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The Corporal and Others

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The Corporal and Others
Theatrical poster
Country HUN.jpg Hungary
Directed by Márton Keleti
Release Date 1965
Language Hungarian
Main Cast
Character Actor
Albert Tamás Major
Cpl. Ferenc Molnár Imre Sinkovits
Wo. Eduárd Gálfy Iván Darvas
István Szíjjártó György Pálos

The Corporal and Others (Original title: A tizedes meg a többiek) is a 1965 Hungarian war film set during WWII. In the film, Corporal Ferenc Molnár (Imre Sinkovits) deserts from his unit, after it gets annihilated during the siege of Budapest, and plans to wait for the end of the war. He decides to hide in a deserted mansion, which is only guarded by the lone butler, Albert (Tamás Major), but soon finds out, that not only other deserters inhabit the mansion, but both the Germans and the Hungarian fascists want to use it as an HQ.

The following weapons were used in the movie The Corporal and Others:

Femaru 37M

Warrant Officer Eduárd Gálfy (Iván Darvas) tries to commit suicide with his Femaru 37M, but Molnár takes it away from him, only to find out that it was empty. Later both Gálfy and István Szíjjártó (György Pálos) use this type of gun when they pretend fighting with the Russians to scare away the Nazis from a farm. The Levente commander (Gábor Agárdi) also carries a Femaru 37M.

Fémáru 37M
Gálfy looks at his empty 37M.
Szíjjártó and Molnár pretend to fight with the Russians.
The Levente commander points the gun at Molnár.

Luger P08

The Obersturmführer (László Márkus) and Gutnacht (Tivadar Horváth) both use a Luger P08.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm.
The Obersturmführer shoots one of his soldiers out of anger.
After shooting the soldier, the Obersturmführer dropped his gun for some reason.

Mannlicher 31M rifle

Imre Gáspár (László Kozák) and Suhajda (László Bánhidi) both carry a Mannlicher 31M rifle.

Mannlicher 31M - 8 X 56mm Mannlicher
Private Gáspár (left) stands guard at the door with his Mannlicher 31M rifle. Suhajda's rifle is not visible in this shot.

Mannlicher 35M rifle

Most of the Nazis soldiers carry Mannlicher M35 rifles, which is historically incorrect.

Mannlicher M35 rifle
The Nazi soldier on the right carries a Mannlicher M35 rifle.

Mosin Nagant rifle

The Soviet soldiers use Mosin Nagant rifles, most likely a mixture of original Russian rifles and postwar Hungarian copies.

Mosin Nagant rifle
Soviet soldiers attack with Mosin Nagant rifles.


Grisha (Lajos Cs. Németh) and other Soviet soldiers carry PPSh-41 SMGs.

Gutnacht finds Grisha in the pantry.


Along with Molnár several Nazis and Hungarian fascists carry MP-40 SMGs.

Molnár searches a room of the mansion, with his MP-40 in his hands.

Király M43 SMG

Several Hungarian Fascists carry Király M43 SMGs.

Király M43 SMG
Dunyhás (József Szendrő) on the far left has a Király M43.

Degtyaryov DP-28

At the start of the movie a Soviet soldier aims a DP-28 Machine Gun at Molnár, but decides not to shoot.

The soviet soldier aims his DP-28.

MG 34

One of the Hungarian fascists brings an MG 34 to the execution.

MG 34 - 7.92x57mm Mauser. Belt-fed.
The Hungarian fascist sets up the MG 34.

DShK heavy machine gun

Two DShKs Heavy Machine Guns on wheels are pulled by Soviet soldiers at the end of the movie.

DShK heavy machine gun
The DShK is on the far right side of the picture.

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