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Harsh Realm

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Harsh Realm (1999)

The following weapons were used in the television series Harsh Realm:


M16A1 with A2 handguards

During the opening scene of the Pilot episode, LT Thomas Hobbes (Scott Bairstow), SGT Mel Waters (Max Martini), and the rest of their squad are armed with M16A1 assault rifles during a peacekeeping mission in Sarajevo in 1994. The weapons have been fitted with the hand guards of M16A2s to make them resemble the US service rifle of the time, but a close inspection of the receivers reveals that they lack the brass deflector and elevation-adjustable rear sight which characterizes the M16A2.

M16A1 with A2-style handguards - 5.56x45mm
Hobbes (Scott Bairstow) fires his M16A1 at Bosnian insurgents in Sarajevo. Although this rifle has been given an M16A2 hand guard, the receiver is clearly that of an M16A1.
Sgt. Waters (Max Martini) crouching with his M16A1 in hand.

Diemaco C7/Colt Model 715

In some shots during the opening sequence of the pilot (most notably when Hobbes reloads after providing cover fire for Waters), the receivers of the M16s used by the US Army personnel have the brass deflector but not the A2-style rear sight. In these cases, the rifles are actually Colt Model 715s, or, more likely, the Olympic Arms K4B equivalent, which is often used by the armorers in British Columbia (where the show was filmed). M16 rifles of this type are seen again in Episode 8, "Cincinnati", used by both the Republican Guard special forces and the Cherokee rebels (the latter stolen from the Republican Guard).

Colt Model 715 - 5.56x45mm (visually the same as the Diemaco C7.
Hobbes reloads his M16 after exchanging gunfire with snipers. The weapon's receiver in this particular shot appears consistent with that of the Colt Model 715, a Canadian copy of the M16A2 which retains the A1-style rear sight but is otherwise identical to the A2. Note that his rifle was clearly an M16A1 only a few seconds earlier.
Sgt. Escalante (Raymond Cruz) armed with a Colt Model 715 in Episode 8, "Cincinnati".

Colt Model 933 / Olympic Arms K3B-FT 'Commando'

In the pilot episode, Florence (Rachel Hayward) uses a short-barreled, flattop receiver AR-15 rifle which appears to be a Colt Model 933 during the shootout in the hotel. Since the show was filmed in British Columbia, the rifle is most likely an Olympic Arms K3B-FT Commando (the same rifle that has turned up in Romeo Must Die, Jeremiah, and other productions filmed in the area). After the pilot episode, Florence switches to an XM177-type rifle.

Colt Model 933 with 4-position stock - 5.56x45mm NATO. This is a 'shorty' version of the M4 / M4A1 Carbine, with 11.5" barrel instead of the M4's 14.5" barrel. As such, it is sometimes referred to as 'M4 Commando', however that is not an official designation.
Florence fires her short-barreled rifle, which (judging by the flattop receiver) is an Olympic Arms K3B-FT.


After the pilot episode, Florence uses a Colt XM177E1 as her primary weapon. Colt XM177s are also seen several other times in the show - the refugee father in Episode 6, "Three Percenters" has one slung across his back in the beginning of the episode. Some of the Republican Guard Special Forces in Episode 8, "Cincinnati" also use them (including Santiago and Waters - Waters using one with an M203 grenade launcher). The Colt XM177E1 carbine had a 10 inch barrel. Her actual weapon however is a likely a Colt SP1 carbine that had been converted to full auto and had the barrel chopped down rather than a real Colt XM177E1.

Colt Commando 5.56x45mm
Florence (Rachel Hayward) searches the woods with her Colt XM177E1 in Episode 6, "Three Percenters".
Florence with her Colt XM177 in Episode 7, "Manus Domini".

Norinco Type 84

In Episode 2, "Leviathan", Hobbes and Pinnochio are captured by a bounty hunter and his henchman who take them hostage with a Norinco Type 84S assault rifle. The Type 84 is a Chinese-manufactured AK-47/AKM variant which fires the same 5.56x45mm round as the M16 (it loosely resembles the AK-74 in appearance, but it is a completely different weapon).

The Chinese Type 84 is also used (along with the Type 56, its 7.62x39mm brother) by many of the Cherokee rebels in Episode 8, "Cincinnati". Florence is seen using one of these weapons taken from a slain rebel at the end of the episode.

Norinco Type 84 5.56x45mm
The bounty hunter's henchman armed with a Norinco Type 84 rifle.
The bounty hunter (Mark Rolston) aims his Type 84 at Hobbes and Pinnochio as they escape.

M1 Garand

In Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang", Hobbes and Pinnochio become trapped in a program within Harsh Realm that simulates a World War II battle between American and Nazi forces for control of a bridge. The M1 Garand is used by most of the American soldiers that they encounter in this scenario. Near the end of the episode, Captain Wolfe (Brad Greenquist) uses the M1-D sniper variant to take out the German guards at the other end of the bridge.

M1 Garand .30-06
M1-D Sniper Variant with M84 scope - .30-06. Note the different type of scope mount. The flash suppressor is option on both models.
An American soldier with an M1 Garand in Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang".
Captain Wolfe (Brad Greenquist) fires an M1-D in Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang".

M1 Carbine

At least one of the US soldiers in "Kein Ausgang" uses an M1 Carbine.

M1 Carbine .30 carbine
A US soldier in Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang", with an M1 Carbine.
A US soldier in Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang", with an M1 Carbine.

M1903A4 Springfield

The snipers on the US side in "Kein Ausgang" carry the scoped version of the M1903 Springfield rifle. Pinnochio is confronted by a sniper armed with this weapon when he and Hobbes first enter the program.

M1903A4 Springfield sniper variant .30-06 with M84 scope
A US soldier points an M1903 Springfield sniper rifle at Pinnochio in Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang".

Browning Automatic Rifle

At least one of the US soldiers in "Kein Ausgang" has a Browning Automatic Rifle.

A US soldier in Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang", fires a Browning Automatic Rifle at German troops.

Karabiner 98k

Most of the German soldiers in "Kein Ausgang" use the Karabiner 98k rifle, both regular and sniper versions.

Karabiner 98k 7.92x57mm
Karabiner 98k with Zeiss ZF42 scope 7.92x57mm Mauser
A German sniper in Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang", points a scoped Karabiner 98k at Hobbes.
A German soldier ejects a spent cartridge out of his Karabiner 98k as he chases Hobbes and Pinnochio.


Heckler & Koch P7

When Hobbes enters the virtual world of Harsh Realm in the Pilot episode, he is issued a Heckler & Koch P7 pistol (either the M8 or the higher-capacity M13). Initially, Mike Pinnochio (D.B. Sweeney) gets ahold of this weapon and uses it to rob Hobbes, but Hobbes manages to take back the P7 from him. Pinnochio later grabs the P7 again from Hobbes' waistband and tries to shoot him with it, but he discovers that Hobbes has emptied the gun.

H&K P7M8 9x19mm
Hobbes points his H&K P7 at Pinnochio during a face-off in the Pilot.
Pinnochio (D.B. Sweeney) with Hobbes' H&K P7.

Taurus PT99

The Taurus PT99 pistol, a variant of the Taurus PT92 with adjustable sights, appears to be the standard-issue sidearm for the Republican Guard in Harsh Realm. Major Waters is seen using one in several episodes, most notably the Pilot episode, when he uses it to shoot the digital version of Hobbes' fiance Sophie (Samantha Mathis). Hobbes also takes a PT99 from a Republican Guard soldier in the Pilot after Pinnochio takes his P7, and later gets another one from Sergeant Escalante (Raymond Cruz) in Episode 7, "Manus Domini".

Taurus PT99AF (blued) - 9x19mm.
Hobbes points a captured Taurus PT99 at Major Waters in the Pilot.
Major Waters fires his Taurus PT99 at Hobbes in the Pilot.
Hobbes with Escalante's empty PT99 in Episode 7, "Manus Domini."
One of the Cherokee rebels with a Taurus PT99 in Episode 8, "Cincinnati".

SIG-Sauer P226

From Episode 2, "Leviathan" through Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang", Hobbes carries a SIG-Sauer P226 as his sidearm. It is confiscated from him in "Leviathan" by the bounty hunter, but he later retrieves it and uses it in a shootout with the Republican Guard.

Interestingly, Harsh Realm is the third of showrunner Chris Carter's TV series in which one of the main characters uses the SIG P226 as their weapon (the others being FBI Agent Fox Mulder in The X-Files and FBI Agent Emma Hollis in Millennium).

SIG-Sauer P226 - 9x19mm
Hobbes breaks into the bounty hunter's house in Episode 2, "Leviathan" with his SIG-Sauer P226 at the ready.
A close-up of Hobbes' P226 in the hands of the bounty hunter's woman in Episode 2, "Leviathan".
Hobbes firing his P226 at the Republican Guard from a truck in Episode 2, "Leviathan".
Hobbes aims his P226 in Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang".
Hobbes with his P226 in Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang".

Walther P99

Beginning in Episode 5, "Reunion", Hobbes switches to a Walther P99, which he uses as his sidearm for the remaining episodes of the show (with the exception of Episode 7, in which he uses a Beretta 93R).

Walther P99 9x19mm
Hobbes draws his Walther P99 at a sign of disturbance in Episode 5, "Reunion".
Hobbes with his Walther P99 ready in Episode 6, "Three Percenters".

(Fake) Beretta 93R

Hobbes briefly switches sidearms again in Episode 7, "Manus Domini", when he is seen wielding a Beretta 93R instead of his Walther P99. The 93R seen in the episode is actually a visually modified Beretta 92FS that has been given an 93R-style forward grip and flash hider, as well as a 20-round magazine. After Sergeant Escalante captures him, Hobbes' Beretta winds up in the hands of a bounty hunter (Peter Kent), who uses it in a shootout with Pinnochio.

Beretta 92FS rendered with extended barrel and magazine to resemble the Beretta 93R - 9x19mm
Hobbes with his Beretta 93R in Episode 7, "Manus Domini".
A bounty hunter with Hobbes' Beretta 93R in Episode 7, "Manus Domini". The bounty hunter in this episode is played by Canadian actor/stuntman Peter Kent (who is well known for being Arnold Schwarzenegger's stunt double in films like Total Recall and Terminator 2: Judgment Day).


Unknown model of sawed-off shotgun

The barkeeper in the Pilot episode points an unknown model of sawed-off shotgun at Hobbes after Hobbes draws his H&K P7 on Pinnochio at the bar.

The barkeeper with his sawed-off shotgun.
I'd say this is a sawed off Winchester 12 based on the twist off barrel and mag tube style. - Gunmaster45

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5K

Mike Pinnochio (D.B. Sweeney) carries a Heckler & Koch MP5K fitted with a PDW folding stock as his main weapon throughout the show. It is usually seen fitted with a 15-round magazine, and he carries it on a thigh holster.

H&K MP5K 9x19mm with PDW folding stock.
Pinnochio with his H&K MP5K in the Pilot episode.
Pinnochio squares off against Hobbes with his MP5K in the Pilot.
Pinnochio opens fire on German soldiers with his MP5K in Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang."

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

The Heckler & Koch MP5A3 is the standard-issue weapon of General Omar Santiago's (Terry O'Quinn's) Republican Guard forces throughout the show. Some are seen with Surefire flashlight grips, others without. Hobbes gets a hold of one from a Republican Guard soldier he incapacitates in Episode 6, "Three Percenters", and uses it to execute the doubles. MP5A3s stolen from the Republican Guard are also used by the Cherokee rebels in Episode 8, "Cincinnati".

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 9x19mm
A Republican Guard soldier searches two suspects with an H&K MP5A3 in Episode 3, "Inga Fossa".
Hobbes fires a captured MP5A3 (this one fitted with a Surefire flashlight grip) at the clones in Episode 6, "Three Percenters".
Republican Guard soldiers execute the clones in Episode 6, "Three Percenters" with MP5A3s fitted with Surefire flashlight grips.
Sergeant Escalante (Raymond Cruz) aims his MP5A3 at Hobbes in Episode 7, "Manus Domini".
A Cherokee rebel fires an MP5A3 in Episode 8, "Cincinnati".

M1928A1 Thompson

The M1928A1 Thompson is also seen in the hands of the American soldiers in "Kein Ausgang". This was a military issue model of the M1928 fitted with a horizontal forend and issued with stick magazines. They also have less notable changes such as a heavier actuator and a cruder blue finish.

M1928A1 Thompson - .45 ACP.
An American soldier in Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang", with an M1928A1 Thompson.


Yet another German weapon in "Kein Ausgang" is the MP40 submachine gun. Hobbes is given one by Pinnochio when the two men are trying to escape from the German side of the bridge.

MP40 9mm
A German soldier guards the bridge with an MP40 in Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang".
Hobbes with a captured German MP40 in Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang".
A German soldier firing at Hobbes with an MP40.

Machine Guns


Another weapon which sometimes turns up in the hands of the Republican Guard is the M60E3 light machine gun, usually mounted on Humvees. In the Pilot, a gunner in the Gazelle helicopter uses an M60E3 to fire at Hobbes and the fleeing refugees.

M60E3 7.62x51mm NATO
The door gunner on board a Gazelle helicopter gunship fires at Hobbes with an M60E3 in the Pilot episode. TRIVIA: The helicopter gunner is played by the show's armorer, Rob Fournier, who also played essentially the same role, using the same weapon, in The A-Team movie.
A gunner on a Humvee aims an M60E3 in Episode 2, "Leviathan".

Daewoo K3

In Episode 8, "Cincinnati", a Republican Guard sentry is seen firing a Daewoo K3 light machine gun fitted with a night-vision sight at Cherokee rebels as they invade the weapons depot.

Daewoo K3 - 5.56x45mm NATO
Republican Guard soldier aiming his Daewoo K3.
The same soldier firing his Daewoo K3.


When Hobbes is trying to make his way across the bridge to reach the jump portal and escape from "Kein Ausgang", he shoots and kills two German soldiers manning an MG42 machine gun.

MG42 with bipod extended - 7.92mm Mauser
Two German soldiers with an MG42 are shot and killed by Hobbes in Episode 4, "Kein Ausgang".

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