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Day of the Dead (1985)

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Day of the Dead (1985)

The following guns were used in the movie Day of The Dead:


Colt Gold Cup National Match (Mark IV, Series 70)

Most of the soldiers in the film are armed with Colt Gold Cup National Match (Mark IV, Series 70)s during firing scenes. However Pvt. Steele (Gary Howard Klar) & Bub are the primary users of the Series 70 in the film. When there is no firing, they used MGC M1911A1 replica pistols.

Colt Gold Cup National Match (Mark IV, Series 70) - .45 ACP.
Pvt. Steele (Gary Howard Klar) draws his Colt Gold Cup National Match on Sarah.

MGC M1911A1

The Japanese Metal replica M1911A1 built by MGC (Model Gun Corp) was extensively used in any scene where there was no firing, and even those with firing that were done with squib effects. The MGC Replica M1911A1 pistol also used a proprietary magazine that was not interchangeable with real M1911 Magazines.

MGC M1911A1 Replica .45 ACP Pistol - note silver MGC medallion on the grip, versus the Colt Medallion.
Discarded MGC M1911A1 Replica pistols after being disarmed by Capt. Rhodes.
Pvt. Steele loads his MGC M1911A1 Replica Pistol with dummy magazines.
Pvt. Steele: "Come on, Bub! Come on, ya pus-brain bag of shit! Ya wanna learn how to shoot, Bub? I'll teach ya how to shoot!" This scene he uses the obvious MGC replica M1911A1 pistol, judging not only by the 'tinny' sound of the slide racking, but the fact that he has to engage the slide release lever AFTER supposedly loading his handgun with a new magazine.

Smith & Wesson 59

Sarah (Lori Cardille) keeps a Smith & Wesson 59 as her sidearm instead of the usual M1911A1. This was likely Sarah's personal pistol, because the US Military never formally adopted the S&W 59.

Smith & Wesson 59 - 9x19mm
Bub (Sherman Howard) racks the slide of Sarah's unloaded Smith & Wesson 59. The frame bulge and the flat backstrap indicate this is a S&W 59 rather than a 39.
Sarah with her Smith & Wesson 59.


Smith & Wesson Model 629

Capt. Rhodes (Joe Pilato) carries two Smith & Wesson 629 .44 magnum revolvers with 6 inch barrels in crossdraw shoulder holsters, Additional .44 ammunition kept in a bandolier across his chest. John (Terry Alexander) use's them until they run out of ammo. It can be seen that the barrels of the revolvers have received the Mag-Na-Port recoil-reducing porting.

Smith & Wesson Model 629 - .44 magnum.
Capt. Rhodes draws his Model 629 on Pvt. Steele for disobeying orders.
Capt. Rhodes poses with his Model 629 - Note the 99th Infantry Division patch.
John (Terry Alexander) takes Capt. Rhodes's Model 629 after incapacitating him. Note the Mag-na-port porting in the barrels.
John contemplates killing Rhodes while he is unconscious.
John in the caverns with his Model 629.

Submachine Guns


The 9mm Uzi SMG can be seen used by the civilians, including Sarah (Lori Cardille), John (Terry Alexander) and his co-pilot, William "Bill" McDermott (Jarlath Conroy).

IMI Uzi - 9x19mm
Sarah (Lori Cardille) after returning from a fruitless search.
Pvt. Salazar (Anthony Dileo Jr. ) with the ominous calender to his back, and an Uzi to his front.
In the Ritz, a gun rack carrying two Uzis can be seen, one with an unfolded stock, the other hanging loose.
John (Terry Alexander) unfolds the stock on his Uzi, a rare sight.
Despite how fake the post production muzzle flash is, the gun is actually cycling.
Sarah asleep, an Uzi by her side.

Assault Rifles

MGC M16 Replica

The MGC M16 Replica can be seen in place of the M16A1 in scenes where there is no firing, identifiable by the bolt insert "forward assist".

Pvt. Miguel Salazar (Anthony Dileo Jr. ) with his MGC M16.
Pvt. Steel (Gary Howard Klar) watches over the capture of specimens with his MGC M16.
Capt. Rhodes (Joe Pilato) takes Sarah's (Lori Cardille) Sidearm.
Capt. Rhodes and his MGC M16.
Capt. Rhodes clumsily attempts to load his MGC M16. -Note painfully obvious bolt insert "forward assist".


Whenever a scene calls for the firing of a weapon, the MGC M16 is replaced with an M16A1 fitted with a 30 round magazine. Later on fired by Capt. Rhodes (Joe Pilato) and Pvt. Steel (Gary Howard Klar).

M16A1 - 5.56x45mm NATO
Pvt. Steel chambers his M16A1
"Listen to this." Capt. Rhodes firing the M16A1.
Pvt. Steel hopelessly opens up on a horde of zombies.
Pvt. Steel turning with his M16A1.
William (Jarlath Conroy) cuts down zombies in the caverns leading to the silo with his M16A1.

Heckler & Koch G3A3

The Heckler & Koch G3 is used by Pvt. Rickles (Ralph Marrero) and Pvt. Torrez (Taso N. Stavrakis) throughout the movie.

Heckler & Koch G3A3 - 7.62x51mm NATO
Pvt. Rickles with his G3A3
Pvt. Torrez holds his G3 on John(Terry Alexander). -note folding bi-pod
Pvt. Steel panicks as Pvt. Rickles attempts to fix the switch box, a G3A3 slung on his back.
Pvt. Rickles opens up on the zombies.



Pvt. Johnson (Gregory Nicotero) and Pvt. Torrez wear the ERDL pattern of camouflage, the precursor to the M81 Woodland Pattern used by US forces up until about 2005. The ERDL pattern was correct for American Soldiers in Vietnam for the years after 1970. The Woodland BDU (with more brown in the color scheme) was adopted in 1981 and phased out officially in Fall of 2006. Since the film was shot in 1985, most soldiers would be issued M81 Woodland BDU, however, the film industry has a 'several year' delay in procuring and using any military uniform. This is done so that wardrobe and prop companies don't expend a lot of money investing in the latest and greatest, if a uniform change only lasts a few years before being phased out for something different. But, to the filmmaker's credit, Day of the Dead takes place a few years after a complete societal breakdown that occurs in 1978 ("Dawn of the Dead"), so it is likely that the soldiers would still have the ERDL pattern.

Pvt. Johnson and Pvt. Miller (Phillip G. Kellams).

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