, for whatever reason, the receiver is the same color as the forend (and thus presumably made of wood).
The guard attempts to get a shot off on Franklin, but ultimately gets cut down before he gets a chance.

Machine Guns

Browning M2 Aircraft

The montage sequence at the beginning of Episode 134 opens with a shot of a bombing run; while the airships involved are (by nature) fictional, they feature B17-esque ball turrets containing what are presumably meant to be Browning M2 Aircraft heavy machine guns.

Browning M2 Aircraft, Fixed - .50 BMG
The bomber-blimps with their ball-turret Brownings. Note the grainy appearance of this shot; the entire sequence looks like this, since it's meant to look like an old film reel.


M20 "Super Bazooka"

One of the numerous Mafia men in Episode 44 uses an M20 "Super Bazooka" against Uvogin; notably, it is actually referred to by name (or rather, by nickname) by its user. Precisely why the Mafia thought such a weapon was necessary to bring along to what they believed would be a fight against ordinary human beings isn't ever elaborated upon; regardless, the fact that such a weapon would normally be overkill winds up being a bit of a moot point.

M20 "Super Bazooka" - 3.5" rocket
Rather than attempting to get the drop on his target, the Bazooka-wielding Mafia member decides to announce his presence and intentions to a still-unintimidated Uvogin.
Another scrolling shot, showing the length of the main body tube...
...and the rear end.
The Mafia member aims his launcher; it seems to have been drawn without sights, for whatever reason.
In response, Uvogin steps up his display of unconcernedness, and tells a man with a rocket launcher to talk to the hand.
He responds as one would expect.
The weapon's wielder stands and watches the smoke cloud dissipate, entirely reasonably assuming that he's won.
This, however, turns out to be false. Given that an M28 HEAT warhead fired from an M20 can penetrate ~11 inches of RHA, one is led to the somewhat unsettling conclusion that Uvogin's Nen somehow counts as more than that.


Brovada's Claws

Brovada, a Chimera Ant (also often referred to as "Bloster"), has a pair of 3-barreled machine guns (or possibly autocannons, given the caliber) concealed within his claws; as with many body-integrated weapons in HXH, these are Nen-based, rather than any sort of mechanical system. They are shown as being quite powerful, capable of demolishing most of a truck's cab with a single burst, and ripping fist-sized holes through an ostensibly reinforced pair of elevator doors; oddly, in spite of this, they completely fail to even scratch the M113 APC Ikalgo uses against him, despite the M113's armor being relatively thin aluminum only rated to stop 7.62mm rifle ammunition.

The first view of Brovada's claw-guns comes in Episode 115 ("Duty X And X Question"), in the form of an imagine spot from Welfin.
The fact that this isn't actually happening explains the slightly odd color saturation in these shots.
For reference, this is what Brovada and his guns look like normally, as seen in Episode 118 ("A X False X Rage").
Unconvinced by "Flutter"'s excuses, he opens fire.
Seeing Ikalgo's attempted trap (in the form of armored bulkhead doors, whose resistance to Brovada's bullets makes a bit more sense given their sheer thickness), Brovada demonstrates the secondary feature of his claw-guns:
In lieu of bullets, they can fire what is apparently rocket propellant, sending Brovada flying in the other direction.
Speaking of bullets, here are some of Brovada's utterly failing to damage Ikalgo's M113 in the subsequent episode ("Strong X Or X Weak"); apparently, East Gorteau's APCs are simply built different.
Having successfully stopped the APC (by shooting out its front-left drive sprocket, which doesn't stop it from going forward and right to block his exit), Brovada holds his guns ready; here, each claw seems to have 4 barrels instead of the usual 3.
In the subsequent shot, as he inspects the now-burning APC, the guns are back to 3 barrels, though they still look rather different than the ones in the third shot. Brovada, meanwhile, is somehow closing his pupils.

Feitan's Umbrella

Feitan Portor's main weapon is a spike-ended umbrella; aside from concealing a sword, this incorporates a system (seemingly either compressed air or a powder charge) for launching the large spike on the end like a bullet. The weapon itself is only seen in Episodes 96 ("A X Lawless X Home") and 97 ("Carnage X And X Destruction"), with the spike launcher only being used in the latter.

A view of the spike on the end of Feitan's umbrella, stopped mere inches from Zazan's neck.
Feitan presses the weapon's button-type trigger; it doesn't seem to have a safety of any sort, presumably relying on Feitan's own proficiency to avoid accidental firing.
The spike is launched; it now appears somewhat shorter and thicker, though this is likely a matter of perspective.
Another frame from this sequence; note how the weapon actually has a (short) rifled barrel...
...which lines up with the grooved base of the spike.
Feitan, still holding his now-spikeless umbrella, watches Zazan's anger in silent amusement.

Franklin's Hands

Franklin Bordeau's Nen ability is his "Double Machine Gun", a set of 10 submachine guns mounted in his fingers; being Nen-based, they fire Nen bullets, and thus don't have any obvious operating mechanism.

Franklin popping the chain-retained ends off of his fingers; there isn't any apparent cause for this, so it's probably Nen.
The Phantom Troupe take their "No Flash Photography" policy very seriously.
Mere frames before Franklin begins unloading into the crowd; note that, presumably because of this fact, many of his victims are already acting as though they've been shot.
Franklin fires; while they don't require casings, space for a bolt, or even any obvious storage location, Nen bullets apparently still make muzzle flashes.
And require rifled barrels, for that matter.
Franklin once again disconnects his fingertips; the chains seem to just trail off into the ends of his fingers here, though this is simply a product of perspective.
A muzzle-on view; not something that most live to describe.
Franklin once again opens fire on the Mafia; here, the hooks holding onto his fingers' chains are apparent, though whether these are always conspicuously visible or only appear when he pops them off isn't quite as clear.

Generic Weapons

Several background characters (Mafia members in particular) are seen with generic firearms, often too low in detail to make a confident ID possible.

Two Mafia members in the background holding assault rifles vaguely reminiscent of the Beretta AR-70/90; given the similar(ly odd) folding stock design, the man in the foreground appears to have a similar rifle as well.
A Mafia member with a generic AK-esque rifle.
Another shot from the same scene, showing another man with a generic pistol-gripped pump-action shotgun.
More Mafia men, with one holding another generic shotgun; given the grip angle, this one appears to have a sawn-down stock, rather than a proper pistol grip.
A police officer enforcing a checkpoint holds a somewhat generic rifle.
Kurapika stops a group of Mafia guards and a doctor just outside Neon's room for being dressed too normally an examination with his Dowsing Chain ability; the one closest to the wall holds a weapon which seems to start as a flat-topped AR variant and then switch to being an AK behind the doctor's head.
A group of skulls and rifles seen in Episode 134's montage sequence; these are mostly a mix of the series' standard Type 56s and some nondescript rifles vaguely similar to the ones used by the Mafia.
Another nondescript assault rifle, wielded (with absolutely no trigger discipline whatsoever) by a man presumably serving as a soldier or prison guard for some tin-pot dictatorship; the context of these shots is left vague throughout the sequence, more serving to establish the general theme of humanity's wrongs than to explain the history of HXH's world in detail.

Ikalgo's Rifle

Ikalgo, another Chimera Ant, has the ability to turn his tentacles into an air rifle; first seen in Episode 100 ("Tracking X And X Pursuit"), he uses this as part of a Nen ability called "Fleadom", which allows him to fire giant, anticoagulant-secreting fleas at targets several hundred meters away.

A close-up of the rifle during Ikalgo's first "appearance", sniping at Killua with his air rifle; this shows the air lines connected into the presumably flesh-based "receiver".
Another close-up shot, this one of the muzzle; the unusual-looking barrel contrasts with the relatively normal-looking flash hider.
The front end of the rifle; note the rather boxy shape of the receiver, which is only really visible in this shot. Note also that the weapon lacks sights of any sort; Flutter is shown telepathically giving Ikalgo grid coordinates to shoot for, but it's not entirely clear how he's actually supposed to be aiming for them.
A view from under the muzzle brake, showing what appears to be a seam; on a real weapon component, this would imply that the piece was made as a flat stamping, then bent into shape and welded at the bottom, though here it probably means that a single piece of tentacle wrapped around and adhered to itself instead.
Ikalgo prepares to take his shot; the massive ball behind him is the rifle's air reservoir, which is apparently filled simply by breathing in.
He then fires; despite ostensibly being an air rifle, it still produces a rather considerable muzzle flash.
This may have something to do with its "ammunition"; these fleas' flat, silver-colored rear end presumably functions as a gas seal ring in the barrel, though given the flash it could also contain some sort of chemical propellant to aid in propulsion - or, given its odd aiming method, possibly even in-flight guidance. As a note of trivia, these fleas can apparently (somehow) jump 200 meters in the air; this may also be connected to their propulsion in some way. Precisely where he gets these fleas, or whether they existed before he came up with Fleadom, is never addressed.
Fresh fleas are loaded into a port on the left side of the receiver (there's a new sentence). While the position of the wielder's right hand would suggest that the rifle is a bullpup design, there's no trigger on the forward section, or anywhere on the outside of the rifle, for that matter; instead, the "trigger" is presumably a nerve signal, which means that whether or not it technically qualifies as a bullpup depends on the position of the wielder's head.
"Ikalgo" stands up and admires his handiwork; the rifle now appears a fair bit less boxy, and smaller in general, though whether this is a consequence of it being alive or simply a continuity error is hard to say.
"This is a trap."

Following Ikalgo's separation from his host body, the rifle's design changes rather significantly, with a smaller receiver and shorter barrel, and gains the ability to fire ordinary-looking (though still organic and air-propelled) centerfire rounds, loaded through a port on top of the receiver. This is presumably some unexplained byproduct of one of his Nen abilities, though in practical terms it was likely meant to prevent the rifle from looking disproportionately large when attached to the substantially smaller body of Ikalgo (as compared to his prior host).

Finding himself in a predicament after discovering what Killua thinks of his trap, Ikalgo (no longer hiding in someone else's corpse) takes advantage of the rifle's other function: by dry-firing the rifle, he can propel himself backwards with a jet of compressed air. Note how the rifle is now substantially smaller, presumably to make it less disproportionate to the rest of his body.
This ultimately proves to be of little help.
Having hacked off the end of the rifle's barrel (with a blunt, squishy octopus tentacle, no less), he leaves the rest hanging at his side.
Later on, in Episode 119 ("Strong X Or X Weak"), the formation process of Ikalgo's rifle is shown; he winds his two tentacles together, and (using Nen, as indicated by the white aura around them) fuses them into the rifle's barrel.
A later frame in the process, as they take on a more... distinct shape...
...before properly forming a barrel.
He then forms the end of another tentacle into a round of ammunition; this resembles an intermediate rifle cartridge, such as 7.62x39mm (though without that round's tapered case).
Oddly, this doesn't seem to actually take any matter out of the tentacle he forms it from, despite him visibly yanking the round off; Nen can be used to excuse a variety of rather nonsensical things.
Ikalgo runs, giving a good view of the point where the receiver meets his tentacle; the presumably-now-metallic material of the rifle seemingly just sort of blends into his flesh.
Later on, in Episode 123 ("Centipede X And X Memory"), Ikalgo once again loads his rifle, through what would be called the ejection port if not for the fact that it's never seen ejecting anything - the rounds are apparently launched case and all.
The cover on top (presumably a bolt or breechblock) then slides shut; whether this happens automatically when the rifle is loaded, or is simply something that Ikalgo can control manually, it's hard to say.
Ikalgo (head infested with the episode's titular centipedes) then aims his rifle, actually using the handguard for once. One can only assume that, despite the differences in size and mechanics, he still has the same aiming-related abilities when not hijacking someone else's corpse.
A close-up of the muzzle upon firing, showing that the holes in the muzzle brake are apparently just for show; the muzzle flash on an ostensibly-air-powered rifle is once again notable.

Unknown SPG

Being modeled off of North Korea, the military of East Gorteau seemingly places a large emphasis on the use of self-propelled guns; the exact model is unclear, though they bear some resemblance to various SPGs operated by the actual North Korean army.

Several soldiers stand on an SPG as "Ming Jol-Ik" declares martial law. A large, cumbersome, open-topped vehicle with only a fixed forward-firing cannon for armament seems like a somewhat impractical choice for enforcing martial law, but it certainly makes for an imposing image. Which is a substantial part of the point, really.
Another view of the scene; East Gorteau seemingly makes no distinction in terms of uniforms and equipment between ordinary infantrymen and artillery crewmen. Notably, neither have any apparent webgear, pouches, or any other means of carrying important equipment - like, say, spare magazines for their rifles.
3 SPGs driving in formation; the crewman visible to the left of the gun is presumably either the loader, given that the previous shot shows a loading tray on the (camera) left side of the gun. Note that there are no obvious vision devices for the commander or gunner anywhere on the vehicle; this would make actually hitting anything rather difficult. The driver doesn't have any either, and apparently has to see through a hole in the front of the vehicle; this would render him vulnerable to debris, artillery shrapnel, and/or opportunistic snipers.
A pair of SPGs lying in a town square, following Killua's attack; the one in the center is apparently the same one seen in the previous sequence, unless East Gorteau has more than one gun #156.
Another view of the above scene.
An SPG leading a group of civilians to the selection; the crewman on top is another Nen puppet, though the strings aren't always drawn (presumably to reflect how most people can't see Nen).
Another view of this situation, from later in the day; this vehicle has (much like the men stood atop it) no obvious place to store ammunition.
"Flutter" observes the fleet of SPGs in the palace's underground motor pool; even for a psychotic tin-pot dictator, this seems like a somewhat excessive number of self-propelled artillery platforms to keep in your basement.

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