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The Adventures of Tintin

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The Adventures of Tintin
Movie Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Release Date 2011
Language English
Studio Nickelodeon Pictures
Amblin Entertainment
Distributor Paramount Pictures (North America)
Sony Pictures Releasing International (international)
Main Cast
Character Actor
Tintin Jamie Bell
Captain Haddock / Sir Francis Haddock Andy Serkis
Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine / Red Rackham Daniel Craig
Thomson Nick Frost
Thompson Simon Pegg
Aristides Silk Toby Jones
Allan Daniel Mays

The Adventures of Tintin is a 3D motion capture computer-animated film based on the comic book series The Adventures of Tintin, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, and Daniel Craig.

The following weapons were used in the animated film The Adventures of Tintin:

Walther PPK

Tintin (Jamie Bell) draws a Walther PPK when he gets a late night caller.

Walther PPK - 9mm Kurz aka .380 ACP
Tintin with the PPK behind his back.
Tintin takes aim at the door.
Tintin takes cover with his PPK in hand.

FN Hi-Power

Along with the Luger P08, Sakharine's henchmen and Sakharine (Daniel Craig) himself also wield FN Hi-Powers with black grips. During the later portion of the movie, Tintin takes one from one of Sakharine's henchmen and notably uses it to disable Sakharine's henchmen's plane.

FN Hi-Power - 9x19mm. The first version of the classic pistol, developed by John Browning and adopted by Belgium in 1935, the FN P-35 - 9x19mm. During World War II, the Germans would occupy the Belgian firearms factories and continued to produce this gun, still called the P-35, but with Waffenamt stamps. The Design would be adopted by other countries and manufactured abroad with the generic designation simply as the "Browning High Power".
The First Mate with a Hi-Power.
A thug threatens Haddock with his Hi-Power.
A henchman tries to shoot Tintin with the Hi-Power.
A Hi-Power on the deck.
Tintin aiming his captured FN Hi-Power at the ropes keeping the boat from falling into the ocean.
Tintin takes aim at the seaplane. (Note that when Tintin checks how much ammunition he's got in his Hi-Power, he sees one cartridge in the magazine. If there was only one round left in the gun, the magazine would be empty because the round would have been loaded after the last shot. The gun he is holding actually has two rounds in it)
Tintin pulls the pistol on Sakharine's henchmen. The adjustable rear sight is very clearly seen here.
Sakharine threatens Tintin, Thomson and Thompson with the Hi-Power.

Luger P08

One of the henchmen is armed with a Luger P08.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm.
A henchman holds his Luger.


The majority of Sakharine's henchmen and some of Omar Ben Salaad's guards are armed with MP40s.

MP40 submachine gun - 9x19mm
A henchman under First Mate Allan's orders provides suppressing fire with his MP40.
A henchman holds a MP40.
Another henchman fires his MP40.
Shiek Omar's palace guards raise their MP40s at Tintin.
Allan slaps the charging handle of his MP40 downwards during the chase.


French troops stationed in Morocco and Omar Ben Salaad's guards are seen with MAS-36 rifles.

MAS-36 - 7.5x54mm French
French soldiers raise their MAS-36 rifles at Haddock.
Cutlasses dissolve into MAS-36 rifles as Captain Haddock's story ends.
Omar Ben Salaad's guards are seen with MAS-36 rifles.

M9 Bazooka

Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) acquires an M9 Bazooka from one of Omar Ben Salaad's guards. He then attempts to take down Sakharine's jeep with it during the Bagghar chase, only to fire it backwards, hitting the dam.

M9 "Bazooka" - 2.36 inch
The Bazooka on the ground. Note there is a tank in the distance.
Haddock aiming the Bazooka.
During the Bagghar chase, Captain Haddock takes aim with an M9 Bazooka...
...only to accidentally hit the dam behind him.

Webley & Scott Signal Pistol

First Mate Allan fires a Webley & Scott No. 1 Mk. III* Signal Pistol during the search for the missing lifeboat.

Webley & Scott No. 1 Mk. III* Signal Pistol - 1 inch
First Mate Allan fires a Signal Pistol.

Flintlock Pistol

During the pirate raid on the Unicorn, both the pirates and the British Royal Navy crewmen are seen with Flintlock Pistols.

Tower Sea Service Pistol used by the Royal Navy.
Prop replica of Jack Sparrow's 'Pirates' flintlock.
A marine to the right holds a Flintlock Pistol as pirates board the ship.
A pirate sails through the air with a flintlock pistol in hand.
Sir Francis Haddock with a Flintlock Pistol as he fight off a pirate.

Flintlock Musket

Marines on the Unicorn are armed with flintlock muskets which resemble Jezail muskets.

Jezail musket
The marine on the right with the oddly shaped musket.

Unknown Machine Gun

The seaplane from the Karaboudjan is armed with two machine guns in the wing roots of an unknown type.

The muzzles seen here after Tintin has commandeered the plane.

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