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Beauty and the Beast - Season 2

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Beauty and the Beast (2013-14)

The following weapons were used in Season 2 of the series Beauty and the Beast:


Beretta Px4 Storm

Laura Scott (Haley Webb) is seen armed with a Beretta Px4 Storm Inox when she confrons Tori Windsor in "Don't Die on Me" (S2E09). In "Held Hostage" (S2E11) one of Vlad's agents holds a Beretta Px4 Storm when they seize control of the Police Department. Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) takes the Beretta Px4 Storm Inox from a dead agent, and she uses the gun later in the episode.

Beretta PX4 Storm Inox - .40 S&W
Laura Scott aims her Beretta Px4 Storm at Tori in "Don't Die on Me".
The agent aims his Beretta at Tess in "Held Hostage".
The pistol in the soil
Catherine holds the Beretta in "Held Hostage".

Glock 17

In "Man or Beast" (S2E08), Agent Bob Reynolds (Ted Whittall) is seen holding a Glock 17 while in a conversation with Gabe. In "Held Hostage" (S2E11) several Vlad's agents are armed with Glock 17 when they seize control of the Police Department.

3rd Generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm
Bob aims the Glock at Gabe in "Man or Beast"
Nico holds a Glcok 17 in "Held Hostage"
A Vlad agent aims the Glock 17 at Vincent in "Held Hostage"

Glock 19

In "Father Knows Best" (S2E06), Curt Winsor's bodyguard uses a Glock 19 when he enters Vincent's house. Sam Landon (Tom Everett Scott) acquires a Glock 19 from a guard in prison and uses it during "About Last Night" (S2E16).

Glock 19 (2nd Generation) - 9x19mm
The bodyguard is armed with the Glock 19 in "Father Knows Best".
Sam Landon aims the Glock 19 at Westbrook in "About Last Night".

Glock 26

Catherine "Cat" Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) uses a Glock 26 as her main sidearm in the season 2. Cat uses a Glock 26 in "Who Am I?" (S2E01) to rescue Vincent. In "Reunion" (S2E06), Catherine takes her Glock 26 to shoot at Zach. In "Man or Beast" (S2E08), Cat pulls her Glock 26 when confronting Bob Reynolds.

Glock 26 subcompact Pistol - 9x19mm
Catherine carries the gun.
Catherine enters in the laboratory with her Glock 26.
Catherine fires her Glock 26 at Zach in "Reunion".
Cat aims her Glock 26 at Bob in "Man or Beast".

Jericho 941

In "Ancestors" (S2E10), Shorty (Jeff Teravainen) uses what appears to be Jericho 941 to threaten Catherine.

Jericho 941 R (early model) - 9x19mm.
Shorty aims his gun at Catherine in "Ancestors".

Kimar Model 85

In "Held Hostage" (S2E11) one of Vlad's agents are armed with Kimar Model 85 blank fire replica when they seize control of the Police Department. Near the end of "Held Hostage", Catherine Chandler is armed with a Kimar Model 85 while it aims at Vincent.

Kimar Model 85 8 mm
A Vlad agent aims the Kimar Moel 85 blank fire replica in "Held Hostage".
Catherine aims the Kimar Model 85 at Vincent in "Held Hostage".

SIG-Sauer P226

In "Ancestors" (S2E10), Pete Franco (Ian Bohen) fires a SIG-Sauer P226 into the water and later threatens Catherine with the gun.

SIG-Sauer P226 - 9x19mm.
Pete is seen firing into the water with a SIG-Sauer P226 in "Ancestors".

Smith & Wesson 3913

In "Hothead" (S2E04), Aaron Keller (Bryan Dechart) uses a Smith & Wesson 3913 to threaten one beast.

Smith & Wesson 3913 - 9x19mm
Aaron aims the Smith & Wesson at the beast.

Smith & Wesson 5906

Sam Landon (Tom Everett Scott) is seen firing a Smith & Wesson 5906 at Vincent Keller in "Redemption" (S2E14).

Smith & Wesson 5906 - 9x19mm
The Smith & Wesson 5906 is seen on Sam's table in "Redemption".

Colt Commander

One Curt Winsor's bodyguard uses what appears to be a Colt Commander in "Father Kknows Best" (S2E06).

Colt Commander M1991A1 - .45 ACP

Para-Ordnance Carry

In "Ancestors" (S2E10), Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) uses what appears to be Para-Ordnance Carry to threaten Pete.

Para-Ordnance Carry - .45 ACP
An Para-Ordance Carry is seen briefly holds by Catherine in "Ancestors".

Assault Rifle


In "Ancestors" (S2E10), several Russian soldiers are armed with AKMs to protect the Russian consulate.

AKM, Stamped Steel Receiver w/ slant muzzle brake - 7.62x39mm
A soldier holds his AKM in "Ancestors".

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5A5

One of Lee Sao's assistants carries a Heckler & Koch MP5A5 in "Who Am I?" (S2E01).

Heckler and Koch MP5A5 - 9x19mm.
The assistant with the MP5A5.

Heckler & Koch MP5K

One of Lee Sao's assistants carries a Heckler & Koch MP5K in "Who Am I?" (S2E01).

Heckler & Koch MP5KN - updated with the Navy Trigger Group - 9x19mm.
The MP5K in the ground.


X-2 CO2 Pistol

In "Who Am I?", J.T (Austin Basis)uses the X-2 CO2 to shoot at Vincent. Later, in "Kidnapped" (S2E02), Gabriel Lowan (Sendhil Ramamurthy) uses it to rescue Catherine.

Closeup of the X-2 CO2 in "Who Am I".
J.T aims his X-2 CO2 Pistol at Vincent.
Gabriel holds the X-2 CO2 Pistol in "Kidnapped".

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