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G.I. Samurai

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G.I. Samurai
Sengoku jieitai
Samurai poster.jpg
Film Poster
Country Japan.jpg
Directed by Kôsei Saitô
Release Date 1979
Language Japanese
Studio Kadokawa Haruki Jimusho
Distributor Toho
Main Cast
Character Actor
Lt. Yoshiaki Iba Shin'ichi Chiba

G.I. Samurai (戦国自衛隊 Sengoku Jieitai (Time Slip) and Sengoku Self Defense Force?) is a 1979 Japanese adventure movie about a group of Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) soldiers suddenly finding themselves stranded 400 years in the past, during the Sengoku period. With their advanced weaponry, the soldiers under their highest-ranking officer, Lt. Yoshiaki Iba's (Shin'ichi Chiba), decide to fight alongside General Nagao Kagetora to assume power over all of Japan; but in the end only one of the soldiers survives.

This film was remade as Samurai Commando: Mission 1549 in 2005.

The following weapons were used in the film G.I. Samurai:


Lt. Yoshiaki Iba's (Shin'ichi Chiba) sidearm is the M1911A1.

Satin Nickel M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP. Manufactured on license by Remington Rand - nickel plated later by its owner.
Lt. Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) preparing his holstered M1911A1 for a possible confrontation.
Yoshiaki Iba's M1911A1 prepared.
Pvt. Mimura (Kôji Naka) shot in the head by his consort with his M1911A1, as he requested it from her.
Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) holding his M1911A1 during a negotiation session gone sour.

Howa Type 64

The Howa Type 64 is the main weapon of most JGSDF soldiers. Lt. Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) use it in one scene.

Howa Type 64 assault rifle - 7.62x51mm.
JSDF soldier Go Nishizawa (Hiromitsu Suzuki) removing an empty magazine.
Go Nishizawa (Hiromitsu Suzuki) reloading his rifle.
A stolen Type 64 aboard the mutineers' commandeered patrol boat.
Sgt. Hayato Yano (Tsunehiko Watase) aiming his rifle at Lt. Iba.
Close view of the muzzle of Hayato Yano's rifle.
Sgt. Agata (Jun Etô) wielding a Type 64 during the battle with Takeda Shingen's forces.
Agata (Jun Etô) attemting to push away some fire wagons.
Lt. Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) holding his rifle.
Howa Type 64 with attached bayonet - 7.62x51mm.
A Type 64 with attached bayonet in the end scene.

Howa M300

JGSDF soldiers, including Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) and Mimura (Kôji Naka) are seen using the Howa M300 as a sniper rifle during a climax scene in the middle of the film.

The latest version of the M300, known as the NM300 with rear sights similar to the M1 Carbine - .30 Carbine
Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) attempting to use his rifle against Kuroda Naoharu's archers.
Pvt. Mimura (Kôji Naka) using a scope-fitted M300 against Sgt. Yano's pirate crew.
Close view of the M300's asymmetrically mounted scope.
The rifle cast onto a sandy beach during a training run.
Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) with the rifle.

Sumitomo M2HB

The M3A1 Halftrack that the JGSDF uses has a Sumitomo M2HB mounted on it. Lt. Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) and other JGSDF soldiers fire it throughout the film. Early in the film, Nagao Kagetora (Isao Natsuyagi) also fires it, reacting with amusement at the full automatic fire.

Browning M2HB - .50 BMG
A view of the M2HB during an archer attack.
Hayato Yano (Tsunehiko Watase) firing the gun at hostile archers.
Hayato Yano (Tsunehiko Watase) releasing the gun.
JGSDF soldiers preparing for a possible attack.
Nagao Kagetora (Isao Natsuyagi) closely inspecting the machine gun.
Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) teaching Nagao Kagetora how to use the gun.
Nagao Kagetora firing the M2HB.

Sumitomo NTK-62

The Mitsubishi J-3 Jeep used by JGSDF soldiers is equipped with a Sumitomo NTK-62 mounted in the rear bed. Lt. Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) and other JSDF members fire it throughout the film.

Sumitomo NTK-62 mounted on tripod 7.62x51mm NATO


Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) rushing to the jeep to engage enemy archers.
Agata (Jun Etô) trying to stop Iba.
Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) manning the gun for the attack.
Close view of the muzzle.
Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) swiveling the gun, looking for submerged archers.
The JGSDF soldiers preparing for battle.
Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) assaulting Kuroda's attacking forces.


JGSDF soldiers use M72 LAWs in fighting against samurai forces.

M72A2 LAW - 66mm. The "Empty" marking makes it clear this is a spent tube.
Samurai rpg 1.jpg
Samurai rpg 2.jpg
Samurai rpg 3.jpg
JSDF Private Osamu Seki (Jinya Sato) firing an LAW at Shingen's forces.

M3A1 "Grease Gun"

Several JGSDF soldiers (including Lt. Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) use the M3A1 "Grease Gun". The M3A1 was actually standard issue for the JSDF, being popular as a personal defense weapons with tank crews until the introduction of the Minebea M-9.

M3 "Grease Gun" .45 ACP. The later model M3A1 would eliminate the crank lever for cocking the bolt, and instead used a simple hole in the bolt for the shooter to use their finger.
Samurai SMG 1.jpg
Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) wielding an M3A1 against JGSDF soldiers gone rogue.


Several ashigaru fire Tanegashimas rifles in two battle scenes.

Japanese "Tanegashima" matchlock arquebus.
Kuroda Naoharu's forces wielding Tanegashimas against the time-stranded JSDF forces.
An ashigaru captain of Takeda Shingen's forces giving order to fire.

Mk 2 hand grenade

Mk 2 hand grenade was used by a few JGSDF soldiers, include Lt. Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba).

Mk 2 "Pineapple" High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade
Sgt. Agata (Jun Etô) wearing two grenades on his uniform.
Sgt. Agata (Jun Etô) with grenades.
Lt. Yoshiaki Iba (Shin'ichi Chiba) wearing two grenades.

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