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Almanzor's Rings (Koltsa Almanzora)

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Almanzor's Rings
(Koltsa Almanzora)
Koltsa Almanzora Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Igor Voznesensky
Release Date 1978
Language Russian
Studio Gorky Film Studio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Zenziver Mikhail Kononov
Princesse Aleli Svetlana Smirnova
Princesse Augusta Lyudmila Dmitrieva
Queen Yanuariya Valentina Talyzina
Almanzor Fyodor Nikitin
Prime Minister Intrigio Boris Ivanov
Captain Mukhamiel Leonid Kanevskiy
Prince Abaldon Viktor Pavlov
Prince Aldebaran Roman Tkachuk

Almanzor's Rings (Koltsa Almanzora) is a Soviet 1978 (filmed 1977) fantasy adventure movie directed by Igor Voznesensky and based on theater play "Tin Rings" by Tamara Gabbe. Dowager Queen of a fictional state plans marriage of her two daughters. But Princesse Augusta has very viscious temper, and Princesse Aleli is considered to be foolish as she always says what she thinks. So Queen asks wizard Almanzor for help. The wizard creates two rings that would give their owners what they lacked. But pirates captain Mukhamiel who recently lost his ship in a wreck gets aware about the rings, so he abducts both princesses. Zenziver, the palace gardener, who falls in love with Aleli, makes a daring attempt to rescue them.

The following weapons were used in the film Almanzor's Rings (Koltsa Almanzora):


Over and Under Howdah Pistol

When Zenziver (Mikhail Kononov) secretly infiltrates pirates' camp, he is armed with a percussion cap over and under Howdah pistol. Zenziver also uses this gun during the confrontation with queen's guards in the climactic scene. Same prop is also seen in some other scenes, carried by pirates.

Over and Under Double Barreled Howdah pistol
A pirate at the right carries an O/U pistol tucked in his belt.
Zenziver appears from a "treasure" chest like a Jack-in-the-box, surprining Mukhamiel.
Zenziver orders Mukhamiel to get into the chest...
...and closes the lid.
Zenziver holds his Howdah pistol.
What appears to be the same gun, is carried by pirate Akhmet (Ruslan Akhmetov).
Zenziver carries his pistol after the returning to the kingdom.
A closer view of the gun.

Double Barreled Pistol

Pirates captain Mukhamiel (Leonid Kanevskiy) owns an ornate double barreled pistol in Oriental style. Its lock is never seen clear enough to inentify it as flintlock or percussion cap. Same pistol is carried by pirate Rakhmet (Valentin Golubenko), and then by Princesse Augusta (Lyudmila Dmitrieva), disguised as pirate.

The pistol in table in captain's cabin.
The grip of the pistol is seen behind Mukhamiel's head. The large white pommel on the grip is often seen on Ottoman and Caucasian flintlock pistols.
Another view of same scene. Here can be seen that the pistol has locks on both sides.
The pistol is seen at the background in Mukhamiel's cabin.
Rakhmet carries same looking pistol.
Koltsa Almanzora-DoublePistol-5.jpg
Augusta: I look like a pirate?.
Zenziver: Yes, like a real pirate!

Flintlock Pistol

Captain's mate Kokhinur (Yakov Belenkiy) carries a Flintlock Pistol in Oriental style. Possibly same pistol is used by midget pirate (Vladimir Fyodorov).

Turkish Flintlock Pistol.
A pistol is seen in hand of the midget.
Koltsa Almanzora-Flintlock-2.jpg
Kokhinur holds his pistol during the abducting of princesses.
What appears to be the same pistol is seen in the belt of Princesse Aleli (Svetlana Smirnova), disguised as a pirate.


IZh-18 (visually modified as pistol)

Except for abovementioned pistols, all other handguns in the movie are visually modified single barreled shotguns, most likely IZh-18, with sawed-off barrels and buttstocks and fitted with fake flintlocks (some with percussion cap locks). In one scene Zenziver, in need of gunpowder, opens one of these top-break "pistols", proving its shotgun origin. Only these guns are seen firing on screen.

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Sawn-off MP-18 (modern version of IZh-18). Screen guns retain distinct spur on the trigger guard.
A closeup of mockup pistol with flintlock.
Koltsa Almanzora-IZh-Pistol-5.jpg
Numerous pirates fire in air. Spurs on trigger guards are seen on all pistols. There are two slightly different models, one with full-length handguard and another with shorter handguard.
Pistols on the wall in Mukhamiel's cabin.
Koltsa Almanzora-IZh-Pistol-11.jpg
Zenziver opens top-break gun to get a portion of gunpowder. Real top-break flintlock pistols were very rare and costly.
Kokhinur (Yakov Belenkiy) fires at the lock of the chest where Mukhamiel is held. If the pistol was real, Kokhinur's white garment would have caught fire from the flash on the lock.
Enraged Mukhamiel grabs a pistol. More pistols are seen on the wall.
Incredibly sad Mukhamiel who lost everything holds a pistol. This is a version with short handguard.
Zenziver fires at Queen's guards in the climactic scene.

Single Barreled Shotgun (visually modified as blunderbuss)

A Blunderbuss, reused in several scenes, appears to be a mockup, based on a shotgun, like IZh-18 or similar gun.

A blunderbuss on a bipod is seen in the scene on wrecked pirates ship.
A guard in Queen's palace (German Poloskov) carelessly asleep at the post.
Koltsa Almanzora-IZh-Blunderbuss-3.jpg
Zenziver (Mikhail Kononov) fires the guard's blunderbuss, trying to save Aleli from pirates.
Zenziver takes a blunderbuss in Mukhamiel's cabin.


Various muskets, briefly seen in several scenes, also appear to be based on single barreled shotguns.

A row of long guns is seen at the background in Prime Minister's apartments.
Koltsa Almanzora-Musket-2.jpg
Koltsa Almanzora-Musket-3.jpg
A flintlock musket is seen in Mukhamiel's cabin. It seems to be a visually modified single barreled shotgun.


Cannons guard the Queen's palace. These are genuine historical guns in medieval Genoese fortress in the town of Sudak in Crimea where the film was shot.
A cannon on Mukhamiel's wrecked ship.

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