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Amaim Warrior at the Borderline

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
If you can help identify any of the weapons labelled "unknown," please do so.

The following weapons were used in the anime series Amaim Warrior at the Borderline:


Heckler & Koch USP Compact

Gashin Tezuka uses a futurised Heckler & Koch USP Compact in "Autonomous City". The futurized compact is used by special agents for North American Coalition Confederal Public Security Department (CPSD).

H&K USP Compact - .40 S&W
The pistol is aimed "Autonomous City".
A CPSD agent arrests a conspirator for attempting to kill Congressman Roy Walker in "Outbreak of War".

Fictional pistol

Yuusei aims his sidearm at Gashin Tezuka in "Autonomous City".
Good shot of the pistol used by Yuusei.
I may be thinking outta my hat to say it's a futurized SIG P250/P320.

Submachine Guns


One of the Jogan's secondary weapons is based on a MAC-10, first seen in "Hokuriku Battle (Part 1)".

MAC-10 - .45 ACP
The two AMAIM-sized SMGs at the back of Jogan in "Hokuriku Battle (Part 1)".
Closeup of the barrel.
Jogan engages NAC forcs in "Hokuriku Battle (Part 2)".

Assault Rifles

Futurized M16

Anti-occupation resistance fighters seemingly use futurized M16s with straight mags. TRYVECTA security forces, including ARES contractor Collin Dialo, use them when German Gobert's contractors raid a TRYVECTA research center in "TRYVECTA". North American Coalition soldiers use them as well. Dialo's contractors use them with attached laser sights in "Outbreak of War".

Yatagarasu fighters are seen with the futurized M16 in "Separate Ways".
Arahabaki fighters opens fire at Eurasian AMAIMs in "Expedition".
A Yatagarasu fighter gives chase in "Eight Months Later".
TRYVECTA security forces take aim at a suspicious vehicle in "TRYVECTA".
Collin with his futurized M16 after taking out Gobert's contractors.
Closeup of the barrel as the rifle is fired.
NAC soldiers hunt for Amou and Alexei in "Fugitives".
Dialo's contractors use their futurized M16s with laser sights on top of the receiver in "Outbreak of War" while wearing respirators.

IWI Tavor CTAR-21

IWI Tavor CTAR-21s with flattops are used by Gobert's mercenaries throughout "TRYVECTA" when they raid a TRYVECTA research center.

IWI Tavor CTAR-21 with flat top - 5.56x45mm NATO
A mercenary in a respirator gets out of a van in "TRYVECTA".
The CTAR-21 fired at TRYVECTA researchers.
In this shot, the railed flattop is not animated.


The QBZ-191 is seen with Asian Free Trade Entente (AFTE) soldiers as their main assault rifle.

QBZ-191 - 5.8x42mm
Japanese civilians protest outside the AFTE military governor's compound in "Determination".
The QBZ-191s aimed at Japanese civilians prior to a firing squad-based execution.

Sniper Rifles

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

An Accuracy International Arctic Warfare is used by Colin in "Anniversary" to shoot paintball rounds.

Accuracy International AW-F - 7.62x51mm NATO
In "Anniversary", Colin provides overwatch by shooting surveillance cameras with paintball rounds.
Shot of the AW stock.

Machine Guns

General Dynamics GAU-22/A

NAC VTOLs are armed with the General Dynamics GAU-22/A, the 4 barreled variant of the GAU-12/U.

General Dynamics GAU-22/A - 25x137mm
A NAC VTOL fires its GAU-22/A at NAC-manned AMAIMs after a rogue AMAIM AI named Ghost hijacks its controls in "The Hunt".

M61 Vulcan

An M61 Vulcan is seen with Gai's Jogan, known as the W27. It serves as the primary weapon for taking out several AMAIMs in a target area.

GE M61 Vulcan Cannon - 20x102mm
Jogan sets up the W27 after lowering stabilizers in "Signs of Upheaval".
The W27 fired at NAC NA13 Brady Fox AMAIMs.
The W27 prior to being fired in "Hokuriku Frontline (Part 1)".

Rocket Launchers

Mk 153 SMAW

Yatagarus fighters use Mk 153 SMAWs to take down the rogue AMAIM known as Ghost in "Separate Ways".

Collapsed Mk 153 Mod 0 SMAW - 83mm
Yatagarasu fighters open fire at Ghost in "Separate Ways".


M67 hand grenade

A (seemingly large) M67 hand grenade is used by Collin in "TRYVECTA" to take out some of Gobert's mercenaries.

Airsoft "M67 hand grenade" gas bottle
Collin about to toss the M67 in "TRYVECTA".
The frag grenade lands near the mercs.

M84 stun grenade

The M84 stun grenade is used by Gobert's mercenaries in "TRYVECTA".

M84 stun grenade
The M84 tossed in a guard house in "TRYVECTA".


Wooden Rifle

Amou practices running with a wooden rifle in "TRYVECTA".

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