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Free Fire

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Free Fire
Theatrical Release Poster
Country UKD.jpg United Kingdom
Directed by Ben Wheatley
Release Date 2017
Language English
Studio Film4 Productions
Rook Films
Protagonist Pictures
Distributor A24 (United States)
Studio Canal UK
Main Cast
Character Actor
Justine Brie Larson
Chris Cillian Murphy
Ord Armie Hammer
Vernon Sharlto Copley
Martin Babou Ceesay
Frank Michael Smiley
Howie Patrick Bergin
Gordon Noah Taylor
Steveo Sam Riley
Bernie Enzo Cilenti

Free Fire is a dark comedy / crime thriller about a group of criminals who meet at an abandoned warehouse to initiate an illegal weapons sale in 1978 Boston. The film is a British production and despite being set in Boston, Massachusetts, was filmed entirely in the U.K. Thus, this explains some of the weapon choices in the film. The film was finished in 2016 and hit several festivals but did not see wide release until April of 2017.

The following weapons were used in the film Free Fire:



Browning Hi-Power

A Browning Hi-Power pistol is used by Frank (Michael Smiley).

Commercial Browning Hi-Power (Belgian manufacture) - 9x19mm
Frank (Michael Smiley) fires his Browning Hi-Power during the gun battle.
Another angle of Frank (Michael Smiley) with his Browning Hi-Power.

Colt M1911A1

An M1911A1 is the sidearm of Stevo (Sam Riley) and Howie (Patrick Bergin).

Colt M1911A1 - .45 ACP
Howie (Patrick Bergin) fires his M1911A1.
Howie (Patrick Bergin) screams while holding his M1911A1.
Stevo (Sam Riley) taking cover after being shot, holding his M1911A1.
Stevo (Sam Riley) firing his M1911A1. After being injured in his right hand, Stevo proves that he is ambidextrous by firing with his left hand.
Stevo (Sam Riley) looking around while holding his M1911A1 in his left hand.

Star Model B

Gordon (Noah Taylor), Ord (Armie Hammer), Justine (Brie Larson), and Vernon (Sharlto Copley) all use 9mm Star Model B pistols.

Star Model B Pistol, blued finish - 9x19mm.
Ord (Armie Hammer) fires a Star Model B Pistol from around a corner.
Vernon (Sharlto Copley) fires a Star Model B Pistol. The exposed extractor is visible.
In a promo pic, Gordon (Noah Taylor) takes aim with his Star Model B Pistol.
Gordon (Noah Taylor) drops his Star Model B Pistol.
Justine (Brie Larson) picks up the Star Model B Pistol and uses it.


Taurus Model 85 Stainless

Justine (Brie Larson) appears to be armed with a stainless Taurus Model 85 revolver. Since the film takes place in Boston in 1978, this may be an anachronism since the Model 85 wasn't offered in the U.S. market until 1984, however, Taurus did start making a overseas version of this revolver in 1977 when they broke off from Smith & Wesson, so it's possible this is an overseas market pistol (despite not being available to U.S. shooters until the 80s).

Justine (Brie Larson) carries a stainless Taurus Model 85.
Justine (Brie Larson) carries a stainless Taurus Model 85.
Justine (Brie Larson) carries a stainless Taurus Model 85.

Smith & Wesson Model 36

Harry (Jack Reynor) takes a Smith & Wesson Model 36 out of the van and uses it to shoot Stevo (Sam Riley), starting off the firefight. He uses it throughout the rest of the film.

Smith & Wesson Model 36 - .38 Special
Harry (Jack Reynor) fires his S&W Model 36, starting the firefight.
Harry (Jack Reynor) holding the Model 36.
Harry (Jack Reynor) holding the Model 36.

Smith & Wesson Model 10HB

Chris (Cillian Murphy) carries and fires a Smith & Wesson Model 10HB (heavy barrel) throughout the firefight.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB (heavy barrel) revolver (Post 1950s Model) - .38 Special.
Chris (Cillian Murphy) fires his Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB.
Chris (Cillian Murphy) holds his Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB.

Smith & Wesson Model 629

A Smith & Wesson Model 629 is used by Martin (Babou Ceesay). Though it should be a nickel Model 29 (which had been in circulation for years before the year 1978) the stainless 629 was introduced in 1978, which makes it not anachronistic for the film, but only barely.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 with Hogue Grips - .44 Magnum
Martin (Babou Ceesay) holds a stainless Smith & Wesson Model 629.
Martin (Babou Ceesay) holds a stainless Smith & Wesson Model 629.
Martin (Babou Ceesay) holds a stainless Smith & Wesson Model 629.


Beretta SC-70/223

Several Beretta SC-70/223s are seen in an arms deal, distinguished from the standard AR-70/.233 model by their folding stocks. The rifle is referred to by name by Vernon (Sharlto Copley). The offer of the SC-70/223 is met with disappointment by the IRA members, who were looking to procure M16 assault rifles. This rifle is used by Ord (Armie Hammer) and Chris (Cillian Murphy).

Beretta SC-70/.223 (Special Carbine) - 5.56x45mm NATO. This is the rare folding stock version.
A closeup of them inspecting the SC-70/223, the Special Carbine version of the Beretta AR-70 assault rifle.
Ord (Armie Hammer) runs to one of the SC-70 rifles when the group comes under sniper fire.
Chris (Cillian Murphy) takes cover and eventually fires his SC-70 at snipers.
Ord (Armie Hammer) fires his SC-70 rifles back at the snipers shooting at them.

M1 Garand

The M1 Garand is used by Howie (Patrick Bergin) and Martin (Babou Ceesay).

M1 Garand - .30-06
Howie (Patrick Bergin) reacts to a ricochet shot near him which makes sparks fly, thus illuminating his M1 Garand.
Howie (Patrick Bergin) ducks from a near miss while holding his M1 Garand.
Howie (Patrick Bergin) fires his M1 Garand from a high sniper perch.
Clear shot of Howie (Patrick Bergin) firing his M1 Garand from cover.
Martin (Babou Ceesay) picks up Howie's dropped M1 Garand and fires with it.
Martin (Babou Ceesay) takes aim.

M1 Carbine

Several characters are seen armed with the M1 Carbine. It is a post-war variant with a perforated metal heat shield and post-war rear sight and bayonet lug.

M1 Carbine - .30 Carbine
Jimmy (Mark Monero) takes cover from the firefight after firing an M1 Carbine.
Jimmy (Mark Monero) fires his M1 Carbine from cover. One can see the metal heat shield.
Justine (Brie Larson) slumps over from exhaustion while holding Jimmy's dropped M1 Carbine.

Guns in the Poster only

Valmet M76F

In the most commonly seen version of the movie poster, Ord (Armie Hammer) is holding a Valmet M76F rifle, though he doesn't use one in the film.

Valmet M76F with side folding tubular stock - 5.56x45mm
Ord (Armie Hammer) in the poster holds a Valmet M76F rifle.

Remington 870

In the movie poster, Vernon (Sharlto Copley) holds a Remington 870 shotgun, but again, he doesn't use one in the film.

Remington 870 Police Magnum Riot Shotgun - 12 gauge
Vernon (Sharlto Copley) holds a Remington 870 shotgun.

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