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Official Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by David Twohy
Release Date 2002
Language English
Studio Dimension Films
Protozoa Pictures
Distributor Miramax Films
Dimension Films
Main Cast
Character Actor
Lieutenant Brice Bruce Greenwood
Ensign Douglas Odell Matthew Davis
Claire Paige Olivia Williams
Lieutenant Paul Loomis Holt McCallany
Stumbo Jason Flemyng

The following weapons were used in the film Below:

Browning Machine Gun

A Browning Machine Gun is seen in the gunner blister of the British PBY Catalina during the film's opening.

Browning M2HB - .50 BMG
The Browing machine gun in the PBY Catalina.

Bofors 40mm Cannon

The USS Tiger Shark (a Gato-class submarine portrayed by the USS Silversides) has a single Mark III Bofors 40mm Cannon mounted on a raised portion of the deck.

Bofors 40mm L/60 AA gun in a Boffin mounting - 40×311mmR
An overhead shot of the deck. The Bofors is the right-most gun.

4"/50-Caliber Deck Gun

The USS Tiger Shark also has a single 4"/50-Caliber anti-aircraft gun mounted on the deck.

Two sailors next to the 4"/50-caliber gun stop to hear their commanding officer's orders.
An overhead shot of the deck. The 4"/50-Caliber gun can be seen.

Oerlikon 20mm Cannon

A single Oerlikon 20mm Cannon is mounted on the deck of the USS Tiger Shark opposite the Bofors and 4"/50-cal.

Oerlikon Cannon - 20mm
The USS Tiger Shark submerges. The Oerlikon can be seen on the deck.


Lieutenant Brice (Bruce Greenwood) occasionally uses an M1911A1 pistol.

World War II Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP. This was an issued U.S. Army pistol with parkerized finish, thus the official designation of M1911A1
Brice holding his M1911A1.
Brice threatens Claire Paige (Olivia Williams) with his M1911A1.
Brice slams his M1911A1 against the barrel of the 4"/50-cal. gun.

Thompson M1928A1

During the climax of the film, Ensign Douglas Odell (Matthew Davis) and Odell Stumbo (Jason Flemyng) retrieve a M1928A1 Thompson submachine gun from the USS Tiger Shark's armory. The particular Thompson they collect has a Cutts compensator, an early-style rear sight setup, and a 20-round magazine.

M1928A1 Thompson - .45 ACP
Odell and Stumbo open the armory doors. Note the Thompson in the right-most slot.
Odell grabs the Thompson out of the armory racks.
Odell takes aim with the Thompson.

M1 Carbine

Several M1 Carbine rifles can be seen in the Tiger Shark's armory.

World War II Era M1 Carbine, with Dark Walnut Stock, 'L' peep sight and no bayonet lug - .30 Carbine - correct for most of WWII, shown with khaki sling and oiler and a period twin magazine pouch for buttstock
Odell and Stumbo open the armory doors. Note the M1 Carbines to the right of the Thompson.

Smith & Wesson M1917 Revolver

A pair of Smith & Wesson M1917 Revolver can be seen mounted to the inside of the locker doors in the USS Tiger Shark's armory.

Smith & Wesson M1917 Revolver (Military issue with lanyard ring) - .45 ACP.
Odell and Stumbo open the armory doors. Note the S&W M1917 mounted to the door on the right.
Odell and Stumbo hear a gunshot above deck. Note the S&W M1917 on the left.

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