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Dolphin Jump (Pryzhok Afaliny)

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Dolphin Jump
(Pryzhok Afaliny)
Pryzhok Afaliny poster.jpg
Country KAZ.jpg Kazakhstan
Directed by Eldor Urazbaev
Release Date 2009
Language Russian
Studio Kazakhfilm Studios
Main Cast
Character Actor
Timur Farkhad Amankulov
Maya Karimova Darya Moroz
Sergey Matveev Konstantin Strelnikov
Yulash Beqkhojin Aziz Beyshenaliev
Mykola Lunin Konstantin Milovanov
Wataba Baikenzhe Belbayev
Altaian Mikhail Zhigalov
General Yerik Zholzhaksynov
Qayrat Mekeren Bolat Abdilmanov
Sholpan Asel Sagatova

Dolphin Jump (original Russian title is Прыжок Афалины, Pryzhok Afaliny, original Kazakh title is Афалина секірісі; Afalina sekirisi) is a 2009 Kazakh action triller, directed by Eldor Urazbaev.

The following weapons were used in the film Dolphin Jump (Pryzhok Afaliny):



Makarov PM

The Makarov PM pistols is the standart weapon of Kazakh police. This guns can be seen widely used by the numerous characters.

Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
The policeman holds his duty PM (pointed by the arrow). Two policeman at the left carry SVD and AKS-74U rifles.
Russian apecial agent Sergey Matveev (Konstantin Strelnikov) covers, Makarov in hands.
Kazakh policeman Timur (Farkhad Amankulov) covers with his duty PM...
...and fires at the same scene.
Kazakh policeman Berik (uncredited) fires his duty PM at the same scene.
The killer Nurlan Ordaq (uncredited) with the holstered PM. The typical grip can be seen.
Timur aims his duty PM at Nurlan.
Policeman at the left aims his PM.
The police lieutenant colonel (uncredited) fires the PM at the right.
Timur unloads his Makarov at the final scene.

Makarov PB

The killer Nurlan Ordaq (uncredited) fires the Makarov PB during the scene in Russia. It was seen very briefly.

Makarov PB with secondary suppressor - 9x18mm Makarov
Nurlan Ordaq draws aims his pistol.
A slightly other view of this gun.
Nurlan Ordaq holsters his pistol.

Unknown Suppressed Pistols

Nurlan Ordaq also uses the other suppressed pistol at the night scene. It was seen only in darkness.

Nurlan draws his pistol...
...and fires it.
The pistol can be seen in the Nurlan's hand.
Nurlan holds his suppressed pistol in the right hand.
The slightly other view of the gun.
The pistol is seen lying on the table.

One of the terrorists draws a suppressed pistol to threatens of Ukrainian bussinesman Mykola Lunin (Konstantin Milovanov). Only the sound suppressor and small part of the barrel can be seen.

The pistol is seen pulled on Mykola.

Submachine Guns

PP-19 Bizon-2-01

At least one policeman very briefly holds the PP-19 Bizon-2-01.

PP-19 Bizon-2-01 with top-folding stock - 9x19mm
The policeman at the background right runs with the gun in hands.


SVD Dragunov

Several characters uses SVD Dragunov rifles.

SVD Dragunov sniper rifle - 7.62x54mm R
The policeman carry SVD on the sling. Another policeman cary AK at the left. The shot is blured due the movie.
A slighly other view of this guns.
The policeman at the background, right aims the SVD.
The another policeman aims the SVD at the bottom, left.
The policeman carry SVD on the sling.
Nurlan Ordaq aims his SVd during the shootout.
A close view of the muzzle.
A close up of the Nurlan's SVD.
Nurlan reloads his SVD.
The buttstock can be seen.


Numerous Kazakh policeman can been armed with the AKS-74U rifles.

AKS-74U (also referred to as the "AKSU" or 'Krinkov') - 5.45x39mm
The policeman carry SVD on the sling. Another policeman cary AK at the left. The shot is blured due the movie.
A slighly other view of this guns.
Policeman runs with the AK rifle in hands. The shot is very blured.
Policeman at the left covers, AK in hands.
A policemen with the AK rifles.
Policeman at the center aims his AK.
A road policemen fires his AK.
The Guardians with the his AK rifles.


At least one road policeman carry AK-74.

AK-74 - 5.45x39mm
The road policeman carry AK rifle on the sling.
The slightly other view of his rifle.
The buttstock can be seen.
Policeman fires. The shot is blured due the moving.
A slightly other view of the same scene. The police lieutenant colonel (uncredited) fires the PM at the right.


Several policeman uses VSK-94 rifles.

VSK-94 with PKS-07 scope - 9x39mm. Current production model.
The policeman at the background, left.
The same policeman aims the bacground center.
Policeman at the right.
A more close view.

Unknown Rifle

One of the road policeman very briefly can bee seen with the long barreled gun.

Poilceman (second from left) holds the long. The shot is very blured due the moving.



The unloaded RPG-7 can be seen during the police reportage.

RPG-7 - 40mm
The Kazakh soldier shov the RPG to the cameraman.
A slightly other view of this RPG.


The bomb can be seen attached to the dolphin.

The bomb is seen.

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