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Fat (Făt)
Fat poster.jpg
Theatrical Release Poster
Country Moldova.jpg Moldova
Directed by Ivan Naniev
Release Date 2011
Language Romanian
Studio Shepherd Company
Main Cast
Character Actor
Vlad Vladimir Goncharov
Cristina Cristina Ciobanu
Egor Igor Socican
Ion Ciobanu Denis Moisei
Nastea Alena Chernomor

Fat (original title is Făt) is the 2011 Moldovan comedy. The word Fat isn't English Fat, but the name of Moldovan and Romanian national hero Făt Frumos. Several paintball teams from Chișinău played in anomalous zone and accidentally teleported from the past an Moldovan man of the beginning 19 century. After searching in old archives, they realised, that this man was their great-great-great-grandfather. Now, they must find a way to teleport him back in past, due in another case, they were be unborn.

The following weapons were used in the film Fat:

Makarov PM

Several policemen carry Makarov PM pistols as the duty sidear

Russian Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
Police Sgt. Caldare (Sergiu Pascaru) draws his pistol.
Pistol of Sgt. Caldare (Sergiu Pascaru) is seen.
Fat pistol 1 3.jpg
Fat pistol 1 4.jpg
Brown grip of the pistol in the hands of Sgt. Caldare (Sergiu Pascaru) is seen.
Lieutenant Colonel (Mihail Turcan) with the pistol.
Another view of the L. Colonil (Mihail Turcan) pistol.

A Makarov PM can be briefly seen in the hands of police Maj. Mogildea (cameo of film director Ivan Naniev)

Maj. Mogildea (Ivan Naniev) at the left covers with his pistol.
Fat pistol 2 2.jpg
Fat pistol 2 3.jpg


Policeman Vasika (Alexandru Balteanu) carry AKS-47.

Poly Tech Model AK-47S Semi-Automatic Carbine - 7.62x39mm
Fat rifle 8.jpg
Fat rifle 3.jpg
Fat rifle 4.jpg
Fat rifle 5.jpg
Fat rifle 6.jpg
Fat rifle 7.jpg

Paintball TLSFX Thermobaric Multi-Bang grenade

Vlad (Vladimir Goncharov) gave the paintball TLSFX Thermobaric Multi-Bang grenade to Egor (Igor Socican).

Paintball TLSFX Thermobaric Multi-Bang grenade.
Egor (Igor Socican) with the grenade.
Fat grenade 2.jpg
Fat grenade 3.jpg
Fat grenade 4.jpg
Fat grenade 5.jpg

Tippmann Rental

Near all main heroes (include Nastea (Alena Chernomor), Carina (Aliona Birzoi), Cristina (Cristina Ciobanu), Vlad (Vladimir Goncharov) and Egor (Igor Socican) uses Tippmann Rentals at during the paintball round.

Маркер Tippmann М-98 PS Rental - .62 caliber
Fat airsoft 1 1.jpg
Egor (Igor Socican) covers.
Fat airsoft 1 3.jpg
Fat airsoft 1 4.jpg
Cristina (Cristina Ciobanu) with the Tippmann.
Fat airsoft 1 6.jpg

AGM Mossberg 500 Airsoft

Policeman Grisa (Vitalie Ambroci) takes AGM Mossberg 500 Airsoft from the suspected car, confused it to real gun.

AGM Mossberg 500 Airsoft replica
Mossberg in the right hand of Grisa (Vitalie Ambroci).
Fat airsoft 2 1.jpg
Fat airsoft 2 2.jpg
Fat airsoft 2 3.jpg
Fat airsoft 2 4.jpg
Fat airsoft 2 5.jpg
Fat airsoft 2 6.jpg

AKS-47 (airsoft)

Policeman Grisa (Vitalie Ambroci) takes an airsoft AKS-47 from the suspected car, confused it to real gun.

Airsoft AKS-47.
AKM in the left hand of Grisa (Vitalie Ambroci).
Fat airsoft 2 2.jpg
Fat airsoft 2 3.jpg
Fat airsoft 2 4.jpg
Fat airsoft 2 5.jpg
Fat airsoft 2 6.jpg
Fat airsoft 2 7.jpg

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