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Carnivores Triassic

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Work In Progress

This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. See Talk:Carnivores Triassic for current discussions. Content is subject to change.

Carnivores Triassic (2012)

Carnivores Triassic is a popular, yet unofficial, title in the Carnivores hunting simulator video game franchise. Due to the lackluster response of the series' fourth title, Carnivores Cityscape, many fans of the series treat Triassic as a true sequel to the original three games. Based on the engine used for Carnivores Ice Age, Triassic offers improved AI for prey (dinosaurs and archosaurs in this title), various new anaimals, new maps, and a variety of new weapons. Several of the new weapons are based on the weapons from the previous games, but several completely new weapons appear as well.

The following weapons appear in the video game Carnivores Triassic:


Heckler & Koch USP

Replacing the previous games' pistol is a Heckler & Koch USP. The model seems to be the same model used for the pistol in the previous games (which weakly resembled a Browning BDA), but it has been re-textured in order to make it look like a USP. Though not that powerful, the gun carries a hefty 14-round magazine that can be pumped into any prehistoric beast that's unlucky enough to get caught in the player's line of sight.

Heckler & Koch USP - 9x19mm
The USP on the select screen. It appears the old model was modified slightly to better fit the texture. If you look closely, you can see the trademarks and caliber on the side of the slide, though the trademark on the grip seems to be misplaced.
As the Hunter aims his USP, one can almost hear a certain robot say "What a desolate place this is."
The Hunter reloads his USP, where, if you look closely, you'll see that the magazine has bullets textured onto the top of it.

Dan Wesson PPC .357

A black Dan Wesson PPC .357 revolver with wooden grips appears as an all new weapon, replacing the series' signature X-Bow weapon. It's more powerful than the USP, but power comes at the cost of only six rounds to fire before having to reload. The reload animation, however, is rather bizarre: After running dry, the Hunter will jerk the revolver backwards, as if trying to eject the spent casings. The thing is, the cylinder doesn't swing out. The Hunter will then lift an empty hand, slap the gun on the back, and call it a day.

Dan Wesson PPC - .357 Magnum
The Dan Wesson on the select screen. Note the lack of a hammer, which is chalked up the fact that this is a "single-action" only revolver. The developers most likely meant "double-action." According to the gun's description, it's loaded with .454 Casull rounds.
The Hunter aims his Dan Wesson PPC into the desert.
The Hunter fires some rounds into the desert, giving us a good look at the length of the weapon due to the recoil. We also get to see the top of the sights. However, the cylinder does not rotate when fired.
We can get the best look at the ingame model when the Hunter reloads it. However, one can also get a good look at the strange reload animation. In this image, the Hunter seems to be dumping the spent casings, without opening the cylinder. He then slams an open palm on the back of the gun, which apparently reloads it.


Z-M LR 300

A Z-M LR 300 rifle appears as a new weapon, acting as the series' first assault rifle. It has the fastest rate of fire of any gun in the game, and is fairly powerful. However, the weapon is also very loud, and can scare prey away. On the select screen, the weapon is referred to as both a "LR300" and an "M4 Carbine Assault Rifle." The select screen image also happens to show an M4 styled weapon. The weapon in the select screen does not appear in the most recent version of the game, and appears to be a leftover from a cut or removed weapon.

Z-M LR 300ML with side-folding stock - 5.56x45mm
The LR 300 ingame, where we see the sights and the charging handle. It's a completely new model for the game, like the previously seen Dan Wesson PPC revolver.
Reloading the rifle consists of replacing the magazine and pulling the charging handle. Compared to the other weapons, the LR 300 has a comparatively lower res texture. However, the overall shape and design is still clear.

M4/M4A1 Carbine

Some kind of M4 carbine weapon appears on the weapon select screen, representing the aforementioned LR 300 rifle. Despite being labeled as an LR 300 in the weapon list, the description refers to the pictured M4, which does not actually appear ingame. Other than the general shape, details are difficult to acquire due to how small the image is, though it clearly boasts some kind of optics.

Colt M4 Carbine with 4 position collapsible stock - 5.56x45mm
The M4 carbine-like rifle on the select screen. This model does not appear within the game itself. Despite the name "LR300" being used in the option box, the description box also refers to the weapon as being an M4 carbine. Note that the weapon appears to have a gray digital pattern. Also note the straight box magazine.


A new weapon appears in the game, labeled as an FN FAL, which comes equipped with "built in crosshairs." The select screen image, however, is clearly based off of the rifle seen in the previous games, which best resembles a KS-23 shotgun. The ingame model for the FN FAL also seems to be based on the existing KS-23 model, but since we only ever see the weapon from the top, it's hard to tell. Note, though, that the scope is placed on the handguard.

FN FAL "G Series" - 7.62x51mm NATO
Although the old rifle model appears on the select screen, the actual ingame model seems to have been visually modified to make it closer resemble an FAL. The scope looks nowhere near as big here as it is shown on the select screen. The weapon doesn't have a reload animation.


Remington 870

The Remington 870 MCS Entry shotgun from the previous two games appears again in the game's select screen, representing a Remington SP-10 hunting shotgun. Ingame, it's basically an 870 without the rear sights that appeared on the shotguns that appeared before (making it further resemble an 870). The "SP-10" has a leopard camo. There's also a gold 870 on the select screen, called the Golden Lever-Action Rifle (Despite the shotgun clearly having a pump).

Remington 870 MCS Entry version - 12 Gauge
The leopard 870 on the select screen. It's not clear what kind of backdrop this is supposed to blend into, other than a wall of leopard skins. The description erroneously refers to this shotgun as a Remington Model SP-10.
The original model for the shotgun has had its onscreen angle adjusted, and has had the rear sights removed, making the weapon more closely resemble the Remington 870.
The Hunter racks the action very slowly, ejecting a blue casing. According to the description, the shotgun is chambered for 10 Gauge shells. Note that the magazine tube seems to have been shortened slightly, perhaps done in an attempt to make a better look-a-like for the SP-10. However, the SP-10 isn't a pump-action shotgun.
The Hunter reloads his garish shotgun, which can only hold three rounds at a time. Although this is a bit more accurate than putting a tiny box magazine directly into the magazine tube (Like in the last two games), the slower reload, coupled with the sluggish racking of the pump, makes this weapon less than ideal to use in most situations.
What appears to be a solid gold 870 appears, which is called a G-LAR , or Golden Lever-Action Rifle). This name is fairly odd, primarily because the select screen image shows a pump-action shotgun. The ingame model, however, is a lever-action rifle.


The rifle from the first game, which actually resembled a KS-23 shotgun with an incorrect box magazine, reappears in Carnivores Triassic in several different styles. Firstly, the KS-23 is used as a select screen image for the aforementioned FN FAL, but with sights removed and replaced with a crude looking scope. The same scoped KS-23 image from the previous games also appears, but this time the weapon is identified as an M40A3 Sniper Rifle, which it only shares a vague similarity with. Finally, a retextured KS-23 is used to represent the Franchi SPAS-15 (See the next entry).

KS-23 with a fixed wooden stock - 23 mm
A KS-23 on the select screen, erroneously identified as an FN FAL. The constant reuse of the model was probably done to save on time and resources.
This KS-23 image is the same one seen in Carinvores 2 and Ice Age. It's called the M40A3, here. Ingame, it's represented by a set of crosshairs.

Franchi SPAS-15

A SPAS-15 appears in the game as a new weapon - sort of. It's actually the previously seen KS-23 shotgun model, but completely retextured in order to resemble a SPAS-15. One can make out all of the SPAS-15's details, such as the pump, the magazine, and the receiver. The only things that are amiss are the elongated barrel and the lack of a carrying handle. As the pump is only textured onto the gun, the weapon, perhaps rather obviously, fires in its semi-automatic mode.

Franchi SPAS-15 - 12 Gauge
The select screen basically shows us a gray KS-23 shotgun. However, you can still see some of the SPAS-15 details, such as the red square on the magazine and an ejection port on the side. But still, go ahead and count all the differences between this and the actual SPAS-15.
The Hunter aims his SPAS-15, wondering where the carrying handle wandered off too.
The Hunter reloads his SPAS-15 with a tiny magazine. However, here we can see the pump and more details of the SPAS-15 that have been textured onto the gun. As one can guess, the pump isn't workable, and so the gun fires semi-automatically.

Sawed-Off Double-Barreled Shotgun

Some kind of generic Sawed Off Double Barreled Shotgun appears in the hands of poachers, enemies who will come to collect you as a trophy if your dinosaur trophy room starts to get really full. These enemies were actually supposed to appear in Carnivores Ice Age, but were cut for unknown reasons. Triassic has re-implemented the poacher.

Remington Spartan Sawed Off shotgun - 12 gauge
A poacher readies his sawed off shotgun. He has traded in his snow camouflage from the last game for desert fatigues. Perhaps ironically, the poachers wear the same outfit that the Hunter does.

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