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Heroes - Season 4

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Heroes (2009 - 2010)

The following weapons were used in Season 4 of the television series Heroes:



Strayer Voigt Infinity 1911

The Strayer Voigt Infinity features prominently in Heroes. Essentially, if a character is associated with The Company there's a good chance they'll be packing a Strayer Voigt Infinity 1911.

Strayer Voigt Infinity - .45 ACP. This is one of the actual guns that has been used by The Company henchmen on Heroes; this weapon was supplied to the show by Independent Studio Services and has been used on every season.
Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) picks up his holstered Strayer Voigt Infinity 1911 in the Season 4 premiere "Orientation" (S4E01).
Noah (Jack Coleman) with his Infinity drawn in "Tabula Rasa" (S4E05).
Noah fires his Infinity in Becky Taylor's (Tessa Thompson) flashback in "Shadowboxing" (S4E08).
Noah draws his Infinity when confronting Samuel Sullivan (Robert Knepper) in "Shadowboxing" (S4E08).
Noah aiming his Infinity in "Close to You" (S4E14).

Browning Hi-Power

Emile Danko (Željko Ivanek) continues to carry and use his Browning Hi-Power Mark III in the Season 4 premiere "Orientation" (S4E01).

Commercial Browning Hi-Power Mark III - 9x19mm
Closeup of Danko's Browning Hi-Power Mark III in "Orientation" (S4E01).
Danko (Željko Ivanek) with his Hi-Power drawn when confronted by Tracy Strauss (Ali Larter) in "Orientation" (S4E01).

Glock 19

In Season 4, Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg), now a detective with the LAPD, continues to carry a Glock 19 as his sidearm. An NYPD officer can be seen with his Glock 19 drawn while responding to a shooting in "Let It Bleed" (S4E13).

Glock 19 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
Matt (Greg Grunberg) raids a house with his Glock 19 in "Ink" (S4E02).
Matt holds his Glock on a suspect in "Ink" (S4E02).
An NYPD officer with his Glock 19 drawn in "Let It Bleed" (S4E13).

Beretta 92FS

Matt's partner, Mike (Rick Worthy) carries a Beretta 92FS as his sidearm in "Ink" (S4E02). Berettas are also used by Cainan, Georgia sheriff deputies in "Strange Attractors" (S4E06) and by Midland, Texas police in "Shadowboxing" (S4E08).

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Mike raids a house with his Beretta 92FS drawn while Matt uses his Glock 19 in "Ink" (S4E02).
A Cainan sheriff deputy with his Beretta 92FS in "Strange Attractors" (S4E06).
A Midland police officer draws his Beretta 92FS in "Shadowboxing" (S4E08).

SIG-Sauer P232

The drug dealer named Jimmy Keppler (Daniel Newman) that Matt and Mike apprehend in "Ink" (S4E02) appears to use a SIG-Sauer P232.

SIG-Sauer P232 (Stainless Steel finish) - .380 ACP
In "Ink" (S4E02), Matt apprehends a drug dealer named Jimmy Keppler who is armed with what appears to be a SIG-Sauer P232.

SIG-Sauer P226

Captain Lubbock (Ernie Hudson) of the Baltimore Police uses a SIG-Sauer P226 in "Hysterical Blindness" (S4E04) and "Tabula Rasa" (S4E05). An amnesic Sylar (Zachary Quinto) also picks up the P226 in (S4E04).

Factory black (K-Kote) SIG-Sauer P226 pistol - 9x19mm.
Sylar (Zachary Quinto) holding the SIG-Sauer P226 in "Hysterical Blindness" (S4E04).
The P226 on the ground after being dropped by Sylar in "Hysterical Blindness" (S4E04).
In "Tabula Rasa" (S4E05), Captain Lubbock (Ernie Hudson) draws his P226 when confronted by Sylar in the house of mirrors.

Glock 17

TSA agents use Glock 17s when apprehending Matt/Sylar at the airport in "Shadowboxing" (S4E08).

2nd Generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm.
TSA agents draw their Glock 17s on Matt/Sylar in "Shadowboxing" (S4E08).

Walther PPK/S

Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) keeps a stainless Walther PPK/S hidden under his desk in "The Fifth Stage" (S4E11) which Lauren Gilmore (Elisabeth Rohm) throws to him when they face off with Eli (Todd Stashwick) and his clones.

Walther PPK/S stainless - .380 ACP.
Noah (Jack Coleman) fires his Walther PPK/S in "The Fifth Stage" (S4E11).
Eli (Todd Stashwick) holding the PPK/S after disarming Noah in "The Fifth Stage" (S4E11).
The PPK/S is left on a chair after Eli steals Noah's Primatech files in "The Fifth Stage" (S4E11).

Colt Officer M1991A1 Series 80

Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) keeps what appears to be a Colt Officers M1991A1 Series 80 hidden in his bathroom in "The Fifth Stage" (S4E11) which he retrieves when Eli (Todd Stashwick) comes to his apartment.

Colt Officers ACP M1991A1 Series 80.
Noah (Jack Coleman) loads up his Colt Officers M1991A1 Series 80 in "The Fifth Stage" (S4E11).

Smith & Wesson 3913

A Smith & Wesson 3913 is used by a fired officer worker named Adam Malamut (Christopher May) to commit a workplace shooting in "Let It Bleed" (S4E13).

Smith & Wesson 3913 - 9x19mm.
Adam holding the Smith & Wesson 3913 in "Let It Bleed" (S4E13).
Closeup of the 3913 in "Let It Bleed" (S4E13).

Glock 26

Lauren Gilmore (Elisabeth Rohm) carries and uses a Glock 26 in "The Art of Deception" (S4E16).

Glock 26 subcompact Pistol - 9x19mm
Lauren's holstered Glock 26 and a magazine laying on Noah's desk in "The Art of Deception" (S4E16).
Lauren (Elisabeth Rohm) draws her Glock in "The Art of Deception" (S4E16).


Smith & Wesson Model 13

In "Acceptance" (S4E03), an assassin who abducts "Nathan" (Adrian Pasdar) uses what appears to be a Smith & Wesson Model 13.

Smith & Wesson Model 13 with 3-in barrel - .357 Magnum
Closeup of the assassin's Smith & Wesson Model 13 in "Acceptance" (S4E03).

Toy Single Action Army

A little boy that Hiro (Masi Oka) runs into in "Once Upon a Time in Texas" (S4E07) has two toy Single Action Armys.

Colt Single Action Army w/ 5.5" barrel - .45 Long Colt
The little boy holding his toy Single Action Armys in "Once Upon a Time in Texas" (S4E07).

Smith & Wesson Model 60

Noah (Jack Coleman) uses a Smith & Wesson Model 60 in one of his flashbacks in "The Wall" (S4E17).

Classic Smith & Wesson Model 60 - .38 Special
Noah (Jack Coleman) holding his Smith & Wesson Model 60 in a flashback in "The Wall" (S4E17).
Noah leaves the Model 60 at the scene of his first kill in "The Wall" (S4E17).


M1 Garand

M1 Garands are fired in salute by U.S Navy sailors at the funeral for Senator Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar) at the end of "Upon This Rock" (S4E12).

M1 Garand semiautomatic Rifle with leather M1917 sling - .30-06
U.S Navy sailors perform a rifle volley with their M1 Garands at Nathan's funeral in "Upon This Rock" (S4E12).

Steyr SSG 69

Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) uses what appears to be a Steyr SSG 69 in "The Art of Deception" (S4E16).

Steyr SSG 69 PII with Harris bipod - 7.62x51mm NATO
Noah dissembling his rifle before putting in it's case in "The Art of Deception" (S4E16).
Noah looking down the scope of the rifle in "The Art of Deception" (S4E16).
Eli (Todd Stashwick) holding up Noah's rifle in "The Art of Deception" (S4E16).


Eli (Todd Stashwick) uses an M14 rifle with a bipod and scope in "The Art of Deception" (S4E16).

M14 rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO
One of Eli's (Todd Stashwick) clones fires the M14 while in Noah's crosshairs in "The Art of Deception" (S4E16).


Mossberg 590 XREP

In "Orientation" (S4E01), Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) has a dream of several Homeland Security agents from the previous season firing their Mossberg 590 XREP Tasers at her.

Mossberg 500 XREP with XREP shells - 12 Gauge
A Homeland Security agent aiming his Mossberg 590 XREP at Claire in her dream in "Orientation" (S4E01).

Double Barreled Shotgun

In "Tabula Rasa" (S4E05), Jeremy Greer (Mark L. Young), a teenager with a healing ability, uses a Double Barreled Shotgun when he is sought after by Noah (Jack Coleman) and Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) for his power.

Savage/Stevens 311A Shotgun - 12 Gauge

Jeremy Greer (Mark L. Young) using a Double Barreled Shotgun in "Tabula Rasa" (S4E05).

Mossberg 500

One of the Midland, Texas police officers can be seen armed with what appears to be a Mossberg 500 in "Shadowboxing" (S4E08).

Mossberg 500 "Persuader" with standard five-shot magazine tube - 12 gauge.
A Midland police officer armed with what appears to be a Mossberg 500 in "Shadowboxing" (S4E08).



Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) uses a Taser in "Shadowboxing" (S4E08) and "Close to You" (S4E14).

X26 Taser.
Noah (Jack Coleman) with his Taser in "Shadowboxing" (S4E08).
Noah fires his Taser in "Close to You" (S4E14).

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