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Executive Decision

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Executive Decision (1996)

The following weapons were used in the film Executive Decision:



Heckler & Koch USP (mocked-up as Heckler & Koch Mark 23)

Dr. David Grant (Kurt Russell) is seen near the end of the film wielding a .45-caliber Heckler & Koch USP visually modified to resemble the Heckler & Koch Mk 23 Mod 0, fitted with an H&K Universal Tactical Light (UTL) and a fake Knight's Armament suppressor. This was done because at the time the movie was made, the only Mark 23s in existence were the military Mk 23 Mod 0 issued to U.S. special operations forces; the commercially-available Mark 23 for non-SOCOM users did not become available until a few years later. Coincidentally, Kurt Russell would become the first actor to handle an actual Mark 23, on the set of 1998's Soldier.

The actual Heckler & Koch USP used in the film (photo from Long Mountain Outfitters) - .45 ACP
Grant reaches into his bag for the H&K USP .45 modified to resemble the Heckler & Koch Mk 23 Mod 0.
Grant points his modified USP at the sound of a disturbance.
Sideview of the pistol fitted with an H&K Universal Tactical Light (UTL) and a faux Knight's Armament suppressor.
Dr. David Grant (Kurt Russell) fires the suppressed pistol.
The pistol on the floor.

Walther PPK

The British intelligence agents who capture terrorist mastermind Al Sayed Jaffa (Andreas Katsulas) in Cyprus early in the film are armed with Walther PPKs with suppressors. The use of PPKs by British intelligence agents is possibly a nod to the most famous British secret service agent of all, James Bond.

Walther PPK with suppressor - .32 ACP
The two British agents grab Al Sayed Jaffa with their suppressed Walther PPKs.
The agents hold their PPKs on Al Sayed Jaffa as their car drives away.

Glock 19

When the hijackers start to take over Flight 343, Nagi Hassan (David Suchet), the leader of the group, goes into the bathroom and unpacks a Glock 19 which has been disassembled and hidden in his camera. He carries the Glock 19 as his sidearm throughout the film and uses it to kill passengers (and even one of his own men) on several occasions. The terrorist who watches over the pilots in the cockpit is also armed with a Glock 19.

Glock 19 2nd Generation - 9x19mm
A nice close-up of Nagi Hassan's Glock 19's magazine sitting on the sink (note that it clearly says "9mm" around the top below the feed lips).
Nagi Hassan assembles his Glock 19...
...loads in the magazine...
...and then chambers a round.
The cockpit hijacker holds his Glock 19 on the pilot (Ray Baker).
Nagi Hassan uses his Glock 19 to kill one of his own men for insubordination.
Hassan points his Glock 19 at Jean (Halle Berry).

Custom M1911

All of Colonel Travis' SF commandos carry unknown M1911-type pistols as their sidearms. The exact model is hard to determine. The closest guns they seem to resemble are the Colt Mark IV Series 70 Gold Cup National Match (judging by the grips, which are clearly visible in several scenes), but unlike the factory Gold Cup National Match pistols, they have standard vertical slide serrations (Gold Cups have slanted serrations), as well as ambidextrous extended safety levers. It's quite possible that they were custom-built M1911s assembled by the armorer specifically for this film.

Colt Gold Cup National Match (Mark IV, Series 70) - .45 ACP
Cappy (Joe Morton) lies paralyzed on the floor; the grips of his M1911 can be seen across his chest.
Captain Rat (John Leguizamo) hides with his M1911 in-hand. Note the ambidextrous safety and standard vertical slide serrations.
Another shot of the above scene, showing the bore in better detail.
Captain Rat stands next to Baker (Whip Hubley); the butt of Baker's M1911 can be seen in his vest holster. This is yet another indication that all of the commandos seem to use the same type of M1911 (whatever it is).

SIG-Sauer P228

Air Marshal George Edwards (Richard Riehle), carries a SIG-Sauer P228 as his sidearm, which he conceals in his sock.

SIG-Sauer P228 - 9x19mm
Edwards takes out his SIG-Sauer P228.

High Standard Model 106 Military

What appears to be a High Standard Model 106 Military with adjustable sights is seen in the vest holster of Lt. Colonel Austin Travis during the opening mission to retrieve chemical weapons.

High Standard Model 106 Military - .22 LR
Lt. Colonel Austin Travis appears to carry a High Standard Model 106 Military with adjustable sights is seen in the vest holster.
The grip seen on the bottom.
The grip is seen here as well.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

Nearly all of the special forces commandos led by Lieutenant Colonel Austin Travis (Steven Seagal) carry Heckler & Koch MP5A3 submachine guns as their primary weapons throughout the movie. The MP5A3s used by the commandos all have the Navy lower receivers and threaded barrels fitted with detachable suppressors of some type.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with Navy trigger group - 9x19mm
Doc (Ingo Neuhaus) and Sergeant "Cappy" Matheny (Joe Morton) armed with suppressed Heckler & Koch MP5A3s during the mission at the Chechen safehouse.
On the right, Doc (Ingo Neuhaus) with his MP5A3.
Cappy prepares to enter a room with his MP5A3 ready.
Sgt. Louie (B.D. Wong) prepares to fire his suppressed MP5A3 during the safehouse mission.
Baker (Whip Hubley) carries a suppressed MP5A3.
Cappy ascends the ladder in the F-117F "Remora" with his Heckler & Koch MP5A3 slung behind him, giving an excellent view of the Navy lower. Also visible in this picture is his custom 1911, which can be seen on his right hip.
Sgt. Louie sweeps the cabin of Flight 343 with his MP5A3.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3

Captain Rat (John Leguizamo) is the only one of Colonel Travis' men who carries a Heckler & Koch MP5SD3, the integrally suppressed version of the MP5A3. Like the other commandos' MP5A3s, his gun has the Navy lower receiver.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD3 - 9x19mm (this one has an SEF lower receiver; Leguizamo's gun in the film has the Navy lower)
Captain Rat (John Leguizamo) with his H&K MP5SD3.
Cpt. Rat fires his MP5SD3.
Rat argues with Grant (Kurt Russell) on board Flight 343 with his MP5SD3 slung. Sgt. Louie stands nearby with his MP5A3.

Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW (mock-up)

Lt. Colonel Austin Travis (Steven Seagal) carries a Heckler & Koch MP5K fitted with a PDW folding stock during the opening scene at the Chechen safehouse. His gun is not a factory MP5K-PDW because it has the SEF lower receiver (the factory PDW has a Navy lower) and seems to have a fake suppressor welded onto the end of the muzzle (rather than the extended, threaded barrel of the factory MP5K-PDW). This means his gun is a standard MP5K mocked up to resemble an MP5K-PDW.

Heckler & Koch MP5K with PDW folding stock - 9x19mm
A publicity photo of Lt. Colonel Travis (Steven Seagal) with his Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW mock-up (this picture is being used because it presents a better view of the gun than the movie itself).
Travis prepares to enter the safehouse with his MP5K.
Travis fires his MP5K.

Heckler & Koch MP5 (Customized)

When Al Sayed Jaffa is kidnapped in Cyprus, one of the British agents who gets killed in the shootout is armed with a strange-looking Heckler & Koch MP5 variant that has a distinctive square-shaped flash hider fitted on the end of the barrel, an MP5SD-type hand guard, and a stockless buttcap. This custom MP5 was originally built by Cinema Weaponry for the Albert Pyun movie Nemesis and would later be seen used in Demolition Man.

Photoshopped representation of the custom H&K MP5 as seen in the film.
A British agent is shot while holding a customized H&K MP5 (previously used in the films Nemesis and Demolition Man).

Sa. Vz. 61 Skorpion

The primary weapon used by Nagi Hassan (David Suchet) is a Sa. Vz. 61 Skorpion.

It's interesting to note that Hassan is the only terrorist on Flight 343 to use a Skorpion. However, when the commandos are using cameras to look into the 747's cabin and IDing the terrorists' armaments and locations, Baker (Whip Hubley) identifies the forward cabin guard's rifle as a Skorpion and Captain Rat (John Leguizamo) claims the four terrorists in the main cabin are armed with Skorpions, AKMs and FN FNCs (Leguizamo also misidentifies the Skorpions' calibers as 9mm, rather than .32 ACP). This is in spite of the fact that the terrorists they are looking at all clearly have AKMS rifles, and the fact that Grant (Kurt Russell) actually types "AKM" for the forward cabin notes into his computer and "Skorpion/9mm, AKM/FNC" for the main cabin, despite not being able to see the hijackers!

Sa. Vz.61 Skorpion
Nagi Hassan (David Suchet) watches Al Sayed Jaffa's kidnappers escape with his Vz. 61 in hand.
Hassan runs up to the cockpit with his Skorpion in hand.
Hassan looks over the pilot's inspection of the avionics with his Skorpion ready.
Hassan unloads his Skorpion into the cockpit door.


Unknown AK under-folder rifle

Almost all of the jihadist terrorists in the movie, including the Chechen mafia thugs at the beginning, Al Sayed Jaffa's men in Cyprus, and the Algerian terrorists who hijack Flight 343, are armed with folding-stock AK rifles which may appear to be the AKMS, but a close look reveals that this is not the case - The AK rifles in the movie have the stamped lower receivers, ribbed receiver covers, wider front grips, and slant compensators of the AKM, but they also have the .75" front sight of the AK-47, older-style ventilated gas tubes, and the heavier folding stock (the AKMS has prominent serrations along the arms of its folding stock to reduce weight). In other words, the weapons are a strange mix of AKS-47 and AKMS design details. The most likely explanation is that they are Norinco Type 56-1 rifles which were given the AK-47-style front sight and AKMS grips and receiver covers.

The choice of 7.62mm assault rifles in a commercial airliner hijacking is a questionable one, as it would be almost impossible to fire them safely without rupturing the aircraft's hull, whether with stray rounds or as a result of over-penetration. Given the pressure differential between the aircraft's cabin and the surrounding atmosphere at cruising altitude, this could have devastating consequences. Even assuming the terrorists are unconcerned by death, arming themselves with such powerful weapons essentially renders them useless, as firing them could immediately doom the plane and all aboard.

Norinco Type 56-1 fitted with a slanted compensator - 7.62x39mm
A terrorist threatens passengers with his AK folder. Note that the front sight is the .75" AK-47 style, rather than the thinner .5" AKM style.
The crazy terrorist (Shaun Toub) with his AK folder.
Yet another terrorist watches Jean go by, while holding an AK.


One of the AK-type rifles in the movie does appear to be a genuine AKMS, though it has a side-folding stock similar to that of an Sa vz. 58 V, rather than an under-folding stock. It's probably a regular AKM with the fixed stock removed and the vz. 58 stock fitted by the movie's armorer.

AKMS - 7.62x39mm
An AKMS lying on a counter in the 747's galley after a hijacker takes it out.
A terrorist stands over Jean (Halle Berry) with his AKMS in hand. Note that this gun has a side-folding stock.

FN FNC Paratrooper

One of the hijackers is armed with an FN FNC Paratrooper.

As with the Kalashnikov-type rifles used by most of the other hijackers, a 5.56mm assault rifle is a dangerously over-powered weapon of choice for an aircraft hijacking.

FN FNC Paratrooper - 5.56x45mm
One of the hijackers threatens passengers with his FN FNC Paratrooper.
The hijacker with the FNC points his weapon at Jean (Halle Berry) and one of the other flight attendants.
The terrorists cheering when they hear the news about Al Sayed Jaffa; the one with the FNC is visible to the left.


Ithaca 37 "Stakeout"

When the commandos need another shooter to assist in taking control of Flight 343, they ask Dr. David Grant (Kurt Russell) to work with them. Grant is given an Ithaca 37 "Stakeout" short-barrel shotgun for the job.

Ithaca 37 "Stakeout" - 12 gauge
David Grant (Kurt Russell) opens a vent with his Ithaca 37 "Stakeout" in hand.
Grant stands at the ready with his Ithaca 37 "Stakeout".


Type 69 RPG

What appears to be a Chinese Type 69 copy of the RPG-7 is used by one of Al Sayed Jaffa's men when he is kidnapped in Cyprus. The weapon is not seen very clearly for very long, however.

Chinese Type 69 RPG - 40mm
A terrorist prepares to fire his Type 69 RPG in Cyprus.

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