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Evil Spirits (Khara jay)

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Evil Spirits
(Khara jay)
Khara jay poster.jpg
Original Poster
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Directed by Stepan Burnashev
Yevgeny Osipov
Release Date 2016
Language Yakut
Studio NewEra
Main Cast
Character Actor
Marina Galina Tikhonova
Fillip Spartak Larionov
Saryal Ayaal Adamov
Dima Vladimir Sedelnikov
Ay'aal Georgiy Bessonov
Boris Vladislav Portnyagin

Evil Spirits (Yakut: Хара дьай; Khara jay; often wrongly transliterated as Kara d'ay or even Khara dyay) is a 2016 Russian filmed Yakut language horror movie, based on the Yakut mythology (Yakuts are one of the vey few peoples of modern Russia, that belives in thier native belive). A group of four students tried to call the evil spirits from the underworld. Their thoughtless playing result to bad effects.

Note: This movie known in Russia only by Yakut title, which literaly translated to Russian as Нечисть (Nechist) and the English title is the translate from Russian title, which did by user, who don't speack Yakut language. If anybody user, who have some skills in Yakut language, will find this title uncorrect, he may rename it more correct title.

The following weapons were used in the film Evil Spirits (Khara jay):


Baikal IJ-70

Dima (Vladimir Sedelnikov) owns a Baikal IJ-70. At the film's climax, he unsuccessfully tries to use it until it runs out of ammo to protect himself from a Abasy (evil spirit in Yakut's mythology).

Commercial imported Makarov by Baikal, called the IJ-70 - 9x18mm Makarov. It features an adjustable rear sight, not seen on the military Makarov pistol. Also the finish is inferior to the original Makarov PM.
Dima draws the pistol from the bag. Note the adjustable rear sight.
This pistol one second later. Note the shape of the slide and trigger guard.
View from the muzzle.
Dima charges his pistol.
View from another side. Note the safety.
The grip is seen.
Dima puts his hand on the grip.
Dima suddenly realizes...
...that his pistol is empty.


Ay'aal (Georgiy Bessonov) owns a TOZ-34. For a couple of seconds, this gun appears in the hands of Boris (Vladislav Portnyagin).

TOZ-34 - 12 gauge
Boris grabs the shotgun.
Ay'aal aims the shotgun at the mysterious invisible creature.
Another view of the same scene.
Note the bright receiver.
Note the picatiny rail.
Ay'aal aims. Note the double trigger.
A closer view.
Note the slung sling (heh).
Close view of the muzzle.
The shotgun is partly seen.

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