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Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle

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Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle - 7.62x51mm NATO. This is a pre-production select-fire model with 3D printed furnishings first shown in 2014: the current version has charging handles on both sides rather than a single reversible one, a flat-faced trigger, and a redesigned ejection port which is less raised and has a dust cover.
Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle, third-generation prototype - 5.56x45mm NATO
Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle, production version - .308 Winchester
Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle, production version with FDE finish - 5.56x45mm NATO
Desert Tech MDRX - .308 Winchester
Desert Tech MDRX Micron - 5.56x45mm NATO

The Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDR) series are a family of gas-operated bullpup rifles produced by US-based Desert Tech Inc. Features include a patented forward ejection system allowing for easy shooting from the off-hand shoulder (a common problem in conventionally ejecting bullpups) and with the action easily reversed for left-handed shooters by simply switching over the two ejection port covers (one is the forward ejection port, the other a flat cover that includes part of the extraction mechanism), fully ambidextrous controls (with a reversible charging handle on the original prototypes changed to an MP5-style locking charging handle on each side in current models) and quick conversion to multiple calibers by swapping out a small number of parts. The rifle uses a trigger bar that pulls on the sear rather than pushing on it, resulting in a trigger pull akin to a conventional rifle.

After a somewhat tortured 3-year development following the first announcement, MDR pre-orders by civilian buyers in the United States began to be fulfilled in August of 2017, starting with the .308 Winchester variant. An improved version, the MDRX, was introduced in 2020. A compact version (MDR-C) with a built-in foregrip was being worked on during the MDR's prototype stages, and was eventually released for the MDRX series as the MDRX Micron.

Military and LE versions feature semi and automatic modes; the civilian version is semi-only.


(August 2017-present (prototypes 2013-2017))

  • Type: Assault rifle, battle rifle, compact carbine (MDRX Micron), civilian sporting rifle
  • Calibers: 5.56x45mm NATO/.223 Wylde, 6.5mm Creedmoor, 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester, .300 AAC Blackout
  • Weight: 8.3 lbs (3.8 kg) (MDR), 8.7 lbs (3.9 kg) (MDRX), 8.2 lbs (3.7 kg) (MDRX-SE), 7.4 lbs (3.3 kg) (MDRX Micron)
  • Total length:
    • MDR: 26.2 in (66.6 cm)
    • MDRX: 27.5 in (69.8 cm) with 16" barrel, 31.5 in (80 cm) with 20" barrel
    • MDRX Micron: 23.4 in (59.5 cm)
  • Barrel length:
    • MDR: 16 in (40.6 cm). The pre-production model was also stated to have a 19 in (48.3 cm) barrel option.
    • MDRX: 16 in (40.6 cm), 20 in (50.8 cm)
    • MDRX Micron: 11.5 in (29.2 cm)
  • Capacity: STANAG Magazines for intermediate versions, AR-10/SR-25-pattern magazines for full-power versions.
  • Fire Modes: Semi-auto only for civilian versions, semi-auto/full-auto for military/LE
  • Country of origin: USA

The Desert Tech Micro Dynamic Rifle can be seen in the following:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Fast X Jason Statham Deckard Shaw MDRX 2023


Title Actor Character Note Date
NCIS: New Orleans - Season 7 MDRX, seen in gunshop 2021

Video Games

Game Title Referred as Mods Note Release Date
State of Decay "Micro Dynamic Rifle" Prototype, added in Lifeline DLC (2014) 2013
"Micro Dynamic Rifle Scoped" with EOTech sight and magnifier Prototype, added in Lifeline DLC (2014)
Warface Desert Tech MDR-C
Desert Tech MDRX
MDR-C prototype and MDRX production version 2013
Contract Wars DT MDR, MDR-C Prototypes 2014
Battlefield Hardline MDC Prototype, incorrectly labeled MDC despite being modeled after a full-size MDR 2014
The Division Urban MDR Prototype 2016
Escape from Tarkov Desert Tech MDR 5.56x45 assault rifle AR-15 muzzle devices and magazines, sights, flashlights and lasers FDE 5.56 variant, added in v0.11.7.2979 patch (2019) 2016
Desert Tech MDR 7.62x51 assault rifle AR-10 muzzle devices and magazines, sights, flashlights and lasers Black 7.62 variant, added in v0.12.2.5479 patch (2019)
Ghost Recon: Wildlands MDR Production version 2017
Black Squad MDR GL GLM with EOTech 556 sight 2017
Insurgency: Sandstorm Added in Update 1.14 2018
The Division 2 Urban MDR Prototype 2019
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Unusable 2019

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