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Alpha Protocol

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Alpha Protocol (2010)

Alpha Protocol is a single player-only espionage RPG video game developed by Obsidian and published by Sega. The game revolves around the adventures of field agent Michael Thorton. It was released in 2010 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

See the discussion page for information about the fictional weapons in the game.

The following weapons make an appearance in the game Alpha Protocol:

Note: most of the weapons have attributes that are not like the real versions of the weapons.


While they are fairly weak when it comes to power, pistols are perfect for a stealth approach. All pistols are semi-automatic, and perfect for achieving critical hits. Pistols can be customized with various upgrades, including: Light Pistol Barrel, Suppressor, Compensator, Laser Sight, Reflex Sight, Extended Magazine, Streamlined Pistol Frame and Custom Grip.

Glock 17

The Glock 17 is known as the "Rittergroupen 5.7mm Pistol" in the game. (Probably the creators exchanged the Five-seveN's and the G17's name by mistake, because the 5.7mm Five-seveN appears as "Samael 9mm Pistol", while the 9mm G17 appears as "Rittergroupen 5.7mm Pistol".)
The G17 holds only 10 rounds but is a very accurate pistol. The more advanced variants are called "Cutlass" and "Razor".

Glock 17 - 9x19mm
The "Rittergroupen 5.7mm Pistol" with basic pistol sight.
The "Rittergroupen Cutlass" with Mark2 Suppressor.

FN Five-seveN

The FN Five-seveN is the second pistol Mike can purchase for himself. The default version is called "Samael 9mm Pistol" and holds only 14 bullets. The "Samael Sidewinder" and "Samael Seraphim" are the more advanced variants with better damage, accuracy and ammunition capacity.

FN Five-SeveN USG (U.S. Government) - 5.7x28mm
Model of the Five-seveN without any modification. This version is called "Samael 9mm Pistol".
The "Sidewinder" with Mark3 Suppressor and Red Dot Scope.


Called "UC .50 Pistol" in the game, the GSh-18 can be unlocked after finding Grigori in Moscow. It fires .50 caliber rounds in Alpha Protocol, however it is only available in 9mm in real life. The upgraded version with light brown frame is called "UC Cossak". The more improved variant is the "UC Commissar". The starting ammo capacity is 12 rounds (13 for the "Commissar") and it can be boosted to 18, resp. 19.

GSh-18 - 9x19mm
Alpha Protocol's GSh-18.
The "Commissar" with Mark3 Suppressor and Red Dot Scope.

Smith & Wesson M&P

Alpha Protocol is the first video game to feature the Smith & Wesson M&P. The gun appears as "Hamilton .45 Pistol" in the game and is the default pistol. The more improved versions are called "Contender" and "Duelist". Despite being called a ".45" it's modeled after the 9mm version of the M&P.

S&W M&P - 9x19mm
Model of the M&P without any modification. This model is called "Hamilton .45 Pistol".
Mike uses his M&P to threaten Shaheed.
Mike points his "Duelist" at Surkov.

Beretta 92FS

Conrad Marburg uses a 92FS in the Museum of Art in Rome. This version of the pistol is unusable.

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Marburg holds his Beretta.

Beretta 92FS Inox

Conrad Marburg's Beretta 92FS turns into a Beretta 92FS Inox with black controls (safety switch, slide release level, disassembling latch), trigger bar, and trigger when collected by the player.

Beretta 92FS Inox - 9x19mm
APGame Beretta92.jpg

Unknown Smith & Wesson Snub-nose Revolvers

Sis uses two as-yet unknown Smith & Wesson revolvers aboard Lazo's yacht, which she keeps tucked into her pants waist.

Sis holds her two revolvers. During the boss fight, it becomes evident that G22 has pioneered the revolutionary "invisible laser sight", as not seen here in this image.
A profile view of Sis's S&W revolvers. Note the rear sight, unshrouded ejector rod, and Colt-type cylinder release latch.

Submachine Guns

Like pistols, they don't pack much punch, but they fire very rapidly. Being a fully automatic type of weapon that has a fast rate of fire, SMG's are perfect for clearing rooms. Submachine guns can be upgraded with the following: Muzzle Assist, Lighter SMG Barrel, Linear Compensator, Muzzle Brake, Muzzle Assist, Recoil Nullifier, Reflex Sight, Laser Sight, Extended Magazines, Lighter Grips and many more. SMG's can fire normal, High Velocity and Hollow Point rounds.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1

The MP7A1 is a gun featured in the game and appears as part of the "Hamilton SMG" series. The default variant is the "SMX". The improved model is called "Vigilance" which holds +2 rounds and has a slightly better accuracy. The ultimate variant is the "Patriot" with a little bit better attributes.
The default ammo capacity is 30 rounds, and can be upgraded to 42. This gun can also be dual-wielded.

H&K MP7A1 - 4.6x30mm
The default model of the MP7A1 with hi-cap mags and RDS and Holo-sight- together, for some reason.
Mike reloads his dual MP7A1's.


Known as "Samael PMG" in the game. Can be dual-wielded and appears with rails. The Uzi offers good accuracy and high rate of fire, but the small range can be frustrating sometimes.
The improved variants are the "Storm", "Hurricane" and "Typhoon".

IMI Uzi - 9x19mm
The Uzi in the game. This version is called "PMG".
The "Storm" with hi-cap magazine.
Mike reloads his dual Uzis fitted with high-capacity magazines.

Heckler & Koch MP5K

The MP5K is seen as part of the "Rittergroupen SMG" series. It's pretty accurate but holds only 28 rounds.
The basic variant is the "FMP". The improved version with light brown finish is the "Rampage". The "Blitzkrieg" is the last version which holds correctly 30 rounds and it contains carbon fiber parts.

H&K MP5KA4 - 9x19mm
The "Rittengroupen FMP" with Featherweight Magazine - the default model in the "Rittergroupen SMG" family. Note that the magazine release paddle is missing.
The "Rittengroupen Rampage" with Compensator - the improved version of the "FMP".
The "Rittengroupen Blitzkrieg" - the most advanced version of this submachine gun. Some parts are made of carbon fiber.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

Two not-so-well-done Heckler & Koch MP5A3 submachine guns can be seen on the logo of the black market arms dealer company "Clearinghouse".

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with Navy trigger group and MP5F stock - 9x19mm
The logo of the "Clearinghouse". Note missing magazine release paddles, shortened barrels, Navy-shaped trigger units, and MP5F stocks.


Shotguns are the most powerful weapons in the game. They can kill most enemies with one or two shots. However, they have several disadvantages: short range, long reload times and a strong recoil. Shotguns can sometimes knock enemies off of their feet. Shotguns can be upgraded with Skeet Choke, Light Barrel, Muzzle Brake, Muzzle Assist, Compensator, Recoil Dampener, Basic Sight, Extended Magazines, Composite Stock and Reinforced Components.

Franchi SPAS-12

The Franchi SPAS-12 holds 10 shells in the game and appears with a shortened barrel and tubular magazine. Fires in semi-auto mode, like all the shotguns in the game. The stock version, with black finish is called "Samael .66 Gauge". The improved versions are the "Samael Vengeance" and "Samael Redeemer".

SPAS-12 - 12 ga.
The "Vengeance" modified with Holographic Sight and Modified Magazine (which adds only 1 shell to the capacity).
The "Redeemer" with "Skeet Choke".

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are deadly long range weapons but are ineffective when firing from the hip. Assault Rifles can be upgraded with the following: Accelerator, Light Barrel, Compensator, Scope, Improved Scope, Laser Sight, Rifle Sight, Reflex Sight, Extended Magazine, Lighter Stock and many more. Assault rifles can fire normal, Subsonic and APDS (Armor Piercing Depleted Sabot) rounds. All the assault rifles fire in 3-round bursts.

Heckler & Koch G36C

The G36C can be purchased in Moscow. The default version is called "Rittergruppen CE20" and holds 24 rounds. The "Rittergruppen Fauchard" is a more improved variant with better accuracy. The "Rittergruppen Halberd" is an even more advanced version with the capacity of 27 rounds. The "Grizzly" is an exclusive Assault Pack item.
This weapon fires only in 3-round burst mode. No G36 rifle can fire in 3-round burst mode in real life, however the 2-round burst mode can be present on some special models.

Heckler & Koch G36C - 5.56x45mm
The "Rittergruppen Fauchard"
Michael holds a "Rittergruppen Halberd" fitted with red dot scope, holographic sight, extended magazine and compensator. Note that the carry handle and handguard are made of carbon fiber to reduce weight.


The SCAR-L CQC is featured as Hamilton's series of assault rifles, and the base model is the very first assault rifle the player can purchase in the game. Offers good accuracy and moderate damage. It can only fire in 3-round bursts, something no real SCAR rifle can do.
The three variants are called: "AR 21", "Hawk" and "Eagle".

Third-Generation FN SCAR-L CQC - 5.56x45mm
The "AR 21" without any attachments. Note that the in-game model has ejection port cover and H&K-style selector pictographs.
The "Hawk" with upgraded sights and muzzle compensator.
The "Eagle" fitted with sights and extended magazine.
Mike reloads his "AR 21" fitted with Red Dot Scope, Holographic sight and Accelerator.

Remington ACR

The Remington ACR appears in the game as Samael's series of assault rifles. It's incorrectly stated that it's manufactured in Israel.
The stock version is called "FR99" and comes with a 33-round magazine. The "Executioner" is the upgraded version with the capacity of 39 rounds and slightly better accuracy and higher damage. The "Assassin" is the ultimate variant. It comes with a 42-round magazine. The "Retribution" is an exclusive Assault Pack item with even better stats.

Bushmaster ACR - 5.56x45mm
The "FR99" in the game. Note the absence of the rear sight.
The "Executioner" with Red Dot Scope, Holographic Sight and Muzzle Assist.

Norinco QBZ-95

Norinco QBZ-95 rifles can be seen in Nasri's hideout but are unusable by the player.

Norinco QBZ-95 - 5.8x42mm
A QBZ-95 on the table.
A member of the G22 terrorist organization can be seen holding a QBZ-95 on a photo.

Heckler & Koch XM8

One U.S. Marine can be seen holding an XM8 rifle at the U.S. Embassy in a cutscene. The XM8 turns into a FN SCAR-L when the cutscene is over.

H&K XM8 - 5.56x45mm
The Marine guard with his XM8. Note that the rifle lacks any sort of optical sight.


Remington/USMC M40A3

The Remington/USMC M40A3 sniper rifle is used throughout the game. It can be picked up, but cannot be carried. Has unlimited ammo.

M40A3 sniper rifle with Harris bipod - 7.62x51mm
Michael holds a suppressed M40A3 rifle during the mission in Italy.
The scope of the M40A3.

Tranquilizer Gun

An unknown (possibly fictional) tranquilizer pistol can be used by Mike during the first level of the game. It holds six rounds.

Michael aims at an enemy guard.


An M60 machine gun is used by a mercenary named SIE in a cutscene to kill a group of Russian mobsters.

M60 machine gun with bipod folded - 7.62x51mm NATO
SIE holds her M60 while talking to Michael.
The M60 on SIE's shoulder.
The M60 as a stationary turret. It has unlimited ammo, but can overheat.


Numerous PKM machine guns can be seen in Rome.

PKM machine gun with latest version of the flash hider - 7.62x54mm R
PKM machine guns in the game.

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