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Deadly Circuit (Mortelle randonnée)

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
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Deadly Circuit (Mortelle randonnée)
Theatrical Release Poster
Country FRA.jpg France
Directed by Claude Miller
Release Date 1983
Language French
Studio Téléma
TF1 Films Production
Main Cast
Character Actor
Beauvoir Michel Serrault
Catherine Leiris Isabelle Adjani
Mme Schmidt-Boulanger Geneviève Page
Ralph Forbes Sami Frey
"The Pale Man" Guy Marchand
"The Grey Woman" Stéphane Audran
Betty Dominique Frot

Deadly Circuit (original title Mortelle randonnée) is a 1983 French crime thriller directed by Claude Miller. A private investigator Beauvoir aka "The Eye" (Michel Serrault) follows a young woman (Isabelle Adjani) who appears to be a serial killer. But soon Beauvoir decides that she is his long-lost daughter, and everything changes for him.

In 1999 the film was remade as Eye of the Beholder.

The following weapons were used in the film Deadly Circuit (Mortelle randonnée):


Colt Detective Special 3rd Generation

A 3rd Gen. Colt Detective Special revolver is used by Catherine Leiris (Isabelle Adjani) in several scenes. During the bank robbery she gives her revolver to her partner Betty (Dominique Frot).

Colt Detective Special 3rd Gen - .38 Special
Catherine threatens Betty with her revolver.
Another view at the same scene.
A close view at Catherine's revolver.
Masked Betty aims the revolver at bank cashier.
Betty fires at the security guard.

Smith & Wesson Model 15

During the bank robbery a security guard is armed with a revolver that resembles a Smith & Wesson Model 15.

Smith & Wesson Model 15 - .38 Special
The security guard fires his revolver. Target sights and unshrouded ejector rod match Model 15.
Another view at the same scene.

Manurhin MR-73 (?)

In the final scene several police detectives carry revolvers. Their general shape is similar to Manurhin MR-73 but it's hard to say for sure.

Manurhin MR-73 Gendarmerie with three inch barrel, rubber grips and adjustable sights.
A plainclothes detective draws a revolver from showlder holster.
Deadly Circuit-Revolver3-2.jpg
Another plainclothes detective holds his revolver.


Wz. 35 Vis

A Wz. 35 Vis pistol is Beauvoir's (Michel Serrault) personal weapon. Later the blackmailer Jean (credited as "The Pale Man") (Guy Marchand) seizes Beauvoir's pistol.

Wz. 35 Vis - 9x19mm
Beauvoir draws his pistol from the box.
Jean aims the pistol at Beauvoir.
Another view at the same scene.
Jean holds the pistol in another scene.
One more view at the pistol in Jean's hand.

Colt Government Model

In the final scene Beauvoir (Michel Serrault) carries an M1911A1-style pistol. It is also seen in hands of Catherine Leiris (Isabelle Adjani). The general outlook of this pistol bears resemblance with "Pre-Series 70" Colt Government Model.

Colt Government Model M1911A1 - .45 ACP
Unloaded pistol is seen on the bed.
The pistol in the briefcase with cash.
Catherine holds the pistol.
She aims.

Unidentified pistol

In one scene Germaine (credited as "The Grey Woman") (Stéphane Audran) draws a pistol from her handbag. The gun is seen very briefly and blurry.

Germaine draws her pistol ...
...and fires.
She's going to put the gun back into her purse.

Submachine Guns


In one scene French policemen carry MAT-49 SMGs.

MAT-49 Submachine Gun - 9x19mm
A policeman at the left carries a MAT-49.
A policeman at the right holds a MAT-49.


Winchester Model 1200

During the bank robbery Catherine Leiris (Isabelle Adjani) is armed with a Winchester Model 1200 (supposedly a Deer Slug model) with shortened barrel.

Winchester Model 1200 Deer Slug - 12 gauge. The early version of this shotgun has a different shape of the pump like the one on the image below.
Winchester Model 1200 - 12 Gauge with 30" ribbed field barrel.
Masked Catherine holds her shotgun.
A business end can be seen.
Catherine fires.
She reloads the shotgun. A spent cartridge can be seen in air.
Catherine runs away with her shotgun in hands. A buttstock can be seen.


Unidentified rifles

In the final scene several policemen carry rifles, some of them with sniper scopes.

Policemen with rifles are seen at the background.
A policeman at the left carries a sniper rifle.
Policemen with rifles.

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