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Death is Nimble, Death is Quick

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
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Death Is Nimble, Death Is Quick
(Kommissar X - Drei gelbe Katzen)
Kommissar X Drei gelbe Katzen Poster.jpg
Original German Poster
Country GER.jpg West Germany
ITA.jpg Italy
FRA.jpg France
AUT.jpg Austria
Directed by Rudolf Zehetgruber
Release Date 1966
Language German
Studio Parnass Film
Danny Films S.r.l.
Danubia Films
Main Cast
Character Actor
Jo Louis Walker aka Commissioner X Tony Kendall
Capt. Tom Rowland Brad Harris
Babs Lincoln Ann Smyrner
King Dan Vadis
Nitro Siegfried Rauch
Sunny H.D. Kulatunga
Dr. Baker Erno Crisa
Michèle Michèle Mahaut

Death Is Nimble, Death Is Quick (original title Kommissar X - Drei gelbe Katzen ("Commissioner X - Three Golden Cats")) is a 1966 German-Italian-French-Austrian Eurospy film directed by Rudolf Zehetgruber. It is the second in Kommissar X franchise, series of seven films about the adventures of private investigator Jo Louis Walker (Tony Kendall), also known as "Commissioner X", and his friend, New York police captain Tom Rowland (Brad Harris). In Death Is Nimble, Death Is Quick the story takes place on Ceylon (presently Sri Lanka) where Walker and Rowland investigate the activities of crime organisation "Three Golden Cats" that extort a large sum of money of American landowner Lincoln, threatening to kidnap his daughter Babs.

The following weapons were used in the film Death is Nimble, Death is Quick:


Arminius HW-1

Like the first movie, Arminius HW-1 blank firing revolvers are most widely used handguns. They are seen in hands of Jo Walker (Tony Kendall), Capt. Tom Rowland (Brad Harris), Colombo police inspectors DaSilva (A. Jayarati) and Khamar (Joe Abey), Dr. Baker (Erno Crisa) and a trio of his hitmen: King (Dan Vadis), Nitro (Siegfried Rauch) and Sunny (H.D. Kulatunga).

Arminius HW-1 starter revolver
Sunny aims his revolver at Babs Lincoln during the kidnapping attempt.
Inspector DaSilva with an HW-1 revolver in hand is accompanied by a policeman with a Sterling SMG.
Sunny fires at pursuing police jeep during his attempt to escape on train.
Walker holds the revolver in the scene on Farrells' villa.
Rowland holds a revolver, taken from one of the henchmen.
King holds Walker at gunpoint.
Nitro with a revolver.
Baker holds Nitro's revolver in the final scene.

FN Model 1905

An FN Model 1905 is Capt. Tom Rowland's (Brad Harris) main handgun. Rowland mostly carries the pistol in leg holster.

FN Model 1905 - .25 ACP
Rowland draws his pistol.
The logo on the grip looks like FN.

Submachine Guns


Ceylon police use Sterling submachine guns in several scenes.

Sterling Mk. IV Submachine Gun - 9x19mm
Inspector DaSilva with an HW-1 revolver in hand is accompanied by a policeman with a Sterling.
Two policeman carry Sterling SMGs.


Unidentified sniper rifle

A sniper rifle is used by hitman Nitro (Siegfried Rauch) in attempt to kill Walker and Rowland.

Nitro shows his rifle to King.
Nitro readies to fire.

Unidentified lever action rifle

A lever action rifle, supposedly of .22 caliber, is seen in hands of local zoologist Barrett (a cameo of movie director Rudolf Zehetgruber, credited as Rolf Zehett). Jo Walker (Tony Kendall) carries same looking gun in the scene on the Lake of Death, and Tom Rowland (Brad Harris) has this gun in the final scene.

Barrett holds the rifle.
Walker holds the rifle during the crossing of the Lake of Death.
The rifle in hands of Rowland.
Barrett takes the rifle back.

Various rifles

A rack of rifles is seen in police precinct in Colombo.

About a dosen rifles is seen at the background.

Machine Guns


In the final scene Colombo police Inspector Khamar (Joe Abey) uses a Bren machine gun.

Bren Mk2 - .303 caliber
Inspector Khamar fires the jeep-mounted Bren.
The firing is over.

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